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New York is literally the single greatest place in the world. It really just is.

Also, no. The fact that I'm technically an adult now isn't a reason to not continue to play with dolls and action figures. As proven by the fact that I still get plenty of fun out of my Star Trek, Twilight (yes, I do own them) and Hetalia action figures and dolls.

Hey, do any of you remember that "Secret Life of Dolls" thing I did a while back? The one that was totally ripped off of cleolinda, but I still did it because I like taking pictures of my action figures as if they're doing things in real life... anyone remember those? Did you like them? Is it worth taking up again? Because I would totally do that. Even if it would totally freak out my roommates.  XD

...I should really update my tags on here and stuff. But... eh. Work. I'll deal with it later.  XD

Lastly, finally, and awesomely, I've finally uploaded my New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest pics. Come have a look! (That link should be public... if it's not, let me know, and I'll upload the best of them here~)
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So... I went to an advance screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse tonight. (Hey, the tickets were free.)

It actually wasn't entirely awful. It wasn't OMG THE BESTEST MOVIE EVER, but... it wasn't too bad. Bullet points time!

In which I refuse to mindlessly bash anything Twilight. Also, some slight spoilers here, if you care. )

Overall... it's aiight. If you're a fan of the series, it's worth seeing, and if you get the opportunity to see it for cheap/free, it's worth seeing. (I.e., when it comes on TV in a few months.) But... well, I'll let you make up your own mind. It's not a great film. But, overall, it's not a terrible one either.

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Previously, on Secret Life of Dolls...

Surprisingly enough, not much has changed. It might be having something to do with the fact that Edward doesn't sleep, and therefore doesn't really need a place to sleep or a Shelf to stay on or whatever, but he's... been getting by. And then Will, Data and Japan are running the Shelf like a real Star Fleet ship. They don't have that much to do, since there isn't anything that'll really lead to universal doom here... but they're doing various things- scientific missions and whatnot. I never thought there was so much to learn about my radiator... but it's occupied them for a solid month.

Meanwhile, Edward has clearly been getting more and more bored. You can tell by what he's been doing in his now endless amounts of free time. I'll wake up one day to find a stack of papers that was a mess the night before be all neat. One day I woke up to find my pens lined up in size and color order. Or another day I woke up to find all my music CDs (yes, I do still have some of those) organized in the order of when they came out by year, then what was his preference in that time frame. And he's been practicing with Data's violin too (although I'm not sure whether or not he has his permission to do it...) so the other day he was just standing by the window, looking out on the New York City street, playing Bella's Lullaby perfectly.

Then yesterday, he was looking outside the window again (I think the windowsill is his favorite place in my room), when, out of nowhere, Japan walked up to him.

Japan "...Mr. Cullen?"
The irony that someone was watching Edward this time, instead of the other way around, was not lost on me. )
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Previously, on Secret Life of Dolls...

Edward was by the window (it was a cloudy day, so no sparkle) when Will began dragging in the command chair. He was preoccupied as Japan noticed what was going on, and then alerted Data, who quickly went over to help Will move the chair. He was otherwise engaged as the command chair was set up on the Shelf. But when he tried to go over to the Shelf to... not sleep, but relax, and was stopped by Riker telling him he needed to ask for permission to board the Shelf, he was more than a little curious as to what was going on.

Edward "Well, I am... more than a little curious. What exactly is going on?"

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Previously, on Secret Life of Dolls…

So now that Data’s “protecting” Japan (although Japan has more than shown he can take care of himself) the Shelf has returned to normal. And it’s peaceful and quiet and nice… and then someone knocks on the door.

“Come in!!”

And… nobody enters. In fact, the door doesn’t even open. And, in my annoyance, I go over to the door to tell whoever it was out there off for not saying anything… and no one’s there. And then I look down.

Ah. Did you... want me to attack him? )
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Previously, on Secret Life of Dolls...

