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Oh, hi there, Winter's Tale! What an awesome little show you are there~

Hmm? What's that? You go up in a week? Oh, hahahahaha, you're so funny, Winter's Tale! You're really, really funny!!

What? You weren't kidding? We really do have opening night in a week? Y-You know, it's not funny when you do that...

...We really are opening in a week. Right

......'Scuse me while I go have a mini freakout at my first show in college (I'm not counting the 24 hour musical, because I wasn't concious enough for that) opening in about a week.


Do any of you know the sitcom The Nanny? Because my roommates love it, and marathon it practically every night they're not out partying. And I hate it. It's just... not all that funny. It's not terrible, but... it's far from have-it-on-every-night funny. And it makes me want to stab a knife through our TV.

I'm still only a day ahead for NaNoWriMo, and my word count has to increase exponentially for this to work this year. And it will work this year. It just has to.
Although I was novelling earlier today, and I discovered a whole new layer to one of my characters that even I didn't know existed. It was kind of awesome. I mean, my main, Emily, is literally me. But now, I think Nick is my favorite. I'm just sayin'. I kind of love him. It's too bad he has to be a douche later.

So I introduced a friend of mine to Death Note. It was kind of beautiful. We were both in my room, hanging out on my bed, and I showed her my Light pillow. You know, the one where he looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model... and is wearing as much as one. And she looks at him, and literally goes "oh wow." And I showed her the first episode, and she agrees with me in that she just loves looking at him. And I feel very accomplished and awesome. Just sayin'. (No, she has not seen the potatochip scene yet. Only the first episode. She hasn't even seen "L..." "Kira..." "I will hunt you down where ever you are hiding and I WILL eliminate you." "I am..." "I am..." "JUSTICE!" yet.  <-- *Did that entirely from memory, without even having to think about it. It's kind of sad. And awesome.*)

Lastly, I will leave you with a quote that someone awesome reminded me of that I felt deserved sharing with all of you:
"Little more!"
"Banananana- DAMMIT!"
My friends and I are incapable of saying "banana". <3 you, Nat~!  XD
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Yeah. So I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in my class who really actually likes their schedule. So uh... sucks to be my classmates, I guess. Because I'm set off pretty awesomely~

Under a cut for those of you who don't really care... I'm considerate to you too!! )

...Yeah, I'm pretty pleased.

Also, I'm getting one of my teachers into Death Note. This makes me so happy like I don't even have the words.  XD
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Rah. I am so inexplicably tired and... mmm. I dunno. I just. Don't know. I clearly need some sugar.

Is, like, EVERYONE getting snow outside of New York? You're all getting snow and I am SO envious because all we're getting is bitter, disgusting cold and I highly disapprove of it.

I dunno though. It could be worse... but it could be a helluvalot better.

And I came to an important realization the other day. As much as I've bitched about not having a boyfriend and not feeling loved and stuff... I've realized. I am loved... and I don't really want a boyfriend. I want someone to cuddle with sometimes, and maybe occasionally makeout with because kisses (what little I've had of them) are nice, but... I like being free. And single. I like being able to flirt with whoever I want, with not having to feel awkward about liking actors or fictional characters... I've said it before, but now I actually believe it. I like being single. What I want is more of a... friend with benefits, I guess. It'd be nice to have someone to snuggle, but... I want a friend more than a boy/girlfriend. Well, I have friends. But it'd be awkward if I just snuggled up to some of them sometimes.  XD

Also? I'm having an amazing time RPing Misa over at dndressingroom. I forgot just how fun and awesome single-fandom Dressing Rooms can be. So I'm gonna go back to that now. And have super awesome fun tiemz. If any of the rest of you RP Death Note, you should totally come over there too. We don't have ANY of Matsuda! Well, any of any of the Japanese Task Force, and this is not okay. We do have a Beyond Birthday though.  8D
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*sighs* I am so weak. I mean, I pretty much am her and all, and I've had the muse running around in my headspace for a while, and I've been thinking about Death Note so much recently, and I thought I could contain it, but... [ profile] dndressingroom. I am so weak. And I love it.  XD

Also... I just realized, I don't think I ever mentioned... I finished my Misa cosplay.

