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Oh, mistakes and misunderstandings. You so funny. Basically, if you saw my last (now heavily friends-locked) entry... it's all resolved and okay now. Just so you know~

In other news... two things that I saw recently that were awesome.

The Nutcracker. I love living in New York, since that fact allows me to do things every so often like go to Lincoln Center and see the New York Ballet's The Nutcracker and... sldfjdljsdflkdjs it was so beautiful and the music is so iconic and sldjfsdlfjsd. It was wonderful. Especially how there are children in it. I am a bumbling, fumbling, idiot child who can't walk across a flat surface properly... and then the adults... well, there is a reason that the ballet is so famous. It was simply extraordinary. Although, if you look up a synopsis of the story of The Nutcracker... it is the trippiest story ever. I'm just sayin'.

Tangled. SLDKFJSLDKFJSDL THIS IS WHY I LOVE DISNEY. I wanna go see it again. And again. And again. It was so good. It was everything I love about Disney- the only difference is that it was computer animated, and not hand drawn. But. sldfkjsdlkjfs SO GOOD. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

I started re-reading the Harry Potter series yesterday. It has become my winter break project to re-read all of Harry Potter, read Othello, finish re-playing TWEWY, and re-play Ace Attorney: Investigations. So I started yesterday. I'm already halfway through Chamber of Secrets. I've so got this.

...Huh. I've been rambling on for a bit, haven't I? Aight. I'll shut up now.  :D

ETA: Lawl, I lied. I'm bored. So have a meme!


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There's something special in there for Ace Attorney fans, but it works for everyone. And I'm not kidding. This is made of class.
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Title: The First Time
Author's Name: [ profile] arthoniel 
Requester's Name: [ profile] withpractice_ff  
Pairing or Character: Ema Skye/Maya Fey 
Rating: PG... and even on the mild side of that
Squicks/Spoilers: Spoilers all the way up through Apollo Justice, but not major ones. Also, slight fluff at the end, but nothing over the top... but if you really dislike fluff, I guess, it's there. Just fyi.


The First Time )


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So I was having a thoroughly crappy night tonight.

-My roommate had her friends over, so they kind of took over. Again. (Not that I mind that much- they're nice and all- and if it were just that, I wouldn't have a problem... but I can't study when they're here. And this is the second night in a row it's happened.)

-My computer started acting a little... odd today, when I tried to close it and open it up again a little later. Not, like, really strangely, but enough to be annoying.

-THE YANKEE GAME TODAY. Holy fuck shit, it made me want to stab a baby. We had a lead, we were going to be fine, and then our bullpen just couldn't do shit. It was awful- even worse than last night. I actually wanted to kill something.
(By the way, non-Yankee fans? If you want to gloat or whatever, do so on your own journal. I don't want to hear it here. Like, I'm actually really pissed about this. We have the highest paid roster in baseball. This shouldn't happen to us. And I'm pissed about it.)

-The Yankee haters are really starting to get on my nerves. If you root for a team that has a genuine rivalry with the Yankees, that's one thing. Like, if you're a legit Red Sox fan, it would be hard to miss. A Mets fan... the Yankee fans can afford to be gracious since we usually win. Mets fans don't have that luxury, and I get it. But hating the Yankees just because they're the Yankees? That's really starting to fucking piss me off. Hating a team because they win does not make you "edgy". It doesn't mean that you're "different", "unique", or "anti-conformist". It just makes you a douche, and it makes you really fucking annoying. No matter how badly they may have lost tonight or last night, the Yankees don't suck. In fact, unless your team is the Rangers, the Yankees beat your team. So just... stop bitching. Seriously. It's really fucking annoying when you hate a team for no reason whatsoever.


I was clearly having a crappy night... but then I saw this, and all of that just went away.

Am I still annoyed at Yankee haters? Oh, yes. Do I still want to stab something after that shoddily played game today? You bet. But do I really care anymore right now due to happy from this? NO, NOT AT ALL. :D

The evidence paper tap
How Maya is so big-sisterly towards Luke.


...Just felt like you all ought to know that. :D
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...I'm just gonna leave this here and walk away.

...Nah, I lied.


......Now I'm done, and will walk away~

ETA: Because it has been pointed out to me that this entry actually doesn't make any sense... they're making a Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton crossover game for the 3DS. 8D *goes back to fansqueeing*
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Title: Logical Explanation
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Miles Edgeworth/Maya Fey
Warnings: Kinda fluffy. It is a shipping fic. And he's just too adorable for words.
Author's Notes: Written for
[info]pw_contest. I was gonna try to do something with AAI, since it has Miles in it and everything, but... eh. Also, this is a new style of writing for me, so... I may not be the best at it just yet. But I still thought I'd give it a whirl. Anyway, I hope you like it~


Logical Explanation )
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Title: Garden
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Characters/Pairings: Iris Hawthorne/Phoenix Wright, Dahlia Hawthorne
Warnings: Kind of fluffy, and spoilers for 3-5
Author's Notes: Oh god, I really am getting back into writing fanfic. I haven't done it in a while, so I'm kind of really rusty at it, and this isn't the best fic I've ever written, but... here it is. It may also have something to do with the fact that I don't particularly love Phoenix/Iris, and thus am not amazing at writing them, but... I dunno. Whateves. Anyway, this is for you, [ profile] yamikinoko! Sorry I took so long about it, and I hope you enjoy it~

Garden )

Icons time!

