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I'm sorry about this double post.

No, actually, I'm not really.

But anyway:


That is all.
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New York is literally the single greatest place in the world. It really just is.

Also, no. The fact that I'm technically an adult now isn't a reason to not continue to play with dolls and action figures. As proven by the fact that I still get plenty of fun out of my Star Trek, Twilight (yes, I do own them) and Hetalia action figures and dolls.

Hey, do any of you remember that "Secret Life of Dolls" thing I did a while back? The one that was totally ripped off of cleolinda, but I still did it because I like taking pictures of my action figures as if they're doing things in real life... anyone remember those? Did you like them? Is it worth taking up again? Because I would totally do that. Even if it would totally freak out my roommates.  XD

...I should really update my tags on here and stuff. But... eh. Work. I'll deal with it later.  XD

Lastly, finally, and awesomely, I've finally uploaded my New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest pics. Come have a look! (That link should be public... if it's not, let me know, and I'll upload the best of them here~)
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Romeo X Juliet is the most adorable series ever. Save for maybe Ouran. But... slkdfjlsdkjfsd I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

...No, I haven't been rewatching Romeo X Juliet again for, like, the zillionth time. What are you talking about?  XD

sldkjfsdlk Why is it not next week yet? I want it to be NYAF/NYCC!! I miss my New York cosplay family so much. I mean, I love my friends here too and all, but... that's my cosplay family at home. And I love them. And I miss them. So, so much. I really don't understand why it's not Friday yet.

BUT! Talking about NYAF/NYCC, I finally have a cosplay list finalized!! So, without further ado...

Friday: Lady Juliet Fiamatta Ars de Capulet (Romeo X Juliet)
Saturday: Gaila (Star Trek: 2009) (...She's the green chick who sleeps with Kirk)
Sunday: Colbertica a.k.a. Stephen Colbert!America (The Colbert Report/Axis Powers: Hetalia), but I may also change into Liz Thompson (Soul Eater) at the end, to coordinate with some friends, and to travel back to Boston in.

*le sigh* I be so lonely out here... and I miss my New York cosplay friends. So, so, so much. I really don't understand why it's not next weekend yet.
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Hee. Not saying what that's from just yet~

So... I'm back in New York, visiting for my brother's Bar Mitzvah.

sldkfjsdlkfj I'VE MISSED MY CITY SO MUCH. PIZZA. BAGELS. CHINESE FOOD. I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I HAVE MISSED GOOD FOOD. And then just... the City itself. The feel of it, the vibe, the intensity... everything is so slow in Brandeis/Waltham/Boston. Even the T... especially when compared to the Subway. Just... gah. I have missed my City so much. I thoroughly love Brandeis... but I am a New Yorker, through and through.

Also, I finally got a Gaila wig, and I are excited. All I need now is the green makeup and the gloves, and I am /set/. And I am /excited/ for this too! I'm gonna look so awesome at NYAF.  XD

Todd Haberkorn posted a picture of himself shirtless on his Facebook. I haven't friended him on there, but a friend of mine did, and she linked me to it. Apparantly, he posted it for a bet. And now we're all winners.  8D

Lastly... guess who was at AnimeFest in Dallas? J. Michael Tatum. Guess who wasn't? Me. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN.

Ohh, actually lastly... so remember me talking about that Fullmusical Alchemist project I was working on? Well, I FINISHED THE BOOK. Like, writing the script. I'm still editing, but I did it! And now we're casting! So... if you live in the Northeast U.S., particularly if you're in/around Boston and/or New York, and you want to audition... let me know! We're always happy to get more auditioners~

I'll probably be gone for the weekend (it's my brother's Bar Mitzvah, after all, and then tomorrow is also September 11th, and I'm rarely really online then) but on Sunday there's supposed to be WiFi on the bus I'm taking, so hopefully I'll be on then~

Icons time!

Aug. 5th, 2010 02:09 am
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So I'm completely redoing all of my icons. Finally. I mean, since I lost my paid account, I just haven't had the range or selectiont that I've needed...

And I realized that I am severely lacking in Joshua icons. I only have, like, six of them. And none of them are exactly the right one that I want. So I'm gonna go search for some.

I also need more happy icons.

And thus far, I have way more Ace Attorney icons than anything else... even Ouran. Which is strange. That may also have to be rectified... but I also need icons from other fandoms and hgnnsdfhgh.

