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Oh, and on a less... strange note...

I know I'm super late on this, but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIETA!!!! I hope it was awesome~  8D

Right now.

Jul. 28th, 2010 11:48 pm
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*sighs with pleasure*

Today has really been a nice birthday, all things considered~

I woke up to my radio alarm today (this is a good thing- I've been sleeping FAR too late recently, even for me, so I set it myself to help get myself on a better sleep schedule) at 11, and then spent a good half hour reading all the Facebook messages people sent me. (I can read my e-mails from my phone.)

I then spent a little time on the computer (not on Facebook though... haven't been on it yet today- I'm scared of just HOW many notifs I'm gonna have), a little time finishing up the finishing up of my Lenalee cosplay... just putzed around in general.

I also had to run out and take care of a couple of errands (pick up some stuff at the drug store, etc), but then I went down to the TKTS booth.

Now, for those of you who don't know, the TKTS booth is this marvelous thing here in New York that lets you get same-day theater tickets for a really good discount- usually somewhere around 50% off. There's always a huge line, but since they computerized everything it's not too bad. It's gone down from the hours you used to have to wait on it to about... wow, not even 45 minutes on line today.

And I got tickets to A Little Night Music, with Elane Stritch and Bernadette Peters.

Hrrggnnnhhh IT WAS SO GOOD. It was just... masters performing a master's work masterfully. It was exquisite.
(Plus, there's a lustful butler in the story, which just made me giggle a little inside.)

And then we went out to Coldstone Creamery.

It was just a wonderful day, and I am so very happy and... well, all in all, life is good right about now. Even if I couldn't get my State ID today. (I can't drive, but I want ID so I wanted to get a non-driver's ID... but I got down to the DMV at 4:01. What time does it close? 4:00. So I have to wait until tomorrow.)

...Wow, this was kind of an obnoxious post, wasn't it? Fff, I don't mean to be one of those people who shoves their happiness in everyone's faces, because those people aren't really happy, and I really am. But... I just wanted to share with all of you lovely people~
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I'm gonna spend tomorrow running around like a madwoman. Gotta get State ID (since I don't have a driver's liscense), go to the drug store, finish sewing/painting for my Lenalee touch-ups...

And possibly also going to the TKTS booth and getting tickets to a show. Since it IS a special occassion.

But all the running around is worth it, even if it IS on tomorrow.

Because it's for Otakon. And I am so massively excited for that like you have no idea.

Even if I can't make, like, half of my photoshoots due to certain panels with certain voice actors going on at the same time. To the point where I literally have to make a schedule for it. It's still worth it.  XD

Fifty-one minutes until I'm a major now.  XD
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I-Is LJ reminding me of my own birthday? Multiple times? For every single RP account I have? Really? Is it because otherwise, I wouldn't remember? I mean, it's not like I've been doing a countdown for the past two weeks or anything... (two days!)

Anyway, I don't have THAT much of interest to say right now... a little bit, but not enough to fill up an entire entry, so... here, have a meme instead.

1. Go to Google and type, "You know you're from (your city or state) when...." (hit "I'm feeling lucky")
2. Cut and paste the list.
3. Bold the items that apply to you.

Oh god, I'm such a New Yorker... You know you're from NYC when!! )
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I've realized recently... I like having psychic readings done for me. Stuff like tarot cards, reading my palms, etc. I mean, I'm not sure I believe that they can really divine my future (I don't think the future is a set thing, after all. I believe in our free will, and our futures are constantly changing and in flux, based on the decisions that we make... but that's something for another discussio) but... I do enjoy having them done. They're kind of... relaxing, in a way. And I feel like they make you think about aspects of your personality that you haven't already thought of before. I should get into that kind of stuff more. Or, rather, have a friend get into it and then do readings for me.  XD (In case you're wondering... [ profile] _superherogirl_, when you did that personality and soul card reading for me months ago, I saved that... so I was re-reading it just now, and thinking about it, which is what brought this on~)

Durararararararararararararararara is really pretty good. Kind of annoys me that the guy in there with the long, black hair and the glasses who... really, just the guy who's a Kyouya Ootori-lookalike except... not rich... anyway, that guy is a kidnapping bastard. It's really too bad. Because he is pretty. *sighs* Oh well. I do enjoy how the series has references to anything ever all over the place, so that's pretty nice~ I only just started the series though- I've only watched up to episode 7- so... no spoilers, please!