Oh, and... last Saturday was our meetup day for International Matt and Mello Day. It wasn't the actual day of- that was yesterday. But not everyone could meet up on a Tuesday, so several of us got together and had a meetup. We chilled for a while and everything, went to the M&Ms store and Hershey store in Times Square, then had a photoshoot of our own, and it was pretty epic.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. I just felt like I should share before I go into a deep depression tomorrow~
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I was thinking earlier... almost all of my opinions concerning Death Note are some of the most unpopular ones. (In bullet point form, because that's how the cool kids do it!)

Under a cut, to protect you lovely Death Note virgins from spoilers. )

*sighs* I dunno. I'm just depressed today. And I'm gonna be a crying ball of mush on Thursday. Fantabulous.

Matt, Mello and especially Light are never really gone though. Ever.
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Tagged by [ profile] kurasari~
Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the below questions, then answer them!
1. Heroes
2. Ouran High School Host Club
3. Death Note
4. 30 Rock
5. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Scientifically speaking, this cut is real. )
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Mmm... took the SAT again today. It was easy, just like the first time... but now it's done and over and it's done and over with and I will never take it again ever, so... I'm alright.

The only thing that kinda annoys me is that I had to get up at the disgustingly early hour of 6:30 this morning to do it. I get up then every day for school, but... it's just disgusting on a Saturday. (Jonesy, I seriously have no idea how you do that every day...) And then tonight I'll be staying up until about 1 in the morning again, because it's Saturday. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, BITCHES!!!  8D

But then I had the cosplay meetup, which was so awesome~ I ended up not taking any pictures- my camera didn't have any battery.  ;; But it was still amazing, and it was done by a group that's practically professional at putting on these kinds events, and they had different events in the event like a cosplay dating game, and a karaoke contest... and guess who came in first in the karaoke contest?  XD It was pretty awesome- I seriously didn't expect to, but it made me so happy. And then they had prizes and everything too, so I got all this Death Note stuff- an L ring (which I'm wearing now, by the way... and will practically every day from now on too. Same reason I wear my L necklace- I need the intelligence, and I swear it helps.  XD) a laser pointer light (hee hee~) thingy, that when you point it against a wall, Ryuk's picture comes up. Also, a Deat Note face towel, and Death Note utensils- a fork, knife, and chopsticks.  8D I also placed in the overall costume contest, and was one of the winners of the cosplay dating game. (I was cosplaying Haruhi... and the best part was that one of the questions I was asked as a bachelorette was "How do you feel about incest?"  and at first I was all "Um, yeah, no..." and then I remembered the twins. And how, at least in manga-verse, TamaHaru is practically canon, and he calls himeself Haruhi's father... or in my!verse, being Haruhi but in love with Kyouya, that's Kyouya/Haruhi, and he's her "mother".  XD

...I would say something of more interest and stuff... but I'm kinda exhausted now. So I'm just going to go... do stuff. Awesome stuff... but just... stuff. And hopefully be more coherant.  XD
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Alright everyone, this one's fairly self-explanatory- it's not all of them, but here's a bunch of my favorite pics from New York Anime Fest '09!! If you don't want to deal with all of these here, I have them all up on my Facebook, if you wanna see it~

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Mmkay guys, I have some SRS BIZNIZ to attend to here, so listen up!

1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] maotaku!!! I hope it's awesome~~  8D

2) Second of all, questions are still open on my last post if you want to ask me a question to answer in my first ever voice post~ Seriously, ask me anything! Even if it's embarassing and stuff- I have no shame, so it's all good~

3) ...I have themes from Pokemon Ranger: Shadow of Almia stuck in my head. Particularly the Team Dim Sun theme. And I don't know why. After a day full of Death Note and D.Gray-Man themes stuck in my head, I don't really know what to say...