It's so difficult trying to get the exact right assortment of icons. Although that may just be because it's two in the morning. Fun times!  XD

Also, I downloaded my Otakon pics onto my computer... so they'll be uploaded here soon~ ...By which I really mean onto DA and Facebook... and maybe a few of the best ones will go here. But only a few.  ^_^;;

Fff, finally finished with the redoing of all of my icons! I love how, once I've changed them all, all of my old icons change to my new default icon instead of saving as they were. My default icon is of Sebastian Michaelis though, so I don't think anyone can really complain all too much though.  XD

Right. Anyway, it's four in the morning now, so I'll stop and I'll actually, finally go to bed. Fun times!  XD
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What you see above there is a possible quote from a project my friend Wesley and I are working on. Which is pretty awesome. Sing it to "I Can Do That" from A Chorus Line. It'll be "Fullmusical Alchemist". And we're pretty excited for it.

So Otakon was last weekend. Hggrnnn IT WAS SO AWESOME. I can't go into all of it, but...
-The pre-reg line on Thursday was so quick!! It meant I got to screw around as Liz for the rest of the evening without standing around on line.
-Voice actors are the most amazing people ever.
-They really do wander around the Dealer's Room and Artist's Alley when they're not at panels.
-They really are totally cool with fans (such as myself) coming up to them in said Dealer's Room/Artist's Alley and being all "skdfjd I LOVE YOU CAN I GIVE YOU A HUG AND TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU."
-I'm going to marry J. Michael Tatum and Todd Haberkorn one day now. They don't know it yet. But I will.
-sdflkdj VOICE ACTORS AFTER DARK. I am returning to Otakon next year, if only to go to this panel again. IT IS JUST THAT AWESOME.
-My Uzuki cosplay clearly isn't as done as I thought it was. But my America is still fun to run around in!
-Evacucon 2010, what the hell?
-At some con soon (possibly NYAF?) I will be... Colbertica. Yes. Stephen Colbert!America.
-People DO recognize me as Juliet! They do! They do!
-That "people" category includes J. Michael Tatum.
-It's more fun to do Juliet when you have other Romeo X Juliet cosplayers with you. Like a friend of mine cosplaying the Red Whirlwind.
-Dubbing panels are also made of win.
-OTAKON OVERALL IS MADE OF WIN. There is a reason it is the second biggest con in the U.S., and the biggest on the East Coast~

Pics from that will come... soon. As soon as I upload them.

Also, I've been looking up live action things (movies, TV shows) that Todd Haberkorn is in. Because I can. So he was in a short on his YouTube that I watched where he plays a hitman, and all Wesley and I could do as we watched it was gigglefit and make jokes about "LAVI, YOUR SHORT JOKES HAVE GONE TOO FAR!!" or "TONO, YOUR STUNTS HAVE GONE TOO FAR!!" or whatever. But he actually was really good in it. He really can act.

But then we saw that he was in something called "Tin Man". And I was all sldfkjdsl because I'd wanted to see the SyFy miniseries before, but I just... hadn't had the time, so now it was like I had to! So we watched the first hour and a half long episode.

It turns out that he's in some other project called Tin Man, which is 25 minutes long, and not what we spent an hour and a half watching. I still enjoyed the SyFy Tin Man, but... gah, such a fail.  XD

Nonetheless though, he's definately in some film called Fissure, so we Netflixed it, and will be watching it soon.

I have no idea what I'm typing anymore, so I'll shut up now. 'Night everyone!
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I've realized recently... I like having psychic readings done for me. Stuff like tarot cards, reading my palms, etc. I mean, I'm not sure I believe that they can really divine my future (I don't think the future is a set thing, after all. I believe in our free will, and our futures are constantly changing and in flux, based on the decisions that we make... but that's something for another discussio) but... I do enjoy having them done. They're kind of... relaxing, in a way. And I feel like they make you think about aspects of your personality that you haven't already thought of before. I should get into that kind of stuff more. Or, rather, have a friend get into it and then do readings for me.  XD (In case you're wondering... [ profile] _superherogirl_, when you did that personality and soul card reading for me months ago, I saved that... so I was re-reading it just now, and thinking about it, which is what brought this on~)

Durararararararararararararararara is really pretty good. Kind of annoys me that the guy in there with the long, black hair and the glasses who... really, just the guy who's a Kyouya Ootori-lookalike except... not rich... anyway, that guy is a kidnapping bastard. It's really too bad. Because he is pretty. *sighs* Oh well. I do enjoy how the series has references to anything ever all over the place, so that's pretty nice~ I only just started the series though- I've only watched up to episode 7- so... no spoilers, please!