I have no idea if Black Butler II is a prequel, sequel, or AU to Black Butler. I really just can't tell. But it has pretty guys running around doing awesome things, so I can't really care.

I could really go for some verification that I'm desirable right about now. Not that I don't think I'm pretty, but it would be nice if someone who wasn't one of the creepers in the New York cosplay community really wanted me. In lieu of that, I would like a chocolate milkshake. And, naturally, I can have neither. Isn't that the way it always goes?  ^_^;;
^ I think what I'm trying to say here is that... I would like to have a real crush on someone. Someone who isn't, you know, twice my age... and is actually a real prescence in my life.  :/

Cosplays I am adding to my list of people to cosplay:
Miria Harvent- Baccano! (This is under the condition that I can find an Issac... but I may make the costume anyway, just because I can.
Giselle- Enchanted. I mean, it'd be so perfect for me. I even live in New York... and almost all of the sets you see there are real places in New York City! Plus, I sing. So it'll be my (first?) Disney princess cosplay!  XD

Oh, and I got my new laptop yesterday. (Well, two days ago by this point.)
I can't connect it to the internet just yet since I don't have any virus protection on it (we're not supposed to get any since Brandeis will give it to us) but once I can connect it to the internet, it will be awesome. So on that note, I would like everyone's AIMs and Skypes.
Did I tell you, by the way? I got a Skype~ I can't really go on it on Sylvia (this computer), but I should have a working enough internet on my new lappy to do so!
Which, by the way, still doesn't have a name. I knew what I wanted to name it when we first ordered it... but then I forgot.  DX I'll come up with something though.
Also, pictures of it will probably come soon as well~


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On the side of my screen, there's an ad for French's. I don't know what French's is, or what it does, or why one would buy it, but... HEEHEE FRANCE. Also, there are potatoes on that ad, and they look delicious.

-Began and finished Fullmetal Alchemist.
-Began and caught up to the dub of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and bought the DVDs of the first part. (Episodes 1-13)
-Finished Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, and watched the first two episodes of Kuroshitsuji II. (Damn, what the hell, Alois?? That's just... no. But UNF CLAUDE. Honestly, overall, not quite as much as Sebastian... but still, unf.)
-Began and finished Baccano. (And now I am totally going to cosplay either Ennis or Mira. I would need someone to be my Firo or Issac, respectively, but... yes.) ([ profile] starsandtildes, I hope you're reading this~)

-Pretty much finished my Uzuki cosplay. I just need to dye the gloves and I'll be done. (Jonesy, I hope you're reading this~)
-Set up my plans for Otakon.
-Flailed muchly over a certain VA that everyone knows I'm in love with.

I think I have had a productive... er... length of time.  XD
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First off, sorry for being so late, but happy belated birthday, [ profile] laenavesse!!! I hope it was awesome!!

Wow, I haven't been online in a while, have I? I'm massively behind on my flist... but I have a good excuse. A REALLY good excuse.


52,705 words=EPIC WIN. I is pleased. I is very pleased.

I also just submitted the first part of an audition for a voice acting role in a student film~ Here's hoping it goes well!!

Also- everyone who lives in the New York area!! Mokucon is this Saturday and VIC MIGNOGNIA IS GOING TO BE THERE. 8D You should be too.

Audacity is an amazing program, by the way. I'd just like to mention that. Now if only it would allow me to download LAME so I could convert my files into MP3 format...

I am officially a D.Gray-Man addict, by the way. Just sayin'. XD

Right. I'm going to start catching up on my flist now... but if there's anything major that happened to you in the last week, let me know about it!! It could be a few days before I catch up so... what did I miss, flist? (Hee, that rhymed... XD)
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HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, [ profile] lacedparasol!!!!  8D
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SOOO sorry for the spammage today you guys, I just wanted to say one thing...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY AND [ profile] jazmin22!!!!
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Mmkay guys, I have some SRS BIZNIZ to attend to here, so listen up!

1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] maotaku!!! I hope it's awesome~~  8D

2) Second of all, questions are still open on my last post if you want to ask me a question to answer in my first ever voice post~ Seriously, ask me anything! Even if it's embarassing and stuff- I have no shame, so it's all good~

3) ...I have themes from Pokemon Ranger: Shadow of Almia stuck in my head. Particularly the Team Dim Sun theme. And I don't know why. After a day full of Death Note and D.Gray-Man themes stuck in my head, I don't really know what to say...