I ran to shut the window as Edward and Data fought. In hindsight, I probably should have, you know, stopped them from fighting first or something, but... well, you know what they say, hindsight is 20/20. In my own defense, I didn't exactly want another breeze rolling in and tempting Edward again.

And that is when I realized that I will only ever be surrounded by cold, calculating people. )
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Edward and Data were getting along... better. Not as perfectly as they used to, but at least now Edward isn't running away from Data all the time, screaming about how Data can't understand how it feels, and generally being ridiculous. He's still a drama queen king and misses Bella, but... well, that's actually kinda understandable. I mean, missing the love of your existance? Yeah, that's kinda a valid reason to be sad. But they've been getting along better, and Data has even been teaching Edward to play the violin! (Pictures avaliable upon request.) And... well, it hurts the ears to hear him play, but I want to encourage good behaviour from him. And then he turns to me out of the blue while practicing.

Edward "Well, of course I sound like a beginner! I am a beginner! Although the part about cat nails scratching a blackboard is entirely unnecissary."


Data "I have no record of her saying anything recently in my memory banks."

Edward "But I clearly just heard you say.... Unless... but I can't hear either your or Data's thoughts..."

And then the door opened, and in walked...

I have been here all of five minutes, and already my honor has been destroyed... )
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So, last time you saw our little dolls, Edward was being all *angsty*, and Data was being all "...Interesting."

What I hadn't noticed? Spot was being all *missing*.

You're 104 and yet you're so immature!! )
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It's been a few days since Edward threw his original temper tantrum about how Data was obviously insulting him, saying that he can control himself while with another girl, and Edward can't. I'd tried a few times to calm Edward down, but... no. So instead, I tried talking to Data. At least when Edward runs away, Data can catch him.

I brought up the subject while we were both at my desk, looking at the new Star Trek dolls that... I think Playmates is putting out.

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Mmkay, first things first.

YOU GUYS ARE SO VERY, VERY AWESOME. I love you all- you helped me out so much yesterday when I was feeling badly... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Also... I just had one of the most awesome trips to Barnes & Nobles EVER today. I was there, and I saw (and bought) the Twilight movie (I know, I feel like such a failed Twihard for not having gotten it before...), the second book in the Beka Cooper series by Tamora Pierce, Bloodhound, and the Star Trek prequel to the movie!! I was actually so happy when I really looked in the last one- I knew it existed, and I'd seen it before, but I wasn't sure whether or not I actually wanted to spend the money for it... and then I looked inside, and saw that it involved something truly awesome with my favorite Star Trek character ever. And that's all I'll say on it- I don't want to spoil you guys~~ Also, because I haven't read it yet...  ^_^;;

Oh, and as soon as I finish with this, I'm putting up a new Secret Life of Dolls. So... uh... sorry to spam you guys, but... yay it's back?


House spoilers!! Again... )
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So. When we last left them, Edward and Data were getting along awesomely. They'd talked about thier pasts, where they were from... it was really kinda nice. I started to sense a certain... annoyance in Edward though, so I pulled him aside to ask him about it.

"Edward... you okay? You seem kind of... annoyed, almost."

Edward "I'm fine, thank you for asking."

"... Let me rephrase. What's wrong? I may be just a human, but I can tell when something's wrong, you know."

Edward "Data is... it's like he doesn't have any emotions!!"

"Uh... that's because... he doesn't."

He's just too adorable, all embarassed like this... I must find a way to cuddle him sometime soon )
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Okay so, not gonna lie, I was starting to feel a little sorry for Data. I know he doesn't have emotions and such, but... it's got to get boring up there on the Shelf, all alone. And, him being Data, by this point he'd already processed all of my DVDs, my music collection, and my library, and could tell me anything and everything about all of it. (And it's really kinda sad that he has a better internet connection through himself than I do through my computer.)

Granted, it was kind of nice when he played music for me as I did my homework...

...but it was also kinda because he didn't have much else to do.

Luckily, someone new came along.


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