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Quick post time!!

So, I was at AnimeNEXT all weekend this weekend.

Oh man, it was amazing. Fun and interesting and memorable for a ton of reasons, none of which I have the time nor the energy to divulge now. I will! Just not now. Some con pics are coming up soon too~

But yes. It was awesome.

And now I'm gonna go sleep, after getting about 8 hours of sleep total this weekend.  XD
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So today we all went around at school, signing people's yearbooks. I didn't let myself read anything of what people wrote in mine until after I came home today.

So I went home, read it all at once, and cried because people love me.

I dunno, I just... I read it all, and... while I knew that I had friends and stuff, it's one thing to know it, and then another thing to see one of your most assholeish friends write one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen on your yearbook.

...In other news, ANIMENEXT IS ON FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY AND I AM SO EXCITED LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!! Who else is going?? And who are you cosplaying???

Lastly, but certainly not least... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TORI!!!
I love you, hon, and I hope it was a super special awesome day!!
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...It's not so much that I don't have time, or that there's WAY too much going on to do an actual entry. It's just that I'm too lazy. So... bullet point form time!!

-My, ah, Aunt Flo is god's way of saying he hates me.

-Painkillers are god's way of saying that he loves me.

-Prom is on Saturday!! I'm... not making too big of a deal out of it, to be honest. It's not going to be ~*THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!*~. It's not going to be a really massive affair. I don't think I'm even going to any after-prom parties afterwards. But it should still be fun. And I'm still excited.
-I got my dress back from the tailor's today too. (I bought it for a beautiful price because it was slightly damaged... it cost a ton less to fix it than it would to buy any other dress though.  XD) It looks awesome. I still love it~

-I've been catching up with Soul Eater- I just finished episode 36. (I'm watching it with the dub, since I prefer dubs to subs.)
-Unf, Kid.
-Unf, Stein. (Honestly, I totally didn't expect this one... but there it is. Besides, he's the perfect nice Jewish boy to bring home to my parents. First of all, he's obviously Jewish. His last name is Stein. Plus, he's a doctor! My mother would love him. The whole "love of dissection and dismembering things" thing? Well, everyone has a quirk or two.  XD)
-Unf, Giriko. (What? He's played by J. Michael Tatum. You expect me to not like him?)
-Dammit, Medusa, how... how... just... how?? And yet, I still kinda wanna cosplay her.
-And Marie.
-And keep up my Liz cosplay.
-The third ending? Yep. I love it. Just putting it out there.

-AnimeNEXT in just two weeks!! I massively need to finish my Lenalee... but I'm getting there. I'll probably have it done in time~ Even if I won't have the wig... it'll still pretty much be done.

-And then it'll be on to finishing up Gaila, and then... I don't know. I have a whole ton of people I want to cosplay, but I don't know who will be next after that. I suppose we'll see, won't we?

-...Whoa, this ended up being a lot longer than I expected. I'll stop now. 'Night everybody!!  XD
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...Wow. I have once again done that thing where I've kept up with my flist and everything, and in the process, completely failed to mention anything about my own life. Oops. So, uh... yay bullet point form again?

-I won't be here tomorrow. And not really on Friday either- I'll be on my SEN10R trip to Philadelphia!! (Which really means Six Flags tomorrow~  XD) Seriously though, it'll be awesome, and I'm really excited. I don't know if Philly can handle us though!!

-You guys know how I do comedy? My last show with my Kids 'n Comedy group is this Sunday. It's so... nostalgic. I'm gonna rock it though. Like, it's the first show I'm really going to plan everything out for, start to finish.

-Sunday is Hetalia karaoke. I would say who I'm cosplaying, but it's a surprise, and I'm not gonna ruin it for those on my flist who are going. But... it'll be awesome.  8D

-AnimeNEXT is coming up, and I'm SERIOUSLY excited. Greg Ayres AND LittleKuriboh, all at one con? All I'd need now is for J. Michael Tatum to turn up there too, and my life would be absolutely complete.

-Fff, applying for jobs at my local movie theaters. Because I need a job. Fun times!

-Senior prom is coming up soon too... I have to get my dress taken in and fixed (I bought it slightly damaged, but WAY cheap. Who else here thinks that $31.99 was a good price for a floor length, fancy prom dress?  ^_^) but I'm still really excited. It's also gonna be so awesome!

