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I finally updated all of my music on Alphonse (my computer) and put the new iTunes on Alexander (my iPod). It's weird... I found that I have all of this music I didn't even know I had! Songs like Stairway to Heaven are on my computer... and I have no memory of buying or downloading them. I mean, I'm not complaining! They were probably just on some giftmix that a friend gave me and I forgot about... but nonetheless.

Also, I forgot to mention... I'm employed! On Friday of AnimeNEXT I got a call from AMC Theatres at 68th street, I went in for an interview on Monday... and this coming Monday, I start training to be part of the Film Crew at my favorite movie theatre! I'm pretty excited. I'll actually have money!  8D

I finally got to go fabric shopping yesterday, so I've been sewing a ton yesterday and today, to the point where I would say that the main part of my Ginny Weasley cosplay is done by this point~ I'm pretty pleased... it's gonna look pretty good, too!

I had other stuff I wanted to post about, but I forgot it. Back to more sewing, I suppose!
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all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire."
"You are a daughter of kings. A shield maiden of Rohan. I do not think that will be your fate."
Hell, I would fall for Aragorn there too. Just sayin'. He could not have said anything more perfect to her right there.

So. Um. Guys suck and are made of such massive fail, especially when they insist on never opening up ever about anything. Oh, and ignoring everyone around them... like, refusing to even acknowledge their presence. Even when they're having an emotional crisis in the laundry room, and they're the only one there and there's no damn way they could have missed it but they just chose to stand there with their fucking headphones listening to music and ignoring me I mean what the hell is his problem.

...Um. Guys suck. And sometimes I feel like I picked the wrong guy to have a crush on.  DX

So... two of my friends left campus today, and I am going to miss them. A lot. I'll get to see them again over February break, but the missing them will still be there. A lot.

By the way, I'm just chilling here, in front of my computer, eating the New York pizza my friends brought me (even cold, it's better than the crap they serve here!) at about 1:30 in the morning. Fun times!

Ooh, so I went to the thrift store in Waltham on Saturday. And I came back to school with a really super cute denim skirt, a little cello figurine/music box for my dad, and a really gorgeous prom/formal dress that looks amazing on me that's barely even damaged (it IS a thrift store, after all)... and I got it all for only $15. I love everything.  :D


...Right. I can clearly no longer brain. I think it's time for me to go now.
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I need a hug. Musical theater today was good, but the rest of the day was kind of crap. We had some guitarist guy come in for assembly since the mask people couldn't fly in because of the blackouts and all, Sr. Chorus was... Sr. Chorus, and I couldn't swim during swim today. Then, when I got home today, the shorts that I ordered came, but apparantly a Delia's 4 is a every-other-store-in-the-world's 0. And above all that, I'm still confused about who I like and all. So I got home, got mom's permission to get money from our emergency fund and Jeffery's drawer and I went shopping at the new Strawberry in my area. Naturally, everything there is also super-tight, but I was still able to get two pairs of shorts for $15 each, and I'm going to a mall over the weekend, so all is good. Plus, I went to get the pictures from my Birthday/Graduation/Thank-Goodness-We-Made-It-Through-9th-Grade-Alive Party, and they were pretty good, so I'll be posting them on one of my Internet pages soon.
Also, I'm happy because I think I did really well in the reading auditions at camp. I can't speak for the singing or dancing auditions, because they happen tomorrow, but so far as acting goes, I think I'm alright.
One thing did annoy me just now though. I was checking my MySpace, and people keep posting bulletins saying how abortion is wrong and everything. Those people are entitled to thier beliefs, but when they are raped in a dark alley somewhere, I want to see thier opinions then. Not that they necesarily are going to be, but for all thier talk about how it's wrong and all, they seem to be forgetting about the creeps and assholes that wander everywhere, looking for thier next victim.

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Happiness is: having all the time in the world after finals to do nothing.
So the shopping outlet yesterday was kind of lame. I guess I should have expected it though, it is an outdoor mall and it was very hot yesterday. Plus, although it is one of those places where chain stores sell thier stuff that didn't sell in their regular stores for less, I shouldn't exactly have expected a LeSportsac bag to be less than fifty dollars.
On the bright side though, West Point was really interesting, the tour bus that took us around the campus was air conditioned and at the point itself there is a spectacular view of the Hudson River and it's surrounding hills. It was really cool, but I was just disappointed that there wasn't anything cool in the gift shop, like a fake sword to go with my Renaissance Fair costume. Oh well... I shall live. 

(wait three seconds for the frames to change; think Shrek 2)

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So today for Father's Day we're going to rent a car and go to West Point and then we're going shopping! I know that sounds lame, especially since I live in New York, but there are no malls here and I'm a girl who will go shopping just about anywhere regardless of what is nearby me. Plus, prices are bound to be way lower there than here in Manhattan.


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