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Fandom based NaNoWriMo icons!! Only 10 of them, and quickly put together, but... well, enjoy them~

Also, requests are welcome! Requests got me into Fruits Basket, which I ended up loving~ Except for the ending... Akito so doesn't deserve to have... him... but I'm just a jealous fangirl. So go ahead and request away, if you like my work!

Rules of Use:
-Credit/Comments are loved, but not necissary.
-No hotlinking, please.
-...Just don't claim them as your own, and really, you can do whatever you like with them~
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Icon post!

May. 15th, 2009 07:30 pm
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Anyone remember the 20 Things I Learned from Phoenix Wright thing that  [profile] fire_tearsposted? Well, I did, and I made icons of them! Enjoy.  :D

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Avatar The Last Airbender, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 4 Sokka's Master: TONIGHT!!!
Movies with [profile] nature_gurl: Tomorrow!! 
Heroes: 3 days!!
House: 4 days!!
30 Rock: 5 days!!
Tribute to Stephen Schwartz: 7 days!!

My friends are so annoying... we had two whole class periods to work on a project that we were doing together, and what it is is that we have to make part of a newspaper on a certain topic during the Antebellum period of U.S. History (about 1800-1860), and so we're doing the role of women. Anywho, during those class periods, I was working on my part of our project- the political cartoon, and I was carefully drawing and writing and everything, and they were using the computers to go on Facebook.

And on a completely unrelated note, I finally have icons up on [profile] avatar_fansfor [profile] _loudnproud_'s condensed episode of The Headband, so they're here if you want to see them:

Yeah, that's really basically it for now... and now I really have to go get our foodstuffs...  XD
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30 Rock: TOMORROWSQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar the Last Airbender, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 3 The Painted Lady: 2 DAYSTHANKGODISONEEDIT...
Heroes: 5 days
House: 6 days

So non-TV spoilery stuff first:

Not entirely over my cold yet, I still have a sore throat and everything... honestly today I was just well enough to go to school, so I completely crashed in last period American History. I nearly fell asleep and everything...

Also, my icons are up over at [profile] avatar_fans!! Here's the link for all you lovely people:

I am such a Narcissus... and I know I probably spelt his name wrong.

Lastly, I was thinking of making a fanmix, but I don't have a particular focus yet... suggestions? It would probably be an Avatar fanmix, because Avatar screenshots are usually easier to photoshop for the cover, but I don't know. Any ideas are welcome, and will be credited!!  XD

And now... what you've all been waiting for... Heroes and House spoilers reactions!!!

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Bionic Woman: 2 days
Avatar The Last Airbender, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 2 The Headband: 4 DAYS!!  XD
30 Rock: 10 DAYS SQUEE!!!

So after 4 days and a lot of posts, I'm finally caught up on my fpage. I'm so very proud of myself. So to celebrate I'm... spamming your fpages more? I don't know, I don't really get my logic...

And since I'm all caught up, I can start on my icons again!! Expect new icon posts soon, as well as my cosplay pics!  XD

And to all my new friends, and my friends who posted to my Avatar reaction post, I love you guys!! You guys are the best.  XD
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Hates me. It refuses to connect to any network, even ones I'm piggybacking off of. And you would think there would be some network I could connect to in the City, but obviously not.

Avatar The Last Airbender, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 1 The Awakening: 7 DAYS=ONE WEEK OMGSQEEE!!!!
Heroes: Um... some time from now? Wierd, for one of my two favorite dramas on TV, I don't know when it starts. Someone help me out here?
30 Rock: Wow, I really know nothing about the fall TV schedule... again if anyone knows...?
House: Okay, you know what? If anyone knows when any TV show starts, I don't care which one, could you just tell me?

So my brother is listening to his audiobooks on his MP3 player, except he has his Fly Pentop Computer speakers hooked up to it, and he doesn't seem to have a grasp on the concept of not turning the sound all the way up, so if my post seems kind of... out of it, it's because I am.

And I'm officially cosplaying as Mai on Friday, so here's to hoping I get my costume finished on time! [personal profile] inuyattagave me some awesome tips on how to make it, so she rocks.

And I've uploaded some new icons to avatar_fans, these are from the new chibi shorts on the Avatar Season 2 DVD, and a few from School Time Shipping as well.  

And lastly, I've decided to start drawing more, so I have my first comic! Opinions, thoughts, really just anything you can say about it would be helpful.  :D Also, are there enough Avatar references in there that I can post it to [profile] avatar_fans? I kind of want to, but if there aren't enough, I don't want to look stupid.

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Avatar The Last Airbender, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 1 The Awakening: 13 days!!! (squee!!)

Yes, so I've reinstated the countdown(s), because I just want to know exactly how long it is until Avatar... as soon as I find definate dates for other movies/TV shows, I'll post them too. So if anyone knows when the season premere of Heroes or 30 Rock is, or when Across the Universe or some other good movie comes out, please tell.

And I am a complete dork/Avatard. Just thought I'd state the obvious...

Lastly, more icons on avatar_fans!! They're actually pretty good if I do say so myself. Also, if anyone has any lines from anything they want iconed, please tell me...
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Why is this night different from all other nights?
Because several wierd/interesting/cool things happened today, and I remembered them all to blog about them!