Aug. 5th, 2010 02:09 am
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So I'm completely redoing all of my icons. Finally. I mean, since I lost my paid account, I just haven't had the range or selectiont that I've needed...

And I realized that I am severely lacking in Joshua icons. I only have, like, six of them. And none of them are exactly the right one that I want. So I'm gonna go search for some.

I also need more happy icons.

And thus far, I have way more Ace Attorney icons than anything else... even Ouran. Which is strange. That may also have to be rectified... but I also need icons from other fandoms and hgnnsdfhgh.

It's so difficult trying to get the exact right assortment of icons. Although that may just be because it's two in the morning. Fun times!  XD

Also, I downloaded my Otakon pics onto my computer... so they'll be uploaded here soon~ ...By which I really mean onto DA and Facebook... and maybe a few of the best ones will go here. But only a few.  ^_^;;

Fff, finally finished with the redoing of all of my icons! I love how, once I've changed them all, all of my old icons change to my new default icon instead of saving as they were. My default icon is of Sebastian Michaelis though, so I don't think anyone can really complain all too much though.  XD

Right. Anyway, it's four in the morning now, so I'll stop and I'll actually, finally go to bed. Fun times!  XD
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I've realized recently... I like having psychic readings done for me. Stuff like tarot cards, reading my palms, etc. I mean, I'm not sure I believe that they can really divine my future (I don't think the future is a set thing, after all. I believe in our free will, and our futures are constantly changing and in flux, based on the decisions that we make... but that's something for another discussio) but... I do enjoy having them done. They're kind of... relaxing, in a way. And I feel like they make you think about aspects of your personality that you haven't already thought of before. I should get into that kind of stuff more. Or, rather, have a friend get into it and then do readings for me.  XD (In case you're wondering... [ profile] _superherogirl_, when you did that personality and soul card reading for me months ago, I saved that... so I was re-reading it just now, and thinking about it, which is what brought this on~)

Durararararararararararararararara is really pretty good. Kind of annoys me that the guy in there with the long, black hair and the glasses who... really, just the guy who's a Kyouya Ootori-lookalike except... not rich... anyway, that guy is a kidnapping bastard. It's really too bad. Because he is pretty. *sighs* Oh well. I do enjoy how the series has references to anything ever all over the place, so that's pretty nice~ I only just started the series though- I've only watched up to episode 7- so... no spoilers, please!

I have no idea if Black Butler II is a prequel, sequel, or AU to Black Butler. I really just can't tell. But it has pretty guys running around doing awesome things, so I can't really care.

I could really go for some verification that I'm desirable right about now. Not that I don't think I'm pretty, but it would be nice if someone who wasn't one of the creepers in the New York cosplay community really wanted me. In lieu of that, I would like a chocolate milkshake. And, naturally, I can have neither. Isn't that the way it always goes?  ^_^;;
^ I think what I'm trying to say here is that... I would like to have a real crush on someone. Someone who isn't, you know, twice my age... and is actually a real prescence in my life.  :/

Cosplays I am adding to my list of people to cosplay:
Miria Harvent- Baccano! (This is under the condition that I can find an Issac... but I may make the costume anyway, just because I can.
Giselle- Enchanted. I mean, it'd be so perfect for me. I even live in New York... and almost all of the sets you see there are real places in New York City! Plus, I sing. So it'll be my (first?) Disney princess cosplay!  XD

Oh, and I got my new laptop yesterday. (Well, two days ago by this point.)
I can't connect it to the internet just yet since I don't have any virus protection on it (we're not supposed to get any since Brandeis will give it to us) but once I can connect it to the internet, it will be awesome. So on that note, I would like everyone's AIMs and Skypes.
Did I tell you, by the way? I got a Skype~ I can't really go on it on Sylvia (this computer), but I should have a working enough internet on my new lappy to do so!
Which, by the way, still doesn't have a name. I knew what I wanted to name it when we first ordered it... but then I forgot.  DX I'll come up with something though.
Also, pictures of it will probably come soon as well~


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...You know, you would think that preparing for a class project where I get to be a lawyer would be more fun. But no. It's really not. After hours of working on my 20 minute (20 minute!!) opening statement, I now get to move on to my 3-4 page paper, 1.5 spaced, 12 pt font. *sighs* The worst part is that it's really my own fault. I've had this for ages. I just... didn't work on it. It really is my own fault. I hate it when that happens.

On the bright side... [ profile] acedressing  [ profile] acedressing  [ profile] acedressing . Why yes, that IS a new Ace Attorney Dressing Room, much like the one I got my start RPing in~!