I have no idea if Black Butler II is a prequel, sequel, or AU to Black Butler. I really just can't tell. But it has pretty guys running around doing awesome things, so I can't really care.

I could really go for some verification that I'm desirable right about now. Not that I don't think I'm pretty, but it would be nice if someone who wasn't one of the creepers in the New York cosplay community really wanted me. In lieu of that, I would like a chocolate milkshake. And, naturally, I can have neither. Isn't that the way it always goes?  ^_^;;
^ I think what I'm trying to say here is that... I would like to have a real crush on someone. Someone who isn't, you know, twice my age... and is actually a real prescence in my life.  :/

Cosplays I am adding to my list of people to cosplay:
Miria Harvent- Baccano! (This is under the condition that I can find an Issac... but I may make the costume anyway, just because I can.
Giselle- Enchanted. I mean, it'd be so perfect for me. I even live in New York... and almost all of the sets you see there are real places in New York City! Plus, I sing. So it'll be my (first?) Disney princess cosplay!  XD

Oh, and I got my new laptop yesterday. (Well, two days ago by this point.)
I can't connect it to the internet just yet since I don't have any virus protection on it (we're not supposed to get any since Brandeis will give it to us) but once I can connect it to the internet, it will be awesome. So on that note, I would like everyone's AIMs and Skypes.
Did I tell you, by the way? I got a Skype~ I can't really go on it on Sylvia (this computer), but I should have a working enough internet on my new lappy to do so!
Which, by the way, still doesn't have a name. I knew what I wanted to name it when we first ordered it... but then I forgot.  DX I'll come up with something though.
Also, pictures of it will probably come soon as well~


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On the side of my screen, there's an ad for French's. I don't know what French's is, or what it does, or why one would buy it, but... HEEHEE FRANCE. Also, there are potatoes on that ad, and they look delicious.

-Began and finished Fullmetal Alchemist.
-Began and caught up to the dub of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and bought the DVDs of the first part. (Episodes 1-13)
-Finished Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, and watched the first two episodes of Kuroshitsuji II. (Damn, what the hell, Alois?? That's just... no. But UNF CLAUDE. Honestly, overall, not quite as much as Sebastian... but still, unf.)
-Began and finished Baccano. (And now I am totally going to cosplay either Ennis or Mira. I would need someone to be my Firo or Issac, respectively, but... yes.) ([ profile] starsandtildes, I hope you're reading this~)

-Pretty much finished my Uzuki cosplay. I just need to dye the gloves and I'll be done. (Jonesy, I hope you're reading this~)
-Set up my plans for Otakon.
-Flailed muchly over a certain VA that everyone knows I'm in love with.

I think I have had a productive... er... length of time.  XD
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All I will say is, as a Hetalia fan, soon I will be able to use the phrase "THE SHIT HATH HITTETH THE FAN... ETH." And, as much as I love my fandom, I will defend FUNimation to the death~

In other news... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!! Congrats on turning 234! And happy Independance Day to all other Americans on my flist~

I'm going to be in Hartford, Connecticut next weekend. But I can't go to ConnectiCon. I find this ridiculously ironic. But I'll still be at Otakon! Bought my ticket last night~ Now I just need to get my bus tickets, and find out how much I'll owe my friend for the room she's letting me stay in with her...  :D

So I had a dream last night where I was dating Jackson Rathbone. And it was... strange. But stranger still was that it wasn't entirely unpleasant. I am confuse.

P.S. I (read: my dad) ordered my new laptop today. It'll be here, at the latest, on the 22nd. And it's awesome.  *_*

ETA: P.P.S. Also... I dunno if I mentioned this already, but... I'm watching Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time now. (Starting with the original series.) And it's AWESOME. And UNF ROY MUSTANG. And episodes 6, 13, and 37 are pretty much the best things ever. And I'm totally cosplaying Riza Hawkeye now.  :D

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Quick post time!!

So, I was at AnimeNEXT all weekend this weekend.

