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Random musings since my brain is not in a place where I can write out full paragraphs and stuff.

-I love my high school. I love going back to visit. Especially since so many of my friends there are younger than me, and thus, still there. But I'm glad it's over, and that I'm in college now.
-My Disney Pandora channel is giving me less and less actual Disney. First it was all the songs from Disney movies that I liked... and then it became covers of those songs by other people, which wasn't ideal, but wasn't bad... and then it was Glee which I couldn't dislike, but wasn't quite what I was going for... but now, getting an actual Disney song is significantly rarer. And that's not cool. I'm considering deleting the channel and just starting over with it again. Because... I have not had a Disney song for the past, like, seven songs. (I'm listening to it now, if that wasn't already obvious.)
-Someone truly awesome made marshmallows, and gave me a bit of them. They were amazing and Earl Grey flavored and I loved them. The only thing about them that makes me at all sad is that they are gone now, and I no longer have any. But they were still really super cool.  :D
-I recently got an idea for a new stand-up sketch that I think could be really good if I can just refine it some. And by some, I mean a lot. But it's a really good idea, and I really wanna work on it.
-I absolutely adore my HTP friends. Some of us went out to see Julie Taymor's film adaptation of The Tempest, and it was very much made of happy. It's the trippiest Shakespeare that I've ever seen. But oh my god, so good. And then I saw it with some of my favorite people ever, and it just was very much happy tiemz, and I love all of you. (Yay being vague with names and identities on the internet!)  <3
-In fact, in general, I have been getting a lot of love recently. An almost disproportionate amount of love, but... I'm feeling very happy in general with life right about now. I love my friends, especially now that I have friends who respect me and show me their affection, I love the holiday season which helps bring all of this out in all of us, and I love all of you. All of you. You all help make me this kind of happy, and it's just wonderful and... I don't really have words for it in my slightly brain-dead state, but... I'm very happy, and it's you guys who bring me to this level of awesome.  :)
-Whoa. I guess I can do paragraphs a little more than I thought I could.
-Walking will be happening a lot tomorrow as I walk from my house all the way down to the fashion district and back to get holiday presents... and I don't want to pay train fare. But it's good for me! It's good exercise! ...Besides, it also means that if I don't spend all of the money I've allotted for holiday presents, that is ample excuse for me to let myself go to Jamba Juice with the rest of my money and get their limited edition Berried 'n Chocolate flavor smoothie, which is just so good and I love it.
-Equals Three is awesome. It's a web show on YouTube, and... yeah, just YouTube search Equals Three and watch it. It's really funny. And should you care, I can post links to my favorite episodes from it. I mean, I have literally cried from laughing because of it. ...Also, the guy who does it lives in New York, just down the block from a friend of mine, so you just know that it's awesome.
-I've finally seen all of Firefly. slkdfjdslkjfsd IT'S SO GOOD. I really wanna get the DVDs now too... but yes. It's just such a good series. And Nathan Fillion is a beautiful, A+ human being.

...I've gotten to the point where I'm just rambling about the first thing that comes to mind. Also, Go The Distance just came up on my Pandora channel, so I'll stop now.

But yes. TL;DR... I love you all, you guys. You make me very happy. All of you.  <3

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Today (after I got over not going to homecoming... that comes up later) involved seeing my best friend for the first time in over a month and a half? Possibly even more? But yes. It involved Wesley, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and Beauty and the Beast. Today has mostly been a good day.

I didn't get to go to my high school homecoming though. It's kind of pissing me off. I set my alarm to get me up well in advance of when I had to be there so I could get up, take a shower, and get there in time to see my friends. It was supposed to be 10:00 AM. But then (I assume that this is what happened as I wasn't entirely concious at the time) my alarm went off, I was about to get up to go to homecoming, and then the past three consecutive nights of me getting less than four hours of sleep reached over, turned off the alarm, and said "Oh, no you won't." And I woke up at 2:00 PM. It just wasn't happening- it's an hour long trip to the school, and it ends at 2:45. So I didn't get to go to my homecoming. Which kind of really sucked.

So I took a nice long shower in a shower that wasn't entirely disgusting, shaved, found my cloak and put it on and mentally prepared to pack it so I could take it back with me to college. I then called Wesley, and she came over and we got to hang out, which made it better. It didn't replace the experience, but it was still really awesome, and it made me feel better.

And then, later on, after dinner with my family, my mother, brother and I went out to the Ben and Jerry's scoop shop on 104th and Broadway, got ice cream... and then came home and watched Beauty and the Beast which we had recorded on the DVR. Andandand... sldfjsdlkjfsd DISNEY. You all know my deep love for classic Disney movies. This is one of them. slkfjdlkjsd IT'S SO GOOD I LOVE IT. I'm still squeeing.