And finally, although they do not give us voices, they DO give us a date for... 

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Happy birthday, Kimihiro Watanuki! (He was born on April 1st, so he's an April Fool!)

Oh, and happy April Fool's day too~  XD

...Yeah, I got nothing. Well, nothing except...


By the way, for those of you going... who are you cosplaying? I'mma be Liz Thompson from Soul Eater tomorrow, Juliet from Romeo X Juliet on Saturday, and Haruhi Fujioka on Sunday... and I may find a way to squeeze in Maya Fey in there somewhere too~
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HEY HEY GUYS GUYS GUYS. My dad brought home the soundtrack to The Phantom of the Opera: Love Never Dies. I'm scared to listen to it. I'm not sure I want to hear Andrew Lloyd Webber screw up one of my favorite musicals of ever...

ALSO. I was shopping for my prom dress today, and I found it. THE dress. It was on sale too- you know how most dresses can be from $100 to, like, $500? Yeah. I got mine for $31.99. I LOVE SALES. You may or may not get pics soon. Depends how bad you want them.  XD

Totally rocking out to the Ace Attorney Investigations soundtrack now. Still love it. It's still awesome.  XD

Oh, and you know how I was wangsting on Friday about how I barely got in anywhere? Yeah. I GOT INTO SUNY BINGHAMTON. You know, crown jewel of the State University of New York system, one of the top colleges in the country, public or otherwise, all around awesome college, SUNY Binghamton? Yeah, that one. So. Uh. I feel better about myself and how hard I worked and stuff now.  8D
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I should probably be starting my English homework.

...So naturally, I'm gonna do a meme instead. Stole'd from [ profile] neutraltwin~

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Apparantly, my paid account on LJ runs out in a few days. And I don't have anywhere near the money to renew it- all my money's going towards Anime Boston. Ah well. It was awesome having it while it lasted, but I managed before with 15 userpics and ads... I can do it again.

But, assuming my parents are okay with it, I WILL be going to Anime Boston! Got a hotel room and everything~

...There may or may not be an Ace Attorney meetup/photoshoot in a week and a half. That I may or may not be running. By which I mean there will be, and I will be. Fun times.

......I don't actually have anything of interest to say. Oh well. C'est la vie. Finally caught up on my flist today after my cut off from the internet because of AAI... I'll finally get to go back to RP tomorrow~
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So... I just finished it. After literally devoting entire days to it. And it was awesome!!!

There be spoilers here under the cut! )

I think that's it for now... I may come back and add more stuff as I remember it.  XD

Also! Beware- the comments be full of spoilers as well!!
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So I finally got my copy of AAI in the mail yesterday.

DAMMIT MILES, WHY SO SEXY??? I swear, you're going to end up giving a poor fangirl like me a heart attack with how awesome you are.

Keeping this spoiler-free since I don't want to screw over anyone else... and I still haven't finished it yet...

I love the Ace Attorney series' attention to details.

I'm gonna be cosplaying Kay Faraday now.


I now return you to your previously scheduled flist.  :D

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Eee, it comes out today!!! Even if I won't get it until Thursday, maybe tomorrow because I ordered it off of Amazon, it's still awesome~

I think I'm coming down with a cold and I do not approve of this. Like, my slight hintings of a sore throat need to go away now. Because I hate sore throats more than any other sickness symptom- they're so bad, and it's not like you can do anything to relieve it. I mean, it's not like you can avoid the area like you can with a cut or something. You just have to drink hot tea and deal with it and hope it goes away soon and be helpless and I hate that.

I got some more work on the SOOPER SEEKRIT PRAHJECKT done today~ Soon you guys might even be able to know what it is! XD

The English version of You Raise Me Up from Romeo X Juliet is quite possibly one of the most romantic songs ever. Just putting it out there.

Oh, and I'm two days late in saying it, but happy Valentine's Day, you guys~ I hope yours were wonderful! I love you all so very, very much, and I felt like I should share that. Because, despite anyone's views on it, Valentine's Day is about love- romantic, platonic or otherwise. And I love you guys. So I felt it worked. Happy Valentine's Day~
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...'Scuse me for a second while I go pick up the pieces. I just exploded in fangirly joy.


I fangasmed at least ten, probably fifteen times while playing that.

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Fandom based NaNoWriMo icons!! Only 10 of them, and quickly put together, but... well, enjoy them~

Also, requests are welcome! Requests got me into Fruits Basket, which I ended up loving~ Except for the ending... Akito so doesn't deserve to have... him... but I'm just a jealous fangirl. So go ahead and request away, if you like my work!

Rules of Use:
-Credit/Comments are loved, but not necissary.
-No hotlinking, please.
-...Just don't claim them as your own, and really, you can do whatever you like with them~
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Alright everyone, this one's fairly self-explanatory- it's not all of them, but here's a bunch of my favorite pics from New York Anime Fest '09!! If you don't want to deal with all of these here, I have them all up on my Facebook, if you wanna see it~



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