-I still can't believe that I'm going to Brandeis University come this fall. I mean, I cancelled my enrollment at Trinity and everything, but it's still so... just... unreal to me.
-(On a related note, Bostonians on my flist! What are some good cons in and around Boston? I was at Anime Boston this year, as you know, but... what are the others? Because I'm gonna BE there for four years, and I can't just try to ferry myself to and from New York for my cons. That's just not gonna work.)

...I feel like I had more to say here, but I don't remember it, and besides, it's 11:30 at night, and I still have to finish packing, shower, sleep, and get up at 6:00 AM tomorrow. So uh... I won't REALLY be here, but if anything super important comes up, I have my phone with it's lovely internet access, albiet for a price. But otherwise... see you all on Friday~!
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Hey everyone!! Sorry for totally not being here for the past few days- I've been really busy this weekend...

I went to go see The Proposal today... it was... alright. I mean, where it worked, it really worked. Plus, the actors were fantastic, and it's a great premise. But... there were parts that just felt forced, and you could always see when the jokes were coming, and where they were coming from. But it was still fun... and the end was adorable. I'd say it's worth it if you don't have to deal with New York ticket prices...

So I started getting into Death Note... it's really good!!! Seriously... I was surprised by how much I'd like it, but it's really good!! And I only have the first volume...

Also... I don't know if you guys really got to see it, because I never saw it on my flist after I edited it, so... AnimeNEXT pictures are up! You know, in case I didn't spam you all with them enough.  XD

Lastly... I mentioned this before, but... I'm getting to be kinda screwed as far as this summer goes... and my parents are saying that if I don't have anything I'm doing this summer, they're taking away any access to the internet, TV, and my texting that I have. I don't really see how they're going to enforce the texting, but... I don't know. Anyway... just in case, here's my phone number, so... help a girl out? Even if I can't text... you can call me or something anytime. I mean, try to remember I'm living on the US East Coast, so I'm in that time zone, but... help?

(917) 232-8759

Seriously- call/text me anytime~


Jun. 14th, 2009 10:34 pm
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So. AnimeNEXT. It was kind of SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!! I so wish I could have been there for longer than just today...

...Unfortunately, I don't have time to give a full con report right now... but there will be one later!! Complete with a MASSIVE picspam!! So... just a few highlights for now:


-GLOMP CIRCLES ARE FUN. But not to be done with Maya!skirts, for future reference.

-I can survive a con with only $20 spending money. But it's very, very hard to do.


-I don't know who he is, or where he's from, or anything about him at all. BUT THE KYOUYA COSPLAYER I WAS TALKING TO IN THE KARAOKE ROOM MADE MY LIFE COMPLETE. He was even flirting with me!! Guys never flirt with me because I usually intimidate them too much but this was really nice!! Seriously, I want to find this guy again. Just so I can internet!stalk him or something.

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(...New ones? But it's only one internet... maybe it's like pants? One article of clothing, but even when referring to just one you call them "pants".

...Yes, this is what goes through my brain on a typical day. Heaven forbid any of you see me on one of my really spazzy days...  XD)

So hey, guess who just managed to get her internets to work so she could come online and actually talk to all of you lovely people? Yep, that would be me!! Finally, right?

So, in important news... well, there isn't really all that much.

I went to go see Star Trek again on Saturday, this time with my freshman (Yes, my freshman. Yes, I know that implies that I own her. It's because I do.  XD) and she loved it, just as I knew she would. And her sister is adorable- we were there with her, her mom, her sister, and her sister's friend, and her sister won a little Kirk plushie in those claw games (you know, you put in a quarter and you move the claw over the thing you want and it usually closes just above it so you can't actually get it? yeah, those) but she's not a real Trekkie, so she gave it to me. She's truly adorable and awesome, no matter how much my freshman says that she's annoying.  XD

And... you know how I do stand up comedy? My last show of the season was on Sunday. Which is wierd. Because now me and one other comedian, Matt, (I grammar real good, don't I?) are the oldest of the group. We're the seniors. It'll be wierd. We'll be all *senior-y*.

I know I promised a new Secret Life of Dolls on Friday, and I tried to post it- really, I did!! But... that was when my internets failed on me. Which is fail-y.

...Why is it cold in May?? It's seriously cold here... and the radiators aren't even on, because it's May. And it's COLD. I don't like the cold.

...TV is over now. It's all summer stuff. What am I supposed to do with my life now???

I am going to have no money at all for AnimeNEXT.

...This went on way longer than I'd expected. So I'll just shut up now. Really, I will. Promise. Now.


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