4) Friday at New York Anime Fest- which cosplay should I wear? Shiki Misaki (much more feminine, which will be nice considering how I'm crossplaying the other two days, but I can't wear it to school, which I have to go to before the con- it IS a Friday, after all), or Haruhi Fujioka (much less feminine, but I can wear it to school without having to change in or out of anything)? 

6) J. MICHAEL TATUM IS IN D.GRAY-MAN WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS. Seriously guys, when MY FAVORITE VA EVER is in something, this is exactly the kind of thing YOU NEED TO TELL ME. And it's not on his IMDb page, so it's not like I would have known from there. (Yes, I've checked it. Several times.) Also- Todd Haberkorn, Travis Willingham, and Luci Christian, all of whom are AWESOME. And the rest of the Ouran cast also has parts here and there in it, because it is indeed FUNimation, and they always use the same VAs over and over again... but dude. I mean, I already knew that Todd Haberkorn played Allen, but... what does it say when I recognized J. Michael Tatum's voice before I saw his name in the credits, after about only two lines?  XD

7) If you realized that there was no 5, you win the internets.

Edit: 8) There's an 8 now too!! And a...

9) So about 4... a bunch of people have told me to do Shiki. And the EXACT SAME NUMBER OF PEOPLE have told me to do Haruhi. Which is incredibly confusing... but here's an idea, tell me what you think of it- I go to school and the con on Friday as Haruhi, then on Saturday I wear my America in the morning, then change into my Shiki after the Axis Powers Hetalia photoshoot, leave my cosplay with a friend who has her own Artist's Alley table at NYAF, and wander around NYAF Saturday afternoon as Shiki. Mmm? Whaddya think?
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A Very Potter Musical is a beautiful thing, and as soon as they come out with the soundtrack, I need it. Just sayin'.

Also, I don't have much time, but I just wanted to say happy birthday to [ profile] fearfulwarrior, and happy kinda belated birthday to [ profile] numaiei~
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...Summer birthdays, in which all of my friends are away at camp or whatever, suck. This is why I really celebrate them at the end of August/beginning of September... but spending your birthday on your own is not the best way to turn 17...

Oh well. I promised myself I wouldn't complain too much and... it could be worse. Overall, I'm pretty happy.

And remember that Secret Life of Dolls thing I do? How I haven't posted one of those for, like, a month? Yeah, one is going up. TONIGHT. I don't care how much my internet decides to act up, I don't care what problems it may have, it WILL happen dammit!!!

...Yeah. This post had a purpose...

Oh, and I may be doing a meme later, so... beware of spammage.  XD
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Not to spam you, but... GAH INTERNET WHY??? I spent ages trying to post the pics of the mini-meet, and then my internet fucked up so I didn't think I could, and then it turned out it actually did post. ARGH!!!

In other news... there was other news. I know there was. And I've... conveniently forgotten it. All because I was reminded of one little thing.

In less than three hours, I'll be another year older. Now, I'm really young. I know I'm really young. But... I really don't want to get older. Like, at all. I love being a teenager- I so don't want to get at all older...

So instead, I'm going to do what Mookie (the author/artist of Dominic Deegan) does, and instead of thinking of my age in years, I'm going to think of it in levels.

So in three hours, instead of being 17 years old, I'll be a Level 17 nerd. Damn, I really need to level up...  XD

By the way, speaking of birthdays- this is slightly belated, but happy birthday,[info]expostulation !!!  :D

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Mmkay, first is going to come everything else I want to post about, because I know that once I get started on AnimeNEXT, I won't be able to stop.  XD

Last day of finals was today!!!! So now, in effect, school is basically over. Not exactly- I still have Regents, and while I have to take four of them this semester... that's still only three days of tests (two tests on one day on the... 23rd, I think) during two weeks overall of Regents. The technical last day of school is the 26th, but... yeah, we're done. So basically? MY LIFE ROCKS.

...Assuming I find something over the summer. All this stuff is falling through and I don't approve!! No one has gotten back to me about my job applications, which basically means I didn't get them, and other stuff isn't happening... I think I'll actually be doing something at my school this summer though. Which won't be the best thing ever- we'll be making a mural for the school- but... it's something, and it's enough to make my parents let me keep my internets.

