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Well, we may not have made it to the World Series. But we still had a pretty good run this year.

...And we'll get it next year~

(I so highly doubt that Robertson will be among those getting there with us, though. Damn, it's pretty safe to say that he kind of blew three of the games we lost this series for us. And if the Yankees don't sign Cliff Lee, I will be shocked. Just sayin'.)

But yes. It's all good. We still got next year!

...And it's still a ton of fun being that girl, walking around Massachussetts with a Yankee cap on, during the postseason.  XD

In other, non-baseball related news, I finally tagged my entries from the past few months, when I just didn't want to bother doing it. I'm so proud of myself for catching up on those!

Tomorrow (well, technically today) is Hetalia Day. And I won't be there. Which is just strange. But... I'll be calling in to it, so I guess it's all good. And for the rest of the day, time I would have spent at the meetup, I will be introducing a friend to Hetalia, which is incredibly appropriate, and going to see The Social Network. (Which I really don't have the money for, but... I've just heard that it's so good.)

Lastly, I was looking for movie soundtrack music the other day, and I somehow ended up registered with Pandora. I don't know how that happened, but I now have a movie music channel on Pandora, and I love it. It's now playing one of the themes from Star Trek: 2009, and that just makes me all kinds of happy. (The saddest part is that I can visualize in my head exactly what's going on in the movie when this particular theme plays.  XD)
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So I was having a thoroughly crappy night tonight.

-My roommate had her friends over, so they kind of took over. Again. (Not that I mind that much- they're nice and all- and if it were just that, I wouldn't have a problem... but I can't study when they're here. And this is the second night in a row it's happened.)

-My computer started acting a little... odd today, when I tried to close it and open it up again a little later. Not, like, really strangely, but enough to be annoying.

-THE YANKEE GAME TODAY. Holy fuck shit, it made me want to stab a baby. We had a lead, we were going to be fine, and then our bullpen just couldn't do shit. It was awful- even worse than last night. I actually wanted to kill something.
(By the way, non-Yankee fans? If you want to gloat or whatever, do so on your own journal. I don't want to hear it here. Like, I'm actually really pissed about this. We have the highest paid roster in baseball. This shouldn't happen to us. And I'm pissed about it.)

-The Yankee haters are really starting to get on my nerves. If you root for a team that has a genuine rivalry with the Yankees, that's one thing. Like, if you're a legit Red Sox fan, it would be hard to miss. A Mets fan... the Yankee fans can afford to be gracious since we usually win. Mets fans don't have that luxury, and I get it. But hating the Yankees just because they're the Yankees? That's really starting to fucking piss me off. Hating a team because they win does not make you "edgy". It doesn't mean that you're "different", "unique", or "anti-conformist". It just makes you a douche, and it makes you really fucking annoying. No matter how badly they may have lost tonight or last night, the Yankees don't suck. In fact, unless your team is the Rangers, the Yankees beat your team. So just... stop bitching. Seriously. It's really fucking annoying when you hate a team for no reason whatsoever.


I was clearly having a crappy night... but then I saw this, and all of that just went away.

Am I still annoyed at Yankee haters? Oh, yes. Do I still want to stab something after that shoddily played game today? You bet. But do I really care anymore right now due to happy from this? NO, NOT AT ALL. :D

The evidence paper tap
How Maya is so big-sisterly towards Luke.


...Just felt like you all ought to know that. :D
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sldfkjsdj THE YANKEES GAME. It's totally insane... BUT WE'RE GONNA WIN IT!!


...Sorry. That was necissary though.  XD

Beyond that... I'm actually outlining my NaNoWriMo novel this year. I'm going to know where I'm going with it and everything- it's pretty intense.  XD

My cough needs to go away. Like, now. I've had it for literally weeks and... urg, I don't approve. Oh well... it could be worse. It could be the full-blown bronchitis I had a few weeks ago...

Which, incidentally, I'm presenting on tomorrow. In my Diagnosing Disease class, we all had to pick an infectious disease and present on it... and I'm doing bronchitis. Yays for irony!!  XD

I'm... finally learning the Hare Hare Yukai. Or rather, I'm trying to. I kind of fail at dance- at memorizing steps and what order they go in and everything. But I'm getting there- I don't fail nearly as badly at it as I could be. ...Even if it is only the short version... shut up!! I just suck at dance... but this is something I feel like I should know.

Lastly, because this deserves repeating...

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Yes, life is a game. AND THE YANKEES HAVE WON IT.

So, today was not the day I was able to start catching up on my flist. And do you know why that is? Because this afternoon, I went to the Yankee game.

