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So technically Christmas is over, but it's still the holiday season!

At least, I will continue to insist that it is, because I love it, and because I'm still listening to Christmas music.

Anyway, how were all of your holidays? I hope they were wonderful!

So as some of you may have noticed, there's kind of a guy. That I kind of have a bit of a crush on. If you've noticed. I mean, everyone in my real life has. Everyone. Even my parents, and they've only seen this guy once. I mean, there's a certain aspect of it where I'm kind of unsubtle... but even my parents got it, and the only interaction they've seen between me and said guy is on stage. It's so unfair. But nonetheless. It was an interesting conversation, when my parents told me about how they knew about it.

Lastly... I took a picture of myself. And normally I'm not so vain as to post it... hell, normally I'm not so vain as to take the picture in the first place. But today, I am posting it, for two reasons. One is because I braided my hair, and thus, look thoroughly adorable, and wanted to save that picture of my adorableness for all posterity. Secondly... paru_na, you said that you wanted pictures of people smiling on your flist? Well, here's one, babe~ You know I love you.  <3 Anyway... here it be: a picture of the most peerless piece of earth that ever one hath laid eyes on.  XD

I really hope that this doesn't eat your flists, guys.  XD

Anyway, I'm off to... waste some more time online. Fun times!  :D
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Have you ever been woken up by your alarm clock (because that is the worst way to be woken up), and not wanted to get out of bed because you just knew that that day was going to be a bad day?

Yeah, that was me today.

The bad spot in an otherwise "...okay" day was going to the dentist's/orthodontist's for a regular checkup, getting regular x-rays there... and finding out that I'll have to get my wisdom teeth removed this winter break. Happy holidays to me.

Oh, that and the fact that I'm ridiculously broke, and I can't afford train fare to get anywhere, so I'm walking all over the place simply because I have to.

I need a new coat too. My current one is broken. Walking around in below-freezing temperatures with a coat that won't zip up just isn't cool. No pun intended.

Irony: My friends who live in the suburbs with their short buildings and "clean, clear air," and their picture-esq views of the sky were unable to see the lunar eclipse tonight. I, however, in my New York City with my "smog" and my tall buildings and my "over-bright" city lights had a perfectly fine view of the eclipse. It was actually pretty cool. And I have never wanted to quote Jason Isaacs quite as badly.  XD

...It's three in the morning, and I had to actually get up today. I am done. I'm going to bed now, and I pity the fool who tries to wake me up in the morning. Haha, morning. Rephrase: I pity the fool who tries to wake me up in the afternoon. Because I will be damned if I'm getting up at any time before noon.

Incidentally, the flash game on Facebook, Bubble Spinner, is really, really addictive. And Equals Three is awesome. But I'll go more into that next time. For now... I'm out. 'Night, you guys~
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So you know that feeling when you have something that you really want to talk about... but you just can't? Yeah. That feeling. I have it now. I mean, I thought sharing was caring! But, as it turns out, if I were to share, it would be the exact opposite of caring. ...E-Except, I really wanna talk about it. GAH SUCH A CONDUNDRUM. Well, not really, because I know I'm not going to share. But it knaws at me from the inside.

Your local, neighborhood Arthoniel is growing up and doing things and being mature. Ain't that somethin'? Never thought it'd start to actually happen to me. But there you go.

In other news, lskdjfdlskjfl FIREFLY. I'm one episode away from having seen the entire series. It's so good. And Fox is a collective bitch. I'm just sayin'.

...I mean, seriously, how does a nerd friend group get drama?? Like, just... how does that happen?? And the thing is... I can't really say I mind. It's been so long since I've had any real drama in my life... so long as no one is getting hurt, it's not so bad, right?

Some of my friends and I had a movie night. Two nights in a row. For the past two nights... the two before this one, I mean. It was nice. We watched Disney movies! Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Mulan... and then we also watched Happy Feet and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Good times were had by all. And DISNEY.