4) Friday at New York Anime Fest- which cosplay should I wear? Shiki Misaki (much more feminine, which will be nice considering how I'm crossplaying the other two days, but I can't wear it to school, which I have to go to before the con- it IS a Friday, after all), or Haruhi Fujioka (much less feminine, but I can wear it to school without having to change in or out of anything)? 

6) J. MICHAEL TATUM IS IN D.GRAY-MAN WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS. Seriously guys, when MY FAVORITE VA EVER is in something, this is exactly the kind of thing YOU NEED TO TELL ME. And it's not on his IMDb page, so it's not like I would have known from there. (Yes, I've checked it. Several times.) Also- Todd Haberkorn, Travis Willingham, and Luci Christian, all of whom are AWESOME. And the rest of the Ouran cast also has parts here and there in it, because it is indeed FUNimation, and they always use the same VAs over and over again... but dude. I mean, I already knew that Todd Haberkorn played Allen, but... what does it say when I recognized J. Michael Tatum's voice before I saw his name in the credits, after about only two lines?  XD

7) If you realized that there was no 5, you win the internets.

Edit: 8) There's an 8 now too!! And a...

9) So about 4... a bunch of people have told me to do Shiki. And the EXACT SAME NUMBER OF PEOPLE have told me to do Haruhi. Which is incredibly confusing... but here's an idea, tell me what you think of it- I go to school and the con on Friday as Haruhi, then on Saturday I wear my America in the morning, then change into my Shiki after the Axis Powers Hetalia photoshoot, leave my cosplay with a friend who has her own Artist's Alley table at NYAF, and wander around NYAF Saturday afternoon as Shiki. Mmm? Whaddya think?
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...Thank god for random YouTube shit. I was watching Death Note to catch up to what they're airing on Cartoon Network now (at, like, 3 AM... thank god for TiVo!!) so I just watched episode 7... and it's heartbreaking. Especially after reading Another Note. But about an hour of screwing around on YouTube cheered me... mostly up!

Of course, my Epic Fail icon up there serves a purpose... you know what really sucks? Not being able to sleep until 2:30 IN THE FUCKING MORNING, AND THEN HAVING TO GET UP AT 6:30 AND GO TO CLASSES. That's what sucks. Just sayin'.

...I think I'm going to watch D.Gray-Man now. I mean, I watched the Abridged Series, and now I'm just curious as to what the series itself is like. I wanted to get into FMA first but... eh.

By the way, I'm doing a voice post soon!! So... ask me anything! Anything you want! And I'll answer it! With my voice! Seriously. Because I honestly have no idea what else to do before my homework really starts piling on.
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So. I discovered D. Gray Man, the Abridged Series. I have never seen/read D. Gray Man, but a friend reccomended it to me, and... HOLY SHIT IT'S EPIC. And it makes the fact that I actually own a ShamWOW that much funnier. GO WATCH IT. IT'S ON TEH YOUTUBES.

I'm also finally watching the Death Note anime since I NOW HAVE THE INTERNETS WITH WHICH TO WATCH IT. IT'S AMAZING. It's so well animated, and dubbed so well!! (Yes, I am watching the English dub. I know that the Japanese is the original and all, but I like actually understanding what's being said without having to watch the text flying across the screen more than the animation itself.) Only through episode 7 on my computer though... and then I'm recording from episode 8 on on my TiVo!! DVRs are a beautiful thing.

Lastly... I kinda want to do a voice post. No, I don't know why. But... I dunno what I should do. So... any ideas for voice post memes or anything?
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How come almost all of the characters I currently/used to RP are either dead or are very closely connected with the dead? I mean, I have/had Maya, AU Maya Edgeworth, Eden, Shiki... and now I'm RPing Maya on the MSN Ace Attorney RP. Was that the brightest move I could have made, signing up for that? No. No it was not. Will I do it and love it anyway? Absolutely.