And... I had other stuff I wanted to say, but I've forgotten what it was, so... it may be belated, but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TORI AND [personal profile] inuyatta !!!!!  :D
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Once again, because it deserves repeating: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS MADE OF WIN. Just felt like saying that.  XD

I've been chased off of my IM by that stalker guy. I don't appreciate it. You remember, that guy who kept asking me to prom? He hasn't asked again, thankfully, but he kept IMing me (and I'd like to mention, I never gave him my IM- he went out and searched it. I did not want to be his AIM Buddy) until I just have to ignore his IMs, because he doesn't seem to know how to take a hint. And then today he actually came up and asked me about it, and I gave him some bullshit about how I'm always really busy while on the computer, so I don't notice people IMing me (not true), and he says he has something "really important" to talk to me about. So he's going to discuss it online. Now, aside from how I've always thought that's a ridiculous way to discuss something important- it should always be done in person- I'd really rather he did it online, because I don't like talking to him face-to-face at all. And if it's "important" to him, it'll probably be something I really don't want him to talk to me about, so now... I've basically been chased offline. It's not okay. Does anyone know how to block someone so it just always seems like you're offline to them or something?? I want to talk to you guys, but... not to him. At all. Ever.

Wow, that was far rantier and bitchier than I like to be. Sorry about that... I'll stop now.

So I'm going up to Buffalo, New York tomorrow for the Bat Mitzvah of my second cousin who I've never met before in my life. But her dad and my dad are cousins and they actually knew and liked each other, and Dad didn't want to be the only one from our family going so... tomorrow I'm going to get dressed up (which I actually like) and go up and go to my second cousin's Bat Mitzvah where I'll be the awkward family that no one really knows and she doesn't want to talk to because I'm older than her and I don't know her, but I'll be too young for the adults... hopefully there will at least be good music. I suck at dancing, but I like it, so... yay dancing?

...This was way longer than I'd intended. You don't have to/you didn't have to read all of that...

This entry, condensed: QUASI ANGST.
Oh, and on a completely different note... I won't be online tomorrow, so this is early but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [profile] neutraltwin!!!  :D


May. 20th, 2009 09:01 pm
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That is all.

Wait, no, that's not all!! I'm sorry this is kinda belated, but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [profile] sporkyadrasteia!!!!

Mmkay. Now that is all.  XD
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First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] obsessive0514!!!  :D

Also... there will be an icon post... soon. Probably tomorrow, or on Saturday. One that's kinda really overdue... oops.  X'D

There will be a new Secret Life of Dolls soon too!! I'd meant to post it tonight, but Photobucket isn't cooperating... but there's a new character!! And he's adorable...  XD

I'm such a nerd, by the way. During the AP English Language and Composition exam, during the essay section, so in a 2 hour space of time spent writing, I managed to reference Star Trek, Star Wars, The Colbert Report, Saturday Night Live, the Lord of the Rings and The Song of the Lioness quartet. On the Advanced Placement exam.  XD

And I may have a summer job!! It would be as a counselor at a camp, but... it's something to do. And even though I swore I'd never be a counselor (I just know that one day I'll run into a kid like me)... hey, it's something to do over the summer. And it pays. So... hey, why not?

I have a show on Sunday. The last one of the season. And I'm not really prepared. I should really get on that, shouldn't I?

...I use this mood a lot, don't I?  XD

...Yeah, that's kinda it.
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I decided to finally ask him out yesterday, because after liking him for over a year, nearly two years in summer terms, I knew that 1) if I don't ask him out, I'm going to burst, and 2) if I don't ask him out, someone else will. So I asked him to come get a drink with me today, we get it, we're walking back to the table that we sit at during swim, I literally open my mouth to ask him, and Steph comes by. I'm not blaming her or anything, she's one of my best friends in the cast, and she's the one who conviced me to do it, and kept up my desire to, but seriously, now I know how Yanni felt...
On a different note, MY BIRTHDAY'S TOMORROW!!!! I'm so happy, I'm going to be 15 and everything! Plus, we're going to go see a show, which should be really fun. And, I'm bringing in cupcakes on Monday, because I always bring cupcakes into camp on my birthday, and even though it's not my real birthday, it is Sam's birthday so we'll have a joint birthday thing.
Talking about Monday, our cast has the stage Monday, because that's our tech. Because our show is on Tuesday. I would freak out, except I don't have much of a part so... But at least I'll get to see the guy's costumes! Apparantly Andrew's costume is really skin-tight, and his costume for the carnival ball includes black and white striped leggings, and so does Anthony's, so Monday is going to be awesome. Plus, people will be taking pictures for our cast gift. I would make fun of the boys, but then I remember my own costume, so I'll just shut up...
And mom's calling me to dinner. Time for leftover chicken. Ahh, leftovers. They will absolutely be my life in my 20's...


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