Also, hhnnnnggggghhhh Belle's dress in the dance scene I want it. If I had the skills, I would make it, but I don't... maybe one day I will though, because it's so gorgeous.

Aight. I'll go take my squeeage somewhere else.

Oh, and for those of you who are from the U.S. on my flist, happy Thanksgiving! (It's past midnight, that's fair game.) And if you're not from the U.S., I hope you just have a generally awesome day. Because we all deserve generally awesome days. Also, because it means that the holiday season is coming up, and no matter what religion you are, those are always amazing.  :D

WAITWAITWAIT, one more thing. You know what's awesome? You know what's really, seriously awesome? Chanukka comes early this year, and my parents told me what they're giving me for the holiday, because they say they need my help picking it out... THEY'RE GETTING ME A KEYBOARD!! Not a computer keyboard, a piano keyboard. This makes me so happy inside like I can't even begin to describe- I've wanted one for the longest time so I could play at college (the practice rooms in the music building are always full) and now I'm getting one, and I'm so happy about it, it just... makes my life pretty much complete.  XD

Wow. You know what? Do you guys have any requests? It's essentially the beginning of the holiday season anyway, and I love doing things for people, especially around this time of year! Be it a fic request or... whatever! Within reason, obviously... but if it's something I can do, ask me for it? I really want to do something for someone to share my happiness and make someone else's day, and I love you all, so... yeah. That's a thing. You should all totally take advantage of it~

I love this feeling.
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So tomorrow's my last day of high school ever. Feeling slightly nostalgic... but not as much as I thought I would be. That'll probably be very different tomorrow though.

On the The World Ends With You comm, they're doing a project to revamp the fandom, where a bunch of us join in and do some kind of fan project... so I'm really inspired to finally start my Uzuki cosplay now~ ...Except for the wig. That's expensive.  -_-;;

Speaking of- LAURA LAURA LAURA. What shoe size are you? Because if we're similar shoe sizes, then may I borrow your Tsubaki boots for my cosplay? They both have white boots, and I don't want to pay for them if I don't have to... so it'd be easier if I could borrow yours. But... yeah.  XD

I'm feeling hungry again, and I'm not at all sure how. I mean, I had three seperate meals in about a four hour time span today... but that was several hours ago. I'm gonna go eat my leftovers from that last meal now.

Before that though... so I finally started watching (the original) Fullmetal Alchemist. UNF ROY MUSTANG WHY SO AWESOME. That is all.  XD
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So... I don't feel any different now than I did before. I don't look any different either. (I mean, I'm wearing a ponytail today, which I don't usually do, but that's because I was just too lazy to deal with my hair this morning... and I usually wear it down.)

But apparantly today, unlike before, I am now a high school graduate.

Huh. Go figure.
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So today we all went around at school, signing people's yearbooks. I didn't let myself read anything of what people wrote in mine until after I came home today.

So I went home, read it all at once, and cried because people love me.

I dunno, I just... I read it all, and... while I knew that I had friends and stuff, it's one thing to know it, and then another thing to see one of your most assholeish friends write one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen on your yearbook.

...In other news, ANIMENEXT IS ON FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY AND I AM SO EXCITED LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!! Who else is going?? And who are you cosplaying???

Lastly, but certainly not least... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TORI!!!
I love you, hon, and I hope it was a super special awesome day!!
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So Nicktoons has this whole "Avatar State" marathon whatsits going on, and they include all these little extras on bubbles that pop up on the screen that are mostly just stupid, but some are actually interesting, and... I don't know how, but I'd forgotten just how amazing a series it is. Also? UNF ZUKO. He's just so sexy while shirless. And I need to break out my Mai cosplay again.

PROM. I won't go into massive details since... I'm sure the overall prom experience is fairly typical, and you can guess what it was like, for the most part. But... well. I said beforehand that I didn't expect it to be ~*OMG THE MOST AMAZINGEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE EVER!!!!11!ONE!!*~. But... while I don't know if I'd call it the best night of my life, it was certainly up there among the best. Probably even in the top 10. It was just so much fun, and... it was just fantastic~ I also got my guy friends at school, the ones who see me as unfeminine because I usually wear a sweatshirt and jeans and sneakers to school, to admit that I looked feminine. I actually did look really pretty too~ (I'm uploading pics to my Facebook now, so if you're friends with me on there, you can check them out if you want.  :D)

