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So it's December 1st. I finally finished NaNoWriMo. Classes are ending. And what's the first thing I do?

Create a new RP journal for my Juliet muse. ([ profile] capuletgirl, if any of you are interested~) In all likelihood, she's going into Paradisa.

I so don't have time for this. I technically only may make the activity check for November (although that was a special case of a month, I'm almost always much more active than I have been...) and I have finals and everything, but... I'm still doing it. I JUST LOVE THIS SERIES TOO MUCH.

Also... I'm considering dropping Maya from GMSN. I don't know for certain yet, but... I'm not nearly as active with her as I should be, and... I dunno. I won't do anything hasty or anything... but I dunno. It's just something that's been going through my head recently.

Also, I gotta get a Black Butler cosplay together. Soon. There's apparantly gonna be a screening of the first six episodes, dubbed, in New York, after I come back for the holidays, and said screening will include a cosplay contest... but I don't have a Black Butler cosplay yet!!

I'm getting back into a Black Butler phase, by the way. Just thought you all should know. Because of the dub. And Sebastian. And the prospect of future Ciel, despite canon... because damn, just imagine him older. I know that he's young now, but... he will be fine when he is older. And... Black Butler. I may or may not be listening to the OST now. By which I mean, I'm listening to the OST now.  XD

I had something more substantial to say here, but I forgot it. So I'm gonna go now. Ehehe.  ^_^;;
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You know, I think I'm starting to get a bit of a fangirl crush on Hershel Layton. Not as much as the one I have on, say, Phoenix Wright. But Layton's really not all that bad~

Also... you know, I really miss PWDR. It was my first RP, and then, just... the community built up there was amazing. My "twin" Maya. Hobo!Miles. The Dahlia who killed Maya... and who Maya even killed in turn. The multitudes of karaoke rooms and bars. Any and all of your muses, Jonesy. Just... everything about it was so wonderful, and I miss it.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm not having fun over at Para, because I so, so am. I just miss my first.

Lastly, apropos of nothing, but... I love you, you know. In an actual, real way. And I wish I could tell you, but... I'm far too much of a coward to do it. I like our relationship as it is, and I don't want to ruin that. And besides, even if I did tell you... and even if you felt the same way, what could become of it? It would be really difficult to be together like I would kill for us to be. I know it's impossible. But I think about you all the time, every day. And I want you, more than you know. And I love you.

...God, I'm such a cliche. XD
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God, I'm so bored. WTF is this shit.

Sylvia (my old computer) is making it ridiculously difficult to upload my Otakon pics. I would transfer them over to Alphonse (my new computer) but... even THAT takes too long (when I finally do transfer files over from Sylvia to Alphonse, it'll literally take two days) and the files are too big to put on a USB drive and transfer over manually. Well, not too big, but there are too many of them...

Whatever. What I'm trying to say here is... WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG FOR ME TO UPLOAD MY OTAKON PICS? Oh, right. Because my old computer sucks. I'm so glad I have Alphonse now.

I should be working on Fullmusical Alchemist. But I have no idea what to do with the Lab 5 arc. I mean, I kind of do, but... ugh, it's so long and annoying. Even if I'm making it leagues shorter... nonetheless, I don't like it. And I'd cut it out entirely, but it's just way too important.  :/


...She's still not going. I swear, she's stuck her head in the oven.  =|

......Oh right, I have my Paradisa app to work on. I did promise, after all. That's something to do. I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE THIS, JONESY.
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...You know, you would think that preparing for a class project where I get to be a lawyer would be more fun. But no. It's really not. After hours of working on my 20 minute (20 minute!!) opening statement, I now get to move on to my 3-4 page paper, 1.5 spaced, 12 pt font. *sighs* The worst part is that it's really my own fault. I've had this for ages. I just... didn't work on it. It really is my own fault. I hate it when that happens.