So the first different thing didn't happen until school was over, I get my books and stuff, I leave out the front entrance, and Jenny ([profile] _loudnproud_) and Rebecca are waiting outside for me! So I felt all loved and stuff, and we even managed to get on the right bus, even though the bus system is screwed up during the first week of school. So that rocked.

Then I got home, went on my internets, and it turns out people loved my icons, despite the fact that I made so many of them, and that I had a whole shitload of notes before them! So that always rocks for me.

After that, I had my singing lesson, and I forgot the money to pay Lynn with. Because I'm just that smart. However, I am lucky enough to have one of the awesomest vocal teachers ever in her, and she said that I can just pay her twice next week.

Lastly, tonight during dinner, we had a whole Talk with my brother about condoms, abortions and teenage pregnacy. It was actually incredibly funny watching him squirm, and try to make jokes but being unable to speak at all.... I'm a terrible person for that, aren't I?
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I just finished a whole crapload of icons and posted them to [profile] avatar_fans. So go see them, since they rock. Just for those of you who want to know, a crapload is a little more than an assload, but a little less than a shitload.

And today was the second day of school. It was the day when the excitement of the first day of school is over, but you're not used to the whole school-times yet, so I was basically asleep on my feet today. Well, more like asleep on my behind since I was sitting most of the day (it is school after all), but you get the idea. I was going to start My Life in 5 Minutes up again, but then I realized that the school day is too long to have enough exciting and funny things for a parody. Hm, let me rephrase that. Nothing really happens in most periods of the day, so there would really be nothing to put into a parody.

And I'm going to talk to Mr. Gilbert about starting a school show with Rhonda on Monday, so that's pretty cool. I would do it sooner, but I have to catch the Bronx Science bus. But that's only for the first week, so after that I'm free to talk with them.

And I got so bored in homeroom, I started writing a Teoph fanfic. I'll post it when I'm done, if you want to read the awfulness of it...
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Countdowns: (well, it's really just countdown now...)
Avatar The Last Airbender Book 3 Fire, Chapter 1 The Awakening: 21 days!!!

So the Yankee game today was amazing. It was everything a Yankee game should be, starting with we kicked ass (although we were playing the Devil Rays, so you kinda hope we do beat the worst team in baseball) and ending with... well, it doesn't end. It was just an awesome game.

And I made more icons today. You can see them at [profile] avatar_fans. :D

Yeah, my life's fairly dull right now...
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Yankees game with Zija: 2 days
ATLA, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 1 The Awakening: 23 days

So school actually starts on the 4th, not the 5th. Fun.

Nothing much actually happened today. I had my singing lesson, and people still like my icons. That's really just about it. I'll almost definately have something to write about tomorrow though.

Until then, here's this. You actually don't really have to know Avatar to get it, but if you do, it's that much funnier. Either way, it's one of the funniest videos I've ever seen on youtube:

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Yankee game with Zija: 3 days
ATLA Book 3 Chapter 1 The Awakening (I think): 23 days
My birthday: Oh, screw this. A really long time from now.

So RENT was amazing. I loved it. I can totally see why everyone was obsessed with it in 8th grade, and why Becca's still obsessed with it. It was so cool, because after the show was over, I went to the stage door with Iliza and a whole throng of other teenage girls and waited, and got Anthony Rapp's autograph!! It totally rocked.
Also, Iliza and I have decided that one of us needs to throw a reunion for our cast sometime soon, and we'll all watch Rocky Horror. It's our cast's movie, so we totally have to see it.

In other news, more icons up on avatar_fans, these are from The Fortuneteller, which I love for it's Kataangy-ness.

Also, if you haven't already noticed, I've completely remastered my journal, so I have an awesome backround and emotions things. Just thought I'd point it out.
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In other news, I love it when people love my icons. It makes me feel so loved. Go to the community [profile] avatar_fansand you'll see my icons there.
And that's basically it for my life. Yeah, I'm having another one of those weeks where I'm around and no one else is... [profile] _loudnproud_ is in New Mexico, [profile] nature_gurlis on a cruise somewhere, and everyone else is busy. Because that's just the story of my life... oh well. I'll live. Meanwhile, if anyone is at home, please feel free to contact me... I am just that bored.
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Whoever came up with the idea of finals should die a long, horrible, painful death. That should be fairly self-explanatory.
And today was not my day. For example: I used a tote bag to take my stuff to school today, because I don't need my full bookbag, only a few essentials, and I didn't remember why I don't usually use that bag until after I got on the bus, and the strap broke. So naturally I'm stuck hauling around a tote bag that has one decent strap, while I'm holding onto the other. Big surprise with my kind of luck. Then, just now, I was trying to comment on a friend's post, but my comment was really long, and then my internet screwed up, so I had to write it out to post it three different times. It took over twenty minutes, which is especially a lot because of my timer. 
It wasn't all bad though... during my English final (which was incredibly easy, at least for me, although I kind of expect that now with Ms. Cochin) Ms. Cochin gave us all Hershey kisses, which always rocks, and for my Spanish final I had Mr. Rockfeld as a proctor. Plus, after Spanish, which I finished with about a half hour to spare, I had time to read my new FoxTrot collection book thingy: "Orlando Bloom Has Ruined Everything" which after several readings is still funny, so much so that I put the Lord of the Rings section on my wall. Of course, I really only could do that because of one of my fansites which had it on there, but still... so life could be worse.

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