IT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME GAME. Two amazing plays at the plate, Mark Texiera is an awesome defensive player, the Melk-man delivered, Derek Jeter is the most amazingest player EVER and Hideki Matsui had the most exciting walk off home run ever!!! 

Plus (and my... sympathies towards Bostonians on my flist) Boston lost today, so... WE'RE TIED FOR FIRST PLACE IN THE AL EAST WHAT NOW???

In other words? As I said before- life is a game, and the Yankees have won it.

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So basically, this is one of those memes where someone tagged me with five words she associated with me ([ profile] fearfulwarrior, in this case), and I have to talk about them. So if you want to do this too, just give me a shout with WORDS! and I'll give you the words I most associate with YOU! :D
Ace Attorney, New York, cosplay, Ouran High School Host Club, Avatar: The Last Airbender )

Also, while I'm doing memes...

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
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...Ironically, I don't have much to post about.


So I went to the Yankee game yesterday. THE NEW STADIUM IS BEAUTIFUL. I mean, I had doubts because the old one was classic, iconic, the House that Ruth Built and all, but... the new one is so nice!! And it was an awesome game too! I mean, I totally ruined my voice cheering, but it was so exciting and THE YANKEES WON!!! THEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE YANKEES WON!!! It was just awesome. And even though Derek Jeter (my favorite player) didn't play yesterday because it was a day game after a night game, Melky Cabrera played (one of my other favorites... partially because of his name. He has a great name) and he hit a two-run homerun that ended up winning the game!! I love what they put on the jumbotron when he gets a hit too- "The Melk-man Delivers!!" It's kind of amazing.

Btw, GO YANKEES. Just. You know. Saying.  XD

Mmkay, I'm going to do Secret Life of Dolls now. Because I haven't updated in two weeks, and that doesn't work.
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Gotham Kids 'n' Comedy Workshop: Tomorrow!!
Yankees vs. Indians Playoff game: Also tomorrow!! (YEAH YANKEES!!!)
Heroes: 2 days
House: 3 days
30 Rock: 5 days
Avatar The Last Airbender, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 4 (seriously peoples, does anyone know the name of next week's episode??): 6 days

So as I suppose you can guess, I was just watching Gone With The Wind. It's absolutely gorgeous, and Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara is amazing...

Not all that much happened today, but it was still a pretty awesome day. We (my family and I) went into midtown, and we got tickets for this tribute to Stephen Schwartz concert, which should be awesome!! 

Then, we went to the Museum of Television and Radio (technically it has this new name, it's supposed to be named after someone who bought it, or at least contributed a frillion dollars, but I don't really care...) and we saw a little bit of a documentary of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and I got this very awesome Star Trek: TNG poster, which makes me happy.  XD 

Lastly, we went to the Broadway Comedy club to see this improv thing, which was absolutely amazing... the comedians there were fantastic, they thought so fast, and they were so good and everything... I was blown away. Now I'm trying to decide if I was discouraged by that, feeling like I'll never be that good, or if I was encouraged, and they've given me an aspiration to be as good as them.... I actually, honestly don't know.
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Gotham Kids 'n' Comedy Workshop: 2 days!! XD
Yankees vs. Indians playoff game: 2 days!! LET'S GO YANKEES LET'S GO!!! *clap clap clap*
No School Because of Columbus Day: 3 days!!!
Heroes: 3 days!!
House: 4 days!!
30 Rock: 6 days!!
Avatar The Last Airbender, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 4: A week... :)

Yes, I have had the brilliant idea to, are you ready for this?, put non-TV related things on my countdowns!! *"El gasp! I have been discovered!"*

And I feel like a total idiot, but I actually don't know the title to next week's episode of Avatar... someone help me? *hides under a rock in shame*

And I'm so happy I'm finally over my cold, so I could go catch another one screaming and fangirling over Avatar!!

Okay, I have a zillion fandoms to do, but I'm going to hold off on one of them until I finish it... there's 30 Rock which was yesterday, Avatar, and the fourth book in the Uglies Trilogy- Extras. Clearly, I'm waiting until I finish Extras. But to everyone out there, the whole series is absolutely fantastic, and if you get the chance, and you haven't already, you have to read it.  XD

Now, onto the fangirlery!!

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Countdowns: (well, it's really just countdown now...)
Avatar The Last Airbender Book 3 Fire, Chapter 1 The Awakening: 21 days!!!

So the Yankee game today was amazing. It was everything a Yankee game should be, starting with we kicked ass (although we were playing the Devil Rays, so you kinda hope we do beat the worst team in baseball) and ending with... well, it doesn't end. It was just an awesome game.

And I made more icons today. You can see them at [profile] avatar_fans. :D

Yeah, my life's fairly dull right now...


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