...Fandom is taking over my life in ways I never would have believed. People can't say "hold it" when they want me to wait for them anymore without me giggling, and asking them to present evidence if they've even heard of Ace Attorney. One of the answers in the crossword in todays New York Times crossword puzzle was "Eureka". I can't even flip on the light anymore without wondering "if I flip the switch, will it turn Light on?" and I'm always so happy when the answer is yes... I think I need more of a life. But this one is so fun!!  XD

So, on a much more serious note, my great aunt's in the hospital. I mean, you would think that when a 94 year old woman is leaning on the open car door of a taxi while her 50-something year old relative is getting her walker out of the trunk (something that the cabbies are supposed to help with, by the way, which this guy was not), you would notice a) one of the doors on your cab is open, and b) A 94 YEAR OLD WOMAN IS LEANING ON IT, and you WOULDN'T START JUST DRIVING OFF AFTER YOUR TRUNK WAS CLOSED. Leaving my great aunt to fall to the ground, breaking her wrist so she has to stay in the hospital. For days, and at least one full one of those is without proper pain medication. Geez... I don't even know.

Hotmail is also being fucked up as I try to sign up for an account there, but I don't have the heart to complain about that too...

So instead I'll just end with how awesome it is that I have a friend coming in tomorrow from New Jersey so we can finally chill for the first time since AnimeNEXT, and we'll probably go see Avenue Q, assuming we can get the tickets. Which should be AMAZING, especially considering how we both already know the soundtrack~
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...Miles Edgeworth makes a sexy girl. Just. You know. Saying.

...There's a thought process behind that. Really, there is. But it's all on DeviantArt...

DEATH NOTE NEEDS TO STOP BEING SO AWESOME. Not only have I now devoted almost all of my birthday money to it, I've finished it in about a month WITHOUT the internet, as well as the book about the LABB murder cases. The LABB murder cases book twice. In under 24 hours. Not because it's that easy of a book to read, but because I refused to put it down.


...For those of you who don't know, my name does not start with an L. ...It has to do with my newfound obsession with Death Note.

Awesome story too- so some friends and I were in an antique shop because they sell cool jewelry for next to nothing, and I was only vaguely browsing because I literally had no money whatsoever, and then I saw this and started flipping out. And I got all depressed because I couldn't get it, but since my birthday was recently and it didn't really cost that much anyway, some friends chipped in together and bought it for me. JENNY AND REBECCA (even if you're not reading this) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!  8D

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Hey everyone!! Sorry for totally not being here for the past few days- I've been really busy this weekend...

I went to go see The Proposal today... it was... alright. I mean, where it worked, it really worked. Plus, the actors were fantastic, and it's a great premise. But... there were parts that just felt forced, and you could always see when the jokes were coming, and where they were coming from. But it was still fun... and the end was adorable. I'd say it's worth it if you don't have to deal with New York ticket prices...

So I started getting into Death Note... it's really good!!! Seriously... I was surprised by how much I'd like it, but it's really good!! And I only have the first volume...

Also... I don't know if you guys really got to see it, because I never saw it on my flist after I edited it, so... AnimeNEXT pictures are up! You know, in case I didn't spam you all with them enough.  XD

Lastly... I mentioned this before, but... I'm getting to be kinda screwed as far as this summer goes... and my parents are saying that if I don't have anything I'm doing this summer, they're taking away any access to the internet, TV, and my texting that I have. I don't really see how they're going to enforce the texting, but... I don't know. Anyway... just in case, here's my phone number, so... help a girl out? Even if I can't text... you can call me or something anytime. I mean, try to remember I'm living on the US East Coast, so I'm in that time zone, but... help?

(917) 232-8759

Seriously- call/text me anytime~


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