I absolutely love my piano keyboard. I still don't know what to name her. But I love her.

I go home for winter break on Tuesday, by the way. And for the first time... I'm not 100% certain that I quite want to go. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED to go home to New York so I can be in my city again, and for an extended length of time and everything. I miss my city SO, SO much, and I can't wait to be back. I can wait to go home and be with my family again. Besides which... I'm gonna miss my friends here. A lot. A lot. I keep telling them to visit the City over the break and everything, but... gah. I'm gonna miss Brandeis over the break.

Anyway, I gotta shut up and go and respond to my Para tags. It's been a day now and I haven't done it, and... while I have excellent reasons for not having been there... I still need to go do that. So I will. Fun times abound!  :D
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You know, it is significantly more difficult to do my laundry when I don't have the money to do my laundry.  ;;

ALSOALSOALSO. I realized I hadn't posted about this before.

You guys know the Westboro Baptist Church? The ones who protested San Diego Comic Con, and a Justin Bieber concert, and solders' funerals, among other things?

THEY'RE COMING HERE. THEY'RE COMING HERE TO BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY AND PROTESTING OUR... I dunno... our Jewishness or something? I'm pretty sure their specific draw to picket here is our Brandeis Hillel group. But they're going to be here! Tomorrow! From 8:30 to 9:30 or so! I... will be sleeping then. I refuse to give them so much as enough caring to get up in time to see them. BUT THEY'RE GONNA BE HERE! And I'm gonna walk around all day tomorrow with my gay pride umbrella.  :D

...Right, I have a Juliet app to work on. *gets back to that*
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SO I FINALLY STARTED GLEE. (Took me long enough, right?) HOLY CRAP. This is a show that is tailor made for me, and I love it. Like, words cannot even begin to express the level of adoration I have for it. IT'S SO GOOD. I've only seen the first few episodes, but... it's so good. Kurt is definately my favorite thus far. Granted, I'm only four episodes in, but... sldfkjsdlkjfdsl I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

...I don't know if I'm hormonal or what, but the rest of this is just personal emo shit that I'm just gonna let out here. Please, feel free to ignore it in favor of spazzing over the utter amazingness that is Glee.

Emo Family Bullcrap )

Emo Friends Bullcrap )
Emo Relationships Bullcrap )
...Wow. That was one hell of an emo bitchingpost... but I do feel better after letting it all out.

Yeah. Writing isn't happening tonight either. It's just not. I'll have to write like all hell tomorrow though. Two days. 15k words. Think I can do it?  :D

And feel free to ignore everything else in this post for squeeing over Glee, too. Just don't spoil me for anything, plzkthx~

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^ No, I will not explain that one. Not yet, anyway.  >D 


Number of words I am behind on my NaNoWriMo: ~10,000
Amount of time I have to catch up on it: ~0
Percent chance that I will do it through sheer force of will because it's a challenge now: OVER 9,000%

Also... so Winter's Tale ended on Sunday. I honestly have no idea what to do with myself now. I spent so much time with it, I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to do. And I wasn't even one of the leads!

(Incidentally, if you're friends with me on Facebook, there are some pretty pictures of it posted from our photocall. There are pretty dresses and gorgeous sets and lighting and sldkfjdslkfj everything. You should check it out.  8D)

Seriously though, I'm really kind of... lost. I guess I can catch up on my NaNoWriMo? Either way though, that doesn't matter as much. What matters is that I had the most amazing time doing it. Everyone involved with it was just so extraordinary like I don't even have the words, and I love them all to pieces. And I'm sad that it's over. I don't want to not play Perdita again... she was such an interesting person to be. It's alright. There will be other shows. But this one... I'm so glad it was my first here. I can't imagine having done a better first production, ever.
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...Then stops and slowly and calmly puts it back up and sets everything up so it's nice and stable again. That's a productive use of my time that isn't spent writing this damn thing, right?*
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Break out the sugar and the chocolate chip cookies, boys, 'cause we're in for the long haul tonight!