Oh man, it was amazing. Fun and interesting and memorable for a ton of reasons, none of which I have the time nor the energy to divulge now. I will! Just not now. Some con pics are coming up soon too~

But yes. It was awesome.

And now I'm gonna go sleep, after getting about 8 hours of sleep total this weekend.  XD
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So today we all went around at school, signing people's yearbooks. I didn't let myself read anything of what people wrote in mine until after I came home today.

So I went home, read it all at once, and cried because people love me.

I dunno, I just... I read it all, and... while I knew that I had friends and stuff, it's one thing to know it, and then another thing to see one of your most assholeish friends write one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen on your yearbook.

...In other news, ANIMENEXT IS ON FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY AND I AM SO EXCITED LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!! Who else is going?? And who are you cosplaying???

Lastly, but certainly not least... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TORI!!!
I love you, hon, and I hope it was a super special awesome day!!
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Happy birthday, Kimihiro Watanuki! (He was born on April 1st, so he's an April Fool!)

Oh, and happy April Fool's day too~  XD

...Yeah, I got nothing. Well, nothing except...


By the way, for those of you going... who are you cosplaying? I'mma be Liz Thompson from Soul Eater tomorrow, Juliet from Romeo X Juliet on Saturday, and Haruhi Fujioka on Sunday... and I may find a way to squeeze in Maya Fey in there somewhere too~


Mar. 14th, 2010 03:28 pm
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My brother better find my camera. He better hope nobody stole it at the JCC, where he left it. Because if he lost my camera, with all my pictures from Spring Fest yesterday on it, the next time he leaves the house, it will be in a pine box.
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Did anyone see last night's (Wednesday night's) Daily Show with Jon Stewart? The whole thing about the Representitive being on Glenn Beck was just beautiful. Just sayin'.

I would say that Soul Eater needs to stop eating my brain. But... I can't really make myself think or believe that, to be honest.  XD

I feel a bit weird though. I haven't RPed in... ages. Several weeks at least. Save for GMSN, but... I don't know. I love RP, I do!! I just... I've been watching new animes instead, and I've gotten exposed to new things that I've been loving (obviously,) I've watched some of the series that my friends have been incessantly pressuring me to watch... and I'm not held to the... I don't know, I'm not tied to my tags. I don't have the obligation to go online and respond now because so-and-so is expecting a response right now at this minute. I may or may not go back and play some characters over at [ profile] dear_mun, but... it's been nice, being more productive on actual projects I want to get done, going on Facebook and talking to my friends more... I guess what I'm saying is, I've enjoyed being me more recently than I have being someone else.

I've been playing piano more recently too. Like, I've been trying to learn how to play this piece better, from Romeo X Juliet- it's just so pretty!! ...Yes, I play anime music. Or at least, I try to. But then also... I also got a new songbook (8D !!) and... in addition to singing the songs in it, I've also been trying to play the songs themselves. I always at least play the chords, but the legit songs themselves as well... I'm not very good at it yet. But I'm trying~

Also, a small con but the first one of the con season in on Saturday- SpringFEST!! I'll probably wear Misa... but I'm really excited. Yay cons!!  8D

Lastly... a number of people on my flist have been feeling badly recently. I won't say who, or why or anything of that nature... but I just want to make sure that you all know that I love you, and that if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always right here for you~ Not just those of you dealing with hard times too- all of you. I just wanted to make sure you all know that. Because it's true.
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My brother was having a temper tantrum a little while ago... but he's quieted down now. I guess he's gone to sleep... finally. He hasn't had a tantrum like that in a while... by which I mean a whole few months... but he was screaming and crying and slamming doors this time. *sighs* I wonder if my parent's realize just how much more they let him get away with than they did with me when I was his age? I mean, I recognize that he's got issues, but... I wonder if the thought even crosses their minds?

I HATE DETAILING I HATE DETAILING I HATE DETAILING I HATE DETAILING. I HATE DETAILING. In other news, I'm finally nearly done with my Juliet blouse. Just need to finish the sleeves now... AND THAT DAMN NECKLINE.

On the bright side... I'll be able to make it to Anime Boston!!! You have no idea how happy this makes me~ Well, maybe you do... but then you know how happy I am about it and how ridiculously awesome that is!!!  8D

So I finished xxxHOLiC, which was awesome. Domeki is just made of sexy and awesome and win. And I kinda want to cosplay Yuko... just for the sheer awesome of it. Just sayin'.

