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They've gone to James Cameron for advice on how to plug up the BP oil spill.

Now, don't get me wrong- James Cameron is an extraordinary director and I greatly admire him and everything. But BP and the government have gone to James Cameron for advice on how to solve the oil spill.

We're all fucked.

Some punch lines I thought of as well, just because I can:

This week, the government and BP (or, British Petroleum) went to James Cameron for advice on what to do about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

-They may not get a real solution from him, but at least BP will still manage to make record profits off of it.
-...leading to the advent of new technology that will do something we've already been doing for decades.
-Most of the fish in the Gulf may have already died, but now those who haven't will now come back and fight against impossible odds to drive humans out of their world forever.
-...leaving movie lovers confused, since Jack died in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Gulf of Mexico.
-...which means that nothing will be done about the leak for at least another three years, although when something does happen, it'll be brilliant.
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Wait, what?

What do you mean, "tomorrow's Wednesday?"

What do you mean, "tomorrow's the day I have that benefit concert for Haiti and Chile that I'm totally not prepared for?"

What do you mean, "I need to learn "We Are The World" better, because if I screw it up by accidentally singing the lyrics to the SNL parody of it ("We Are The World 3: Raising Awareness of the We Are The World 2 Disaster") everyone else will kill me, and that's what I've been doing so far?"

What do you mean, "I still don't even have my own solo song down 100% perfectly?"

What do you mean, "it's already 11:17 at night, and I still have SO much more to do today?"

Oh. Right. Tomorrow's Wednesday, the day of a benefit concert for Haiti and Chile that I'm going to be in that I'm not sure I'm 100% prepared for yet. That's what you mean. I see. Well then. This should be interesting.
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So! Guess who's not only back, but may have solved her internet problems??? Hopefully...? (Don't wanna jinx it... *knocks on wood*)

...I really hope you got that it's me. Just sayin'.

...There was a point to this, but I forgot what it was, so I just wanted to drop by and say hi. Oh, and that I'll be responding to entries about two weeks old. Just fyi.  XD
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As for the subject... I... I'm sorry. The best part is? It doesn't even refer to the Game. It just... it came up in RP ages ago, and I haven't had the chance to use it since...

Because my damn internet sucks. Well, that's not entirely true. First, a little over a week ago, my internet was amazing. Connecting perfectly to everything, and fast, and everything. And naturally, just when my internet's working... that's when someone decides to bring down both LJ and Facebook. And Twitter too, but I don't have one of them... but SLDKFJDSFLSDKJF. I believe you understand my sentiments on the matter.

And since then my internet has decided to be made of suck and fail. So I couldn't tell you all about life and stuff.

So... I'm going to be in a play! Well, a play reading, but it's professional (unpaid, but professional) and I have a real part and everything, so that's just awesome. It's on Monday, so uh... yeah. Yay plays!! Of course, since we only have two rehearsals, and these are on the two days before (today and tomorrow), we are literally trying to cram all of Hell Week into two days. Thank god there's no costumes or props or lighting or anything... but still. 5 hour rehearsals are a lot. So I'm currently exhausted.

But it's worth it.

Also, anyone who's in/around New York!! On the 23rd, there's going to be a street fair between 43rd and 44th on... I think Madison Ave., but don't quote me on that... but it's going to be a Japanese street fair, and me and a bunch of friends are cosplaying for it- you're welcome to join us if you like!! It should be awesome, so... yay!

...Right. I'm done now. Really.
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Not to spam you, but... GAH INTERNET WHY??? I spent ages trying to post the pics of the mini-meet, and then my internet fucked up so I didn't think I could, and then it turned out it actually did post. ARGH!!!

In other news... there was other news. I know there was. And I've... conveniently forgotten it. All because I was reminded of one little thing.

In less than three hours, I'll be another year older. Now, I'm really young. I know I'm really young. But... I really don't want to get older. Like, at all. I love being a teenager- I so don't want to get at all older...

So instead, I'm going to do what Mookie (the author/artist of Dominic Deegan) does, and instead of thinking of my age in years, I'm going to think of it in levels.

So in three hours, instead of being 17 years old, I'll be a Level 17 nerd. Damn, I really need to level up...  XD

By the way, speaking of birthdays- this is slightly belated, but happy birthday,[info]expostulation !!!  :D

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...How am I already so exhausted? It's not even Monday yet!! I call shenanigans. Something has to be up here.

And I haven't been on RP in forever... I blame APs. They are evil and want to kill me. Literally. Even if I'm done with the AP US History, and I only have the AP English Language and Composition to go... ugh. On the bright side, I shouldn't have much after they're all done and I've recovered, so... yay? I do feel bad though... I hope I'm not missing anything major there...

And... I got someone new for Secret Life of Dolls!! But I won't say who. All I'll say is that I love him. He's so very adorable, the way he's made.  XD

And, uh... I'm going to go to bed now, and pray I have the strength to RP tomorrow... I mean, I seriously haven't logged on to anyone recently...


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