On the bright side... [ profile] acedressing  [ profile] acedressing  [ profile] acedressing . Why yes, that IS a new Ace Attorney Dressing Room, much like the one I got my start RPing in~!

And finally, although they do not give us voices, they DO give us a date for... 

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Yay, meme time!! (aka, yay, me procrastinating on my Brandeis Wait List essay time!!)

♪ If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.
Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you. HAHA YEAH RIGHT. I TAG EVERYONE. AND NO ONE. WHY? BECAUSE I'M A MAVERICK. (Apparantly unlike John McCain now...  XD)

Cut to save your flists~ )

...Wow. That took longer than I'd thought... also, flocked now. Just in case.  XD
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Did anyone see last night's (Wednesday night's) Daily Show with Jon Stewart? The whole thing about the Representitive being on Glenn Beck was just beautiful. Just sayin'.

I would say that Soul Eater needs to stop eating my brain. But... I can't really make myself think or believe that, to be honest.  XD

I feel a bit weird though. I haven't RPed in... ages. Several weeks at least. Save for GMSN, but... I don't know. I love RP, I do!! I just... I've been watching new animes instead, and I've gotten exposed to new things that I've been loving (obviously,) I've watched some of the series that my friends have been incessantly pressuring me to watch... and I'm not held to the... I don't know, I'm not tied to my tags. I don't have the obligation to go online and respond now because so-and-so is expecting a response right now at this minute. I may or may not go back and play some characters over at [ profile] dear_mun, but... it's been nice, being more productive on actual projects I want to get done, going on Facebook and talking to my friends more... I guess what I'm saying is, I've enjoyed being me more recently than I have being someone else.

I've been playing piano more recently too. Like, I've been trying to learn how to play this piece better, from Romeo X Juliet- it's just so pretty!! ...Yes, I play anime music. Or at least, I try to. But then also... I also got a new songbook (8D !!) and... in addition to singing the songs in it, I've also been trying to play the songs themselves. I always at least play the chords, but the legit songs themselves as well... I'm not very good at it yet. But I'm trying~

Also, a small con but the first one of the con season in on Saturday- SpringFEST!! I'll probably wear Misa... but I'm really excited. Yay cons!!  8D

Lastly... a number of people on my flist have been feeling badly recently. I won't say who, or why or anything of that nature... but I just want to make sure that you all know that I love you, and that if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always right here for you~ Not just those of you dealing with hard times too- all of you. I just wanted to make sure you all know that. Because it's true.
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Rah. I am so inexplicably tired and... mmm. I dunno. I just. Don't know. I clearly need some sugar.

Is, like, EVERYONE getting snow outside of New York? You're all getting snow and I am SO envious because all we're getting is bitter, disgusting cold and I highly disapprove of it.

I dunno though. It could be worse... but it could be a helluvalot better.

And I came to an important realization the other day. As much as I've bitched about not having a boyfriend and not feeling loved and stuff... I've realized. I am loved... and I don't really want a boyfriend. I want someone to cuddle with sometimes, and maybe occasionally makeout with because kisses (what little I've had of them) are nice, but... I like being free. And single. I like being able to flirt with whoever I want, with not having to feel awkward about liking actors or fictional characters... I've said it before, but now I actually believe it. I like being single. What I want is more of a... friend with benefits, I guess. It'd be nice to have someone to snuggle, but... I want a friend more than a boy/girlfriend. Well, I have friends. But it'd be awkward if I just snuggled up to some of them sometimes.  XD

Also? I'm having an amazing time RPing Misa over at dndressingroom. I forgot just how fun and awesome single-fandom Dressing Rooms can be. So I'm gonna go back to that now. And have super awesome fun tiemz. If any of the rest of you RP Death Note, you should totally come over there too. We don't have ANY of Matsuda! Well, any of any of the Japanese Task Force, and this is not okay. We do have a Beyond Birthday though.  8D
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*sighs* I am so weak. I mean, I pretty much am her and all, and I've had the muse running around in my headspace for a while, and I've been thinking about Death Note so much recently, and I thought I could contain it, but... [ profile] dndressingroom. I am so weak. And I love it.  XD

Also... I just realized, I don't think I ever mentioned... I finished my Misa cosplay.

