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What Else Can We Talk About Besides Mad Libs and Menstrual Blood?

...I already promised a friend that, when I first released an autobiography of my infinately interesting life, that would be the title. Because it's a quote from an actual conversation I've had, and it's so awesome, I couldn't not.

So... I'm kind of in the process of discovering Arithmancy. It's not... I mean, I don't really believe that the numbers dictate who you are, but... it is an interesting and fun way of thinking about parts of your existing personality that you hadn't really considered before. And then seeing where the numbers do match up. For instance, using my real name, I'm a 3. The name Arthoniel is also a 3. New York is a 3. One of the people I kind of have a crush on right now is a 3. Both of my parents are 2s. (If you couldn't already tell, you're more compatible with someone who shares your character number.) And it's kinda fun, just doing that, and seeing what does and doesn't match up~ I wanna try working on personality profiles and things next, just to see how accurate it can be. If you want me to do one for you too, just let me know, and give me the name you want me to work with- we can do it in a PM, should you prefer~

Lastly... I've noticed that a lot of my friends, particularly here on LJ, have been going through some tough times, recently. And I'm sorry... and if there's anything I can do to make you guys feel any better, just let me know, mmkay?

Also, if you're into voice actors like I am... check it out. It's kind of beautiful.  XD
And if you're not, but you ARE into musicals/Disney/things that are awesome... this is more the thing for you~
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I could keep going in this vein, but I think I ought to stop here and now.  XD

...The best part? That's all off the top of my head. I could keep going without checking the actual lyrics, too. Because this (and all of The Lonely Island's stuff) is on my iPod.

A life? What's that?

ANYWAY. Um. I would have more of a substantial post, but... 2 AM. That's kind of now. And I'm waking up at 9 AM. So I'd better get to sleep.  ^_^;;
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...Most of the time, I don't think it really matters what happens after I die. The way I figure it is... I'm gonna live my life the same way regardless of what happens to us after death, so it shouldn't affect me now. It's not something I have any control over or any way of knowing, so why waste my time with it?

That being said, when I do think about it, I like to believe in reincarnation. Any scientific reason for this? No, absolutely not. As I just said, it doesn't really matter what happens to me after death, so I might as well just pick the theory that comforts me the most. And the idea of reincarnation comforts me the most. Life is just such a wonderful thing... I would hate for this to be it. For this to be the one time we get to experience everything, and that's it. So I believe in reincarnation. It makes me the most comfortable with... everything.

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YES. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. YES. YES. Yes, I do indeed find it very, very hard. For several reasons.
One is that I prefer to keep things to myself. For the most part, I have realized that people don't really care about my thoughts and feelings. Not that they don't like me, they'd just rather have my conversation than my feelings. They're not my personal therapists. And people would always rather say the word "I" than hear it.

Two is that I'm just a stoic to begin with. I'm usually just good at hiding my emotions. Actually, that comes out of a book... for the rest of you who have read Tamora Pierce's Protector of the Small quartet, I was always really intrigued by the Yamani, and when I was younger, I wanted to see if I could hide my emotions entirely like they do. I don't actively try to hide my emotions anymore, but I just kind of keep them to myself naturally.

Three is that I like keeping control over myself. And when I have to share something important, especially when it's emotional, I inherantly lose some of that control, and that scares me. I mean, I try to keep iron control over myself, and losing any of that is really... just... no. I don't... can't do it.

Lastly, I feel like... there's always at least a part of me I keep hidden away inside myself, because I don't want anyone to see it. I don't think people would... like me if they knew who I am- all of who I am. I mean, I still like myself because I've learned to deal with that part of me, so I can just chill with it. But... no one else would, or should put up with it... so I don't want anyone to see it. Ever.


...On a completely different, much happier and awesomer note- Iron Man 2 is amazing and you should all be watching it. Seriously, that is how a summer action movie is supposed to be done!!
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Times Square. Times Square Times Square Times Square. I absolutely love Times Square. It's the center of the universe.

In other, but related, news- in a different universe, I probably died last Saturday.

See, one of the beautiful things about living in New York is that I get to go to my favorite place in the world a lot. And I am wont to do so most weekends. As in, had I not gone to Sakura Matsuri out in Brooklyn on Saturday, I probably would have gone to Times Square for something. And had people not noticed that car bomb that's all over the news, and if it had gone off, I very possibly could have died in it.

Yeah. Just thought I'd share one of the few things to really shake me. Thought I'd put it out there.
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Mmkay, I don't have a real answer to this... so I'm just going to reference an Al Franken routine from when he was on the Weekend Update on SNL.

The eighties were the Me decade- they were all about "How does this affect me?" So this decade is the "How does this affect me, Arthoniel," decade. Everything all comes back to relate to me. Just because that's how the Al Franken routine went... except, he said "How does this affect me, Al Franken." And I'm not him. And he did that in the '90s anyway. So now it's me!

...Wow, that was concieted. I was really just thinking of another one of his routines about tax deductables... but I won't go into that now.

In conclusion, Al Franken is awesome and so is SNL and you should love them both.

In other news, I need the Soul Eater DVDs. I already have the first ost, and it's awesome. Now I just need the DVDs. Because it's amazing. I also need to cosplay Liz now.

In other, other news, I'm nearly done with my Juliet cosplay! Pics will be coming soon~

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Huh... I just realize, you guys might not know... it's so simple, but I love it. And it's so nerdy.

I made my LJ when I was first getting into geekdom and fandoms. And one of my first real fandoms was Lord of the Rings, which I still absolutely adore. And I was enough of a fan that I would actually go online and find fansites, particularly ones that had English->Elvish and Elvish->English translations.

And then one fansite had a section under their Elvish section that had name translations. So, naturally, I looked up my own name there, and it's "Ardhoniel." Which is, phonetically, Arthoniel. Which is, as you may have noticed, my username.

And that's how my username was born~ And I've never regretted it- I still lurves it these... wow, about 3 years later.

What about you guys? If you didn't make a post about it, how did you come up with your usernames?
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Oh geez, really? I mean, I don't MIND school, but... WEEKENDS AND FREE TIME PLZ.

Also, Facebook is kind of taking over my life = problem.



Also also also... being solidly single so I can flirt with and like whoever I want without feeling wierd about it = also very much not a problem.

Yeah. Life is good right about now. Even if I have a shitload of English homework I need to start now. That was kind of due about a week ago.  ^_^;;
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Best: It's a true story too...either that or it was on TV.  XD Some guy saw this girl in a bar, then ran up to her and asked "Are you okay??". She answered yes, but then he still kind of flipped out on her, and called an ambulence. Other people started getting dragged in as he tried to "care" for her, constantly asking "does it hurt??" or "didn't it hurt??" and they start trying to make sure she's okay too, and it turns into a major thing. Eventually the ambulance comes, and the paramedics come and take her out with him and practically everyone in the bar following behind, and before they put her in the ambulance, she's finally pissed and asks "What the hell is going on? Did what hurt??" and he looks at her and answers "The fall from heaven."

Also- checking the tag on someone's clothes, then saying "Yeah, I thought so- made in heaven".


...Out of curiosity, what are the best/worst pickup lines YOU'VE ever heard?


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