...Seriously though, if anyone has any relevant, funny, awesome, or encouraging GIFs, this would be an excellent time to bring them out. Help me? Please??

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They've gone to James Cameron for advice on how to plug up the BP oil spill.

Now, don't get me wrong- James Cameron is an extraordinary director and I greatly admire him and everything. But BP and the government have gone to James Cameron for advice on how to solve the oil spill.

We're all fucked.

Some punch lines I thought of as well, just because I can:

This week, the government and BP (or, British Petroleum) went to James Cameron for advice on what to do about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

-They may not get a real solution from him, but at least BP will still manage to make record profits off of it.
-...leading to the advent of new technology that will do something we've already been doing for decades.
-Most of the fish in the Gulf may have already died, but now those who haven't will now come back and fight against impossible odds to drive humans out of their world forever.
-...leaving movie lovers confused, since Jack died in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Gulf of Mexico.
-...which means that nothing will be done about the leak for at least another three years, although when something does happen, it'll be brilliant.
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Why the hell did I work so hard in school, try so hard to do well in all of my classes, if my grades can't even get me into the colleges I'm applying to? Why did I waste so much time on that crap?

Amherst- No
Brandeis- Wait listed
Wesleyan- No
Trinity- Haven't heard back from yet
Northwestern- No
SUNY Binghamton- Haven't heard back from yet
SUNY Albany- Yes
SUNY Purchase (Acting conservatory)- No
CUNY Macaulay Honors (at Hunter College)- No

I just don't understand why I wasted so much time, so much of my life, if I can't even get this.

I have a nearly straight-A average, I got two fours and a five (all out of five) on the APs I took, with score choice (and nearly all of the colleges I applied to use score choice) on the SATs I have a composite score of 2120, with one of the parts of that being a perfect 800... and I worked so hard to get all that. Why did I even bother?


Mar. 14th, 2010 03:28 pm
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My brother better find my camera. He better hope nobody stole it at the JCC, where he left it. Because if he lost my camera, with all my pictures from Spring Fest yesterday on it, the next time he leaves the house, it will be in a pine box.
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My brother has issues. It's not something I talk about often, but they're there, and they affect my life though him. But I've grown accustomed to them... and I've learned to work and live around them.

And then a day like today happens, and I'm just ashamed to call him my brother.

I got home from school late today, because I was at Drama Club. And, you know, the founder and president kinda has to be there for the whole time, and more. So I got home, took off my shoes and whatnot, got a snack, did as much of the New York Times Crossword as I could, and then went into the living room to watch some (TiVoed) TV. Like last night's Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Colbert Report.

Now, until about 6:15-6:30 or so, I have the house all to myself, like I did today. So I started watching the Daily Show at around 6:00. And then my brother got home at around 6:15 like he normally does, and he wants to watch TV while he eats his dinner. (Comprised solely of McDonald's food, by the way.) I ask him to just wait a little while until I'm done with what I want to watch, and then he can do whatever the hell he wans.

He starts screaming. He wanted to watch TV right then and he didn't want to eat his dinner unless he could watch TV while doing it and he had the right to do it since he just got home and I couldn't watch TV until he was done. And then he tried to get into a remote/manual war with me, where he turned the TV off manually, I tried to turn the TV on with my remote, and he turns it back off. I refused to engage him though, so it simply stayed off.

He managed to mostly calm down after that, he wasn't screaming like an animal anymore, but he still refused to let me finish my show. If he couldn't have his "simple pleasures", then, according to him, neither could I.

Fast forward about 45 minutes-an hour later. We're still stuck in the same problem. He refuses to let me watch TV, I refuse to back down. (Part of it is just that I'm stubborn like that... but also, he was being way out of line, and giving in to him just makes it worse.) My mother comes home, and she hears what's going on... and sides with me. Especially when she hears the kind of tantrum he's been throwing.