Oh, and... last Saturday was our meetup day for International Matt and Mello Day. It wasn't the actual day of- that was yesterday. But not everyone could meet up on a Tuesday, so several of us got together and had a meetup. We chilled for a while and everything, went to the M&Ms store and Hershey store in Times Square, then had a photoshoot of our own, and it was pretty epic.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. I just felt like I should share before I go into a deep depression tomorrow~
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((ooc: You know who just got a plot for her NaNoWriMo novel today? I DID!! It finally came to me... it certainly took long enough, and it waited until practically the last minute to do it, but... well, isn't that just like me?  XD

But I could use your guys' help in getting the voice down for another one of my characters... help a girl out? It's basically the same thing as the last one, except with a different character this time.))

*A door slammed open out of nowhere, and Andrew ran in. Not even realizing that he's not where he's supposed to be.*

I am so sorry I'm late!! I know I promised I'd be on time this time, but there was this thing at the school...

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((ooc: So NaNoWriMo is in 10 days and... well, I have my setting together awesomely, but... I have no real plot. And I don't know my main characters that well either, so... I figured I can at least try to change one of those things.

Basically, would some of you/any of you/all of you be willing to RP any of your characters with me, as I play my main character? I want to get a better grasp on her voice, and I figure that the best way to do that is by... actually using her voice. You can use any muse that you want, or if you really want to be awesome, more than one? I just... need to figure out how she'll respond to different people.

By the way, this is a Dressing Room setting, but the room itself is just a regular lounge. I just wanted to make it a Dressing Room in case they want to go and... I dunno, play tennis or something. Oh, and this would be her intro.))

*With a carefully constructed "I don't give a shit" look on her face and her hands in her baggy sweatshirt pockets, Jessica walked into the room, looking more at the floor than the lockers and doorways around her and the staring classmates in the classroom she just left. Which makes one think she'd have seen the chair in her path before she tripped over it considering how it was sitting there on the floor, but she found herself trying not to look embarassed as she picked herself up from the ground after doing just that anyway.*

What the fuck... what idiot puts a chair right in the middle of the fucking hallway...

...the fuck? They better not try to bitch me out for not going to the office now.
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"I can't stop thinking about her and when I see her I get this wierd feeling in my stomach and I know it's her fault that bitch!!!"


So. School started today. I have an awesome schedule. (Yes. It is indeed "TOTALLY AWESOME!!") I literally only really have one class, because I'm not really going to count creative writing as a class so I have...

Diagnosing Disease w/ Mr. Holmes- This one is pretty awesome, firstly because Mr. Holmes is a great teacher (I had him sophomore year for Chemistry, and... he's just a great teacher) and because the class itself seems interesting... even if he said we're not going to do exotic diseases like on House- it'll all be things like the flu... at least then I know it's really never Lupus!
Criminal Law and Forensics w/ Ms. Peterson- I've... never had Ms. Peterson for a class, but I know her, and she's pretty cool. Also, CRIMINAL LAW. I'll be making Ace Attorney references the whole way through and it'll be... *ahem* TOTALLY AWESOME. (Hey, I have the opening song stuck in my head. It's not my fault.)
Creative Writing w/ Mr. Murphy- I've never had Mr. Murphy, and I've heard... mixed things about him, but I know how to act around teachers to get them to like me, so I should be alright. Besides, it's writing so it should all be okay.
Current Events w/ Mr. Evans- I've never had him for a class, but I've been with him on several school trips so we actually know each other. Plus, it's current events- all debate and discussion about stuff going on today, and there are literally 7 people in the class. SEVEN.
Government w/ Mr. Thoman- I had Mr. Thoman for AP World History and I did pretty well in that, and I know that Mr. Thoman really likes me... plus, government is another class made of debate and everything- this'll be easy.
Pre-Calculus w/ Mr. Sacchini- I've only had him for my study period last year, but he knows me, and besides- it's math. If I only have one real class this semester, I'm glad it's math- it's one of my favorite subjects. It just... makes sense. I guess I'm a little Sho Minamimoto that way...
Health w/ Mr. Blitz- I'm still kinda... surprised that this is required of me, considering how I'm, you know, a SENIOR and all, but... eh. DON'T HAVE SEX OR YOU WILL GET PREGNANT. AND DIE. There- that's pretty much the entire course.
And then, my college class is... Music Theory- the biggest variable in my schedule because I don't know the professor, and I already missed the first three classes... BUT THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO IF MY PARENTS DECIDE TO DRAG ME OFF TO BOSTON...! But yes. I'm glad I'm taking it though... it's just something I need to know.