Japan Day was yesterday too. It's basically an event organized by the Japan Society...? I don't actually know. But there were booths with stuff to do, and I still mostly ignored it in favor of hanging out with my cosplay friends. I was Liz Thompson again, because it was an easy cosplay to do the day after prom.  XD But there was also a Black*Star, and my Patty (Wesley)... wasn't Patty, but that's because she, with her LaGuardia Softball team (yes, I can say it's her's, since she's the captain) went and won the NYC championships in softball. They basically have the best softball team in the City. So... I suppose she has an excuse. (Either way, pics from that are also being uploaded to Facebook if you want to check them out.  XD)

On a seperate, but not unrelated note... I'm really starting to get pissed off at my emotions. Simply put, there's a guy among my cosplayer friends. And I like him. (You know what I mean, like like him.) And I don't want to. I really don't want to. I'm pretty sure he's not interested in me, and either way I almost never see him since he rarely comes into the City and everything, and I hadn't seen him since NYAF, and I was so convinced I was over him... and then he was there yesterday, and I found out the hard way that I'm not. I'm not as into him as I used to be, but the attraction is still there, and it's pissing me off. I really don't want to like him... but ugh. There it is. I'm trying to stop... but it's kind of hard to control your feelings, considering how we don't have any real control over them to begin with.

But, also yesterday, I ran into two people I kind of knew once from stuff (one went to my camp in grade school, the other one graduated from my high school two years ago), and one old friend who was a really close friend of mine until we kind of lost touch with each other... but then I saw her again yesterday! It was so insane, but awesome- and the best part was that, as I was in my Liz cosplay, she usually cosplays Death the Kid.  XD

Speaking of which, I had a dream about him yesterday... but that gets long and involved, and this entry is way too long to begin with, so I'll stop now.

Haven't been able to check my flist in a while, by the way. How are you guys? Have I missed anything important?
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...It's not so much that I don't have time, or that there's WAY too much going on to do an actual entry. It's just that I'm too lazy. So... bullet point form time!!

-My, ah, Aunt Flo is god's way of saying he hates me.

-Painkillers are god's way of saying that he loves me.

-Prom is on Saturday!! I'm... not making too big of a deal out of it, to be honest. It's not going to be ~*THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!*~. It's not going to be a really massive affair. I don't think I'm even going to any after-prom parties afterwards. But it should still be fun. And I'm still excited.
-I got my dress back from the tailor's today too. (I bought it for a beautiful price because it was slightly damaged... it cost a ton less to fix it than it would to buy any other dress though.  XD) It looks awesome. I still love it~

-I've been catching up with Soul Eater- I just finished episode 36. (I'm watching it with the dub, since I prefer dubs to subs.)
-Unf, Kid.
-Unf, Stein. (Honestly, I totally didn't expect this one... but there it is. Besides, he's the perfect nice Jewish boy to bring home to my parents. First of all, he's obviously Jewish. His last name is Stein. Plus, he's a doctor! My mother would love him. The whole "love of dissection and dismembering things" thing? Well, everyone has a quirk or two.  XD)
-Unf, Giriko. (What? He's played by J. Michael Tatum. You expect me to not like him?)
-Dammit, Medusa, how... how... just... how?? And yet, I still kinda wanna cosplay her.
-And Marie.
-And keep up my Liz cosplay.
-The third ending? Yep. I love it. Just putting it out there.

-AnimeNEXT in just two weeks!! I massively need to finish my Lenalee... but I'm getting there. I'll probably have it done in time~ Even if I won't have the wig... it'll still pretty much be done.

-And then it'll be on to finishing up Gaila, and then... I don't know. I have a whole ton of people I want to cosplay, but I don't know who will be next after that. I suppose we'll see, won't we?

-...Whoa, this ended up being a lot longer than I expected. I'll stop now. 'Night everybody!!  XD
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...You know, you would think that preparing for a class project where I get to be a lawyer would be more fun. But no. It's really not. After hours of working on my 20 minute (20 minute!!) opening statement, I now get to move on to my 3-4 page paper, 1.5 spaced, 12 pt font. *sighs* The worst part is that it's really my own fault. I've had this for ages. I just... didn't work on it. It really is my own fault. I hate it when that happens.

On the bright side... [ profile] acedressing  [ profile] acedressing  [ profile] acedressing . Why yes, that IS a new Ace Attorney Dressing Room, much like the one I got my start RPing in~!

And finally, although they do not give us voices, they DO give us a date for... 

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HEY HEY GUYS GUYS GUYS. My dad brought home the soundtrack to The Phantom of the Opera: Love Never Dies. I'm scared to listen to it. I'm not sure I want to hear Andrew Lloyd Webber screw up one of my favorite musicals of ever...