He flips out again. Crying, and literally ferally screaming, like a wild beast. My mother finally gets him under control but...

I've had it. I'm just... done. I can't put up with his bullshit anymore. I don't care how bad his issues are- he's just so childish!! His issues are bad, but they're not that bad. I'm just... I'm done.

And the best part is that I still have to deal with him until I finally leave for college.
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Heroes was awesome tonight. Not terribly eventful, but awesome. But damn, Sylar/Gabriel/Nathan needs a hug. And not from that bitch Lydia.... Me? Jealous? Oh no, never.

I realized today... I have a superiority complex. Not on a Kira level or anything, but... it's there. It's like, if I know you and I'm friends with you and all, and then I found out that you haven't gone to college/don't go to college/aren't going to go to college, then that's one thing. But if I barely know you, and then you tell me that you didn't try in high school, or that you didn't go/aren't going to college, I'll think less of you. I judge my peers here in New York based on what high schools they go to- I know of most of them, and... if you don't go to what I consider to be a "good" high school, I'll just assume that you're not as smart as I am...

I don't even know. It's not something I'm proud of or anything... it's not something I want to keep, and if I can get rid of it, I will. I just... I dunno. Like surrounding myself with people who are on my level intellectually. Meaning, for the most part, people who have/are going to get a college degree.

I don't mean any of you, by the way. This is entirely real life related... it's just something that came to me.

By the way? Walking around midtown Manhattan for two hours and at least three miles for a Halloween costume that only one store in a chain has, and that store won't exchange your smaller size for it, so you simply have to get a different costume? Yeah, that's not pleasant.
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...My English teacher is just... ugh. Doesn't really know how to teach. Not like Mr. Rodriguez of Music  and Spanish 2 infamy can't teach, but... he needs to make what he wants in an assignment clear before he tells us to hand it in. Today. When it's half hand-written and half typed, and none of it is dated, like he wants it to be. So I'm not up at 11 at night, trying desperately to finish typing and then print everything since he gave me a day's grace to finish typing it all up. Even though I also had a thing at my school tonight about college applications, so I didn't get home until 8:30, at which point my dad decided that he wanted to have dinner right then, so I couldn't start until 9...  DX

Also, does anyone know how to cheer someone up who has clinical depression and forgot to take her meds, like my freshman from last year (although I guess she's my sophomore now...) did today? Just in case it happens again...
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...So you know that feeling where you like someone, but you're pretty sure they don't like you back? And even if they do, it's only in a friend-type way? Yeah, I hate that feeling.

But I'm not going to dwell on that. I have better things to focus on. I'm not going to let myself be that weak.

...Better things like a NYAF post-con cosplay picnic meetup!! Which... I'm apparantly hosting... huh. But it should still actually be pretty awesome~ It's next weekend- October 10th, at 1 PM (right after I re-take the SATs...  ;; ) on the south side of the Great Lawn in Central Park, and it should be awesome! I'm pretty excited. By the way, if you're in/around NYC, you should totally come~ Either way, have a Facebook link?

And. Um. There was something else I wanted to say, but... I forgot.  XD
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Boys have cooties and we don't want them.

...Life was just so much easier when I believed that.

*sighs* I hate it when life does this to me. I mean, I love it, but... whyyyyyyyyyyy???? (Yes, I know, normally I hate it when people add about a billion of the last letter onto thier words, but... it's for the effect. Really. That is my story and I am sticking to it.)

Also- no country in the world can make me lose my faith in it quicker than my own. COME ON. THE DEMOCRATS HAVE A DAMN SUPERMAJORITY IN CONGRESS, AND WE CAN'T EVEN PASS THE PUBLIC OPTION. No, we can't even pass what more than 65% of Americans say they want. And yet, we can pass some things. LIKE AGREEING TO PAY $50 MILLION FOR ABSTINENCE-ONLY SEX EDUCATION. I MEAN, REALLY.