Anyway... I'm going to go on and RP now, because I haven't done that in ages, and I really need to get back to the Trail... ehehe...  ^_^;;
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The Phantom is literally the sexiest guy in all of theater and no one can tell me otherwise. I only wish I knew someone to be the Phantom to my Christine...  ;;

So. I leave for Boston in about an hour and forty five minutes, where I will be completely internet-deprived save for what I can get on my phone. So when I once again fall over a week behind on my flist... I'm sorry!! I can respond to comments here though, if you want to talk. I also have my AIM through my phone, so if anyone wants it, it's playerarthoniel. Just let me know who you are when you say hi~

I also joined GMSN. It's basically the Ace Attorney MSN RP group. And it's pretty awesome. Three guesses as to who I am there~ Yeah, one of my friends plays Ron and Godot there, and the Maya wasn't very active, so when her account was taken off (seriously, if you're part of the group, unless you say otherwise somewhere, you should at least be able to sign on once a week) she pulled some strings, got me a reserve, and now I'm Maya! It's really pretty awesome... and I think others with MSN can talk to me as Maya too~ I'm not entirely sure of the details though, but you can certainly message me OOC on MSN- I'm there.  :D

Well. I suppose I better say goodbye- I'm still leaving soon, and I'm not entirely packed...  ;;
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How come almost all of the characters I currently/used to RP are either dead or are very closely connected with the dead? I mean, I have/had Maya, AU Maya Edgeworth, Eden, Shiki... and now I'm RPing Maya on the MSN Ace Attorney RP. Was that the brightest move I could have made, signing up for that? No. No it was not. Will I do it and love it anyway? Absolutely.

...Fandom is taking over my life in ways I never would have believed. People can't say "hold it" when they want me to wait for them anymore without me giggling, and asking them to present evidence if they've even heard of Ace Attorney. One of the answers in the crossword in todays New York Times crossword puzzle was "Eureka". I can't even flip on the light anymore without wondering "if I flip the switch, will it turn Light on?" and I'm always so happy when the answer is yes... I think I need more of a life. But this one is so fun!!  XD

So, on a much more serious note, my great aunt's in the hospital. I mean, you would think that when a 94 year old woman is leaning on the open car door of a taxi while her 50-something year old relative is getting her walker out of the trunk (something that the cabbies are supposed to help with, by the way, which this guy was not), you would notice a) one of the doors on your cab is open, and b) A 94 YEAR OLD WOMAN IS LEANING ON IT, and you WOULDN'T START JUST DRIVING OFF AFTER YOUR TRUNK WAS CLOSED. Leaving my great aunt to fall to the ground, breaking her wrist so she has to stay in the hospital. For days, and at least one full one of those is without proper pain medication. Geez... I don't even know.

Hotmail is also being fucked up as I try to sign up for an account there, but I don't have the heart to complain about that too...