ALSO. I was shopping for my prom dress today, and I found it. THE dress. It was on sale too- you know how most dresses can be from $100 to, like, $500? Yeah. I got mine for $31.99. I LOVE SALES. You may or may not get pics soon. Depends how bad you want them.  XD

Totally rocking out to the Ace Attorney Investigations soundtrack now. Still love it. It's still awesome.  XD

Oh, and you know how I was wangsting on Friday about how I barely got in anywhere? Yeah. I GOT INTO SUNY BINGHAMTON. You know, crown jewel of the State University of New York system, one of the top colleges in the country, public or otherwise, all around awesome college, SUNY Binghamton? Yeah, that one. So. Uh. I feel better about myself and how hard I worked and stuff now.  8D
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Wait, what?

What do you mean, "tomorrow's Wednesday?"

What do you mean, "tomorrow's the day I have that benefit concert for Haiti and Chile that I'm totally not prepared for?"

What do you mean, "I need to learn "We Are The World" better, because if I screw it up by accidentally singing the lyrics to the SNL parody of it ("We Are The World 3: Raising Awareness of the We Are The World 2 Disaster") everyone else will kill me, and that's what I've been doing so far?"

What do you mean, "I still don't even have my own solo song down 100% perfectly?"

What do you mean, "it's already 11:17 at night, and I still have SO much more to do today?"

Oh. Right. Tomorrow's Wednesday, the day of a benefit concert for Haiti and Chile that I'm going to be in that I'm not sure I'm 100% prepared for yet. That's what you mean. I see. Well then. This should be interesting.
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DAMMIT ROMEO X JULIET!! I wasn't going to get as into it as I am now!! I mean, it was good and all, but... now I'm still in love with the art, I'm listening to a playlist of the soundtrack on YouTube, I'm getting reference pictures and stuff ready for a Juliet cosplay, and I'm planning another one of either Romeo, Fransisco or Curio (I may or may not say why soon~) and I'm re-watching it online. I wasn't gonna do all this... I mean, I genuinely love it!! Not just because J. Michael Tatum did it (which is a big part of why I started watching it in the first place) but... I really, genuinely think it's awesome!! Now, as soon as I have the money, I have to go out and buy the DVDs. Gah. I wasn't gonna do this...

Also. I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but... on Valentine's Day, I got dressed up. I'm single, and for the most part, I'm happy with that. But it was Valentine's Day, and... I wanted to feel pretty.

So I got dressed up in a pretty dress so I could feel pretty and there are pretty pics of it under the cut. )

Also... what's this??

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I'm a vain person. I've got to be honest with you all- I'm an incredibly vain person. I spend time working on how I look, when I care. (Weekday mornings do not count. I'm barely even human then- more zombie than human.) And it's because I like getting compliments, I like it when people look at me for just that nanosecond longer as I walk down the street, I like feeling pretty. And I do feel pretty most of the time- not to be narcissistic (vanity=/=narcissism) but I honestly believe that I am a really pretty girl. But when someone points that out, or tells me I look beautiful, I just... I love it. And honestly, who wouldn't?

So I went back to my old middle school today. (That last paragraph was relevant, I promise... just stick with it a little.) Me and a bunch of other people who went to that middle school who now all go to my high school... we went back to talk about our high school (go HSAS!) and tell the 8th graders why they should go there. And I was so very awkward in middle school. In a way, I'm glad none of the students there remember me- I barely want anyone to remember how I was then. But I was just... so awkward- practically mute, thinking I had real friends there when for the most part I didn't (Wesley, Tori... I love you guys!!), and with such terrible fashion sense... it was just so bad. Who I am now hates who I was then.

So to go back to Center School (my middle school), and have the teachers there look at me blankly, not recognize me and look away, then do a double take and go all "...Is that you?? You... you look so... you look good!!" Yeah, that's pretty sweet.
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Mmm... I need to get to sleep earlier. I'm tired, and I haven't even been doing that much today.  :/

So apparantly my school's bowling team is really good... who knew? GO HSAS SENATORS!!

...Yes, we're the Senators. We're the High School of American Studies at Lehman College. What do you want from us??

People spam a lot on Facebook, don't they? I'd complain, but I do the same thing...  XD

Also, my mom is Facebook!stalking me. I don't really know what to say about it... but she called me out on doing some homework late, since I mentioned it in my status. I never thought they'd look!!  DX

...But if she's Facebook!stalking me, she may also try LiveJournal!stalking me, which is why this is friends locked.  ^_^;;

I need the Raul Esparza version of Being Alive. I have the Karen Mason version which is a medley with Help! (you know, by the Beatles) and... I really don't like it. It's just the only copy of it I have... I need to find a better way to get it...

...This post has no point. I just... want to talk to you all. I feel like I'm not on LJ as much anymore, even though I have better internet... I miss you guys!! If that makes any sense...  XD


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