In conclusion: The US government is made of fail, and I need massive help with boys.

...This was going to be a more positive post...
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...Thank god for random YouTube shit. I was watching Death Note to catch up to what they're airing on Cartoon Network now (at, like, 3 AM... thank god for TiVo!!) so I just watched episode 7... and it's heartbreaking. Especially after reading Another Note. But about an hour of screwing around on YouTube cheered me... mostly up!

Of course, my Epic Fail icon up there serves a purpose... you know what really sucks? Not being able to sleep until 2:30 IN THE FUCKING MORNING, AND THEN HAVING TO GET UP AT 6:30 AND GO TO CLASSES. That's what sucks. Just sayin'.

...I think I'm going to watch D.Gray-Man now. I mean, I watched the Abridged Series, and now I'm just curious as to what the series itself is like. I wanted to get into FMA first but... eh.

By the way, I'm doing a voice post soon!! So... ask me anything! Anything you want! And I'll answer it! With my voice! Seriously. Because I honestly have no idea what else to do before my homework really starts piling on.
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How come almost all of the characters I currently/used to RP are either dead or are very closely connected with the dead? I mean, I have/had Maya, AU Maya Edgeworth, Eden, Shiki... and now I'm RPing Maya on the MSN Ace Attorney RP. Was that the brightest move I could have made, signing up for that? No. No it was not. Will I do it and love it anyway? Absolutely.

...Fandom is taking over my life in ways I never would have believed. People can't say "hold it" when they want me to wait for them anymore without me giggling, and asking them to present evidence if they've even heard of Ace Attorney. One of the answers in the crossword in todays New York Times crossword puzzle was "Eureka". I can't even flip on the light anymore without wondering "if I flip the switch, will it turn Light on?" and I'm always so happy when the answer is yes... I think I need more of a life. But this one is so fun!!  XD

So, on a much more serious note, my great aunt's in the hospital. I mean, you would think that when a 94 year old woman is leaning on the open car door of a taxi while her 50-something year old relative is getting her walker out of the trunk (something that the cabbies are supposed to help with, by the way, which this guy was not), you would notice a) one of the doors on your cab is open, and b) A 94 YEAR OLD WOMAN IS LEANING ON IT, and you WOULDN'T START JUST DRIVING OFF AFTER YOUR TRUNK WAS CLOSED. Leaving my great aunt to fall to the ground, breaking her wrist so she has to stay in the hospital. For days, and at least one full one of those is without proper pain medication. Geez... I don't even know.

Hotmail is also being fucked up as I try to sign up for an account there, but I don't have the heart to complain about that too...

So instead I'll just end with how awesome it is that I have a friend coming in tomorrow from New Jersey so we can finally chill for the first time since AnimeNEXT, and we'll probably go see Avenue Q, assuming we can get the tickets. Which should be AMAZING, especially considering how we both already know the soundtrack~
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God, this sucks. I went from having an awesome weekend to...


All the summer stuff I applied for is falling through- I can't even get a fucking job!! Not even at the places that say they're hiring!!

And you know what the best part is? My parents say if I'm not doing something over the summer THEY'RE GOING TO FUCKING CUT OFF MY INTERNET.

...I hate the world right about now.
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Earlier today, some guy went into the National Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. with a rifle, and just started shooting.

He was taken down, but a guard was killed.

Ugh, and I was feeling so good about being American earlier today too. I had been watching Stephen Colbert in Iraq on my TiVo, and while I do not under any circumstances think we should be in Iraq, I still support our troops and what they do every day. And seeing Stephen Colbert, one of my idols, performing for them and all is just an amazing thing for me. I was so... patriotic. And I haven't been that way in... years. Certainly not under Bush. And then something like this happens.

Plus there was that murder earlier this week. You know, the one of the abortion doctor? Just because he performs abortions.

God, sometimes I am so... ashamed to be American.


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