So instead I'll just end with how awesome it is that I have a friend coming in tomorrow from New Jersey so we can finally chill for the first time since AnimeNEXT, and we'll probably go see Avenue Q, assuming we can get the tickets. Which should be AMAZING, especially considering how we both already know the soundtrack~
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Wow... I had so much stuff to post about, and then... I forgot most of it...  ^_^;;

So, guess what I'll be doing the weekend of Otakon?? I'll be visiting a college I'm only marginally interested in while staying in a hotel room with my parents so I'll be staying up all night... unable to fall asleep because my dad snores so loudly. That is not how I wanted to stay up all night that weekend...

But there. Why rant? Instead I'll talk about how awesome [info]theoregontrail is. I mean, I am such a 90's kid in that I remember and love The Oregon Trail videogames, and absolutely adored Computers in elementary school just because I got to play it then. I even became a Monitor for after school Computers so I could play it more. ...And then my brother went and scratched up my copy of Oregon Trail II, making it significantly harder to play, but... it's still awesome!!

I think I need to stop hanging around so much. I got an account there and all, and... I can't stop going on!! I think I have a problem...  ^_^;;

Sarah Palin resigned the governorship of Alaska. All I want to know is... when she leaves the governor's mansion, will she still be able to see Russia from her house? I'M SORRY. IT WAS TOO EASY.

And. Um. There's going to be a new Secret Life of Dolls up soon!! I've just been... lazy recently.

Gah. You know the moment I log off or something, I'm going to remember 20 or so things I wanted to post about. So for now, I'll just stop... and hopefully I'll remember them and post about them later...  XD

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...How am I already so exhausted? It's not even Monday yet!! I call shenanigans. Something has to be up here.

And I haven't been on RP in forever... I blame APs. They are evil and want to kill me. Literally. Even if I'm done with the AP US History, and I only have the AP English Language and Composition to go... ugh. On the bright side, I shouldn't have much after they're all done and I've recovered, so... yay? I do feel bad though... I hope I'm not missing anything major there...

And... I got someone new for Secret Life of Dolls!! But I won't say who. All I'll say is that I love him. He's so very adorable, the way he's made.  XD

And, uh... I'm going to go to bed now, and pray I have the strength to RP tomorrow... I mean, I seriously haven't logged on to anyone recently...
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So, guess who just spent nearly an hour doing 100 questions for U.S. History? YEP YOU GUESSED RIGHT IT'S ME. God... I cannot wait until May 8, mostly for Star Trek, but also because that's when the U.S. History AP exam is, and my workload will lighten up DRAMATICALLY.

Beyond that... remember that Data muse I was thinking about making earlier? Er... I'm making him right after I log out of this account. Also... I may be putting Maya Edgeworth on hold. I mean, even I'm accepting that [ profile] pwdressingroom isn't really going to relive it's former glory again... but I don't really want to put an AU into a panfandom game... don't know about regular Maya though. On one hand, I kinda want to put her into [ profile] 8_dressing, on the other... I don't need even more RP in my life right now. Well, no. I do, but I don't have time for it.  XD

By the way... I've been thinking of making a post of all my RP muses. And cosplays. Just to, you know, have it.

And uh... YES!! Working on my Shiki cosplay!! It's... actually coming along pretty well!! I pretty much suck at making the hoodie part of it, but beyond that... it's not bad! Still need to cut and dye my wig... which I'm really not looking forward to. I've found a few tutorials for dyeing online (none for cutting a wig though... if anyone knows of a good one, help??) so it's not so much "HOW DO I DO IT??" it's more... I just feel uncomfortable permanently altering something like a wig, knowing how much I paid for it, and knowing that if I screw up... I can't exactly take it back. Gah.

Butbutbut- I'm also planning an Italy cosplay!! And it should be fun. Just to go into the food court at the Javits Center, have the people there ask what I want, and I respond "PASTAAAAAAAAA!!!!" And then they look at me and say "This place is full of freaks this weekend. What kind?"

Wow, this post was actually much longer than I expected... but I'm done now. Really. You can return to your previously scheduled programming.  XD
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...I'm collecting icons for a Data muse.


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