Also, I started Soul Eater. Now, I've only just started it, but... there are some series that I don't even realize that I like until they're practically over. Soul Eater is not one of those series. Soul Eater is just made of plain awesome. And I totally want to cosplay Liz and Patty with Wesley now...

A-And hngh... Death the Kid, why so sexy?? I don't even understand this... I mean, he's spazzy and obsessive overy symmetry and everything, and he's not the J. Michael Tatum character... in fact, he's the Todd Haberkorn character, who I almost never fall for... but then he picks up Liz and Patty in that sexy upside-down way and it just made of sexy and I can't really care anymore. ...There's a reason I want to cosplay Liz and Patty. And I will never hold a gun in the same way again. Nor will I see the number 8 in the same way again. Damn, this series is just awesome.

So I heard what my superlative for my yearbook is today. I was voted Most Likely to Win an Emmy. I don't really think this surprises anyone. But it's still a nice distinction to have~  XD

...Right. I'm done now.
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Apparantly, my paid account on LJ runs out in a few days. And I don't have anywhere near the money to renew it- all my money's going towards Anime Boston. Ah well. It was awesome having it while it lasted, but I managed before with 15 userpics and ads... I can do it again.

But, assuming my parents are okay with it, I WILL be going to Anime Boston! Got a hotel room and everything~

...There may or may not be an Ace Attorney meetup/photoshoot in a week and a half. That I may or may not be running. By which I mean there will be, and I will be. Fun times.

......I don't actually have anything of interest to say. Oh well. C'est la vie. Finally caught up on my flist today after my cut off from the internet because of AAI... I'll finally get to go back to RP tomorrow~
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I really, really need to go, but I'm gonna need help with it, so... who else is going? Do people have hotel rooms? Ways and means of getting there?? I NEED HELP YOU GUYS!!


Someone help? Please??
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I don't even know- I've had a combination of A River Flows in You and Total Eclipse of the Heart stuck in my head for the past few hours, but I don't really mind. They're both just awesome songs. (Yes, I am well aware that A River Flows in You was the original Bella's Lullaby, but it was written way before Twilight. And besides, that doesn't stop it from being an absolutely beautiful piece of music, or change the fact that you should all listen to it.)

I had a day off today, and it was amazing. I was supposed to spend all of it writing, but I ended up sleeping until about 12 instead, then I read for a while until about 1, and then I spent the rest of my time until 5 (when I finally started catching up on my writing) playing DDR and Guitar Hero. I have no regrets.

I just found out that I can get YouTube on my phone. I suppose I can kiss whatever productivity I had before goodbye now.  XD

Oh, and apparantly there's a con in New Bruswick- at Rutgers- called Mokucon on December 5th. Oh, and it's free. So I don't even know how I'm gonna pay for train fare or for stuff in the artist's alley and dealers room and all... but FREE CON = WIN. Oh, and Vic Mignogna is going to be there. sldfkjdlkjfsljf VIC MIGNOGNA. Just sayin'.  XD
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Mmkay, not a full con report just yet since I'm going tomorrow too, but so far, NYAF '09 IS AWESOME. If you, you know, didn't get that from my title/subject/thing.

Also, remember how I said that I was sick earlier? Well... I'm pretty much over the sickness. My voice still sounds like crap- not being helped by all the shouting at the con- but... I feel fine. I actually swear, I defeated my sickness through sheer willpower. I got sick, and I swore to myself that I'd be better by NYAF, because I am not being sick for a con... and I got better! My voice sounds terrible, but I seriously got better though willpower. It's awesome.  XD

Also, there will be a whole shitload of pictures soon. Like, a lot. Not as many as I'd have liked from today because about halfway through the day, MY CAMERA RAN OUT OF BATTERY... but still a lot.  XD
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So, you know how I said I was sick yesterday? HAHA YEAH IT'S GOTTEN WORSE. Not debilitatingly worse or anything, just enough that I felt absolutely disgusting at school today. My sore throat is mostly gone *knock on wood* but now my nose is sniffly, and my sinuses are a little clogged... could be worse, but it could be better too, you know?

On the other hand... NEW YORK ANIME FEST TOMORROW!!!!  8D


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