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New York is literally the single greatest place in the world. It really just is.

Also, no. The fact that I'm technically an adult now isn't a reason to not continue to play with dolls and action figures. As proven by the fact that I still get plenty of fun out of my Star Trek, Twilight (yes, I do own them) and Hetalia action figures and dolls.

Hey, do any of you remember that "Secret Life of Dolls" thing I did a while back? The one that was totally ripped off of cleolinda, but I still did it because I like taking pictures of my action figures as if they're doing things in real life... anyone remember those? Did you like them? Is it worth taking up again? Because I would totally do that. Even if it would totally freak out my roommates.  XD

...I should really update my tags on here and stuff. But... eh. Work. I'll deal with it later.  XD

Lastly, finally, and awesomely, I've finally uploaded my New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest pics. Come have a look! (That link should be public... if it's not, let me know, and I'll upload the best of them here~)
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I could have spent this entry talking about New York Comic Con and New York Anime Fest, and what I thought about it. I was there this weekend, after all, and I do want to write something about it.

I could have spent this entry arguing about how annoying my classes are, and how studying is irritating.

I could have spent this entry discussing how awesome the people in HTP (my school's Shakespearean group that I'm in- it stands for Hold Thy Peace, and it's super special awesome) are, and how much I am really and truly beginning to love them.

I could even have spent this entry going off about how I have really, fully, finally, completely, and truly begun to fall for Neil Patrick Harris, particularly in How I Met Your Mother, which I am also seriously getting into.

But no. I can't do any of that. Because my brain has been completely taken over... by this:

Can't type due to laughter either? Don't worry, there's no need to. I completely understand. You're welcome.
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What do you do... what do you say to someone when you know that you're never going to see them again? How do you get through that one, final meeting? How do you cope with it, and still carry on with your life?

^Please don't answer that. It's not a rhetorical question.

On other, not depressing notes...

It got cold up here, and I disapprove. The worst is knowing that it's only gonna get worse, too. DX


I love you all. So, so much. And I don't think I, or anyone, could ever say it enough. I love you. Please don't ever forget that.

This is a strange and confusing enough entry as it is... I'm gonna sleep now. Goodnight, flist~
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Romeo X Juliet is the most adorable series ever. Save for maybe Ouran. But... slkdfjlsdkjfsd I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

...No, I haven't been rewatching Romeo X Juliet again for, like, the zillionth time. What are you talking about?  XD

sldkjfsdlk Why is it not next week yet? I want it to be NYAF/NYCC!! I miss my New York cosplay family so much. I mean, I love my friends here too and all, but... that's my cosplay family at home. And I love them. And I miss them. So, so much. I really don't understand why it's not Friday yet.

BUT! Talking about NYAF/NYCC, I finally have a cosplay list finalized!! So, without further ado...

Friday: Lady Juliet Fiamatta Ars de Capulet (Romeo X Juliet)
Saturday: Gaila (Star Trek: 2009) (...She's the green chick who sleeps with Kirk)
Sunday: Colbertica a.k.a. Stephen Colbert!America (The Colbert Report/Axis Powers: Hetalia), but I may also change into Liz Thompson (Soul Eater) at the end, to coordinate with some friends, and to travel back to Boston in.

*le sigh* I be so lonely out here... and I miss my New York cosplay friends. So, so, so much. I really don't understand why it's not next weekend yet.
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Alright everyone, this one's fairly self-explanatory- it's not all of them, but here's a bunch of my favorite pics from New York Anime Fest '09!! If you don't want to deal with all of these here, I have them all up on my Facebook, if you wanna see it~

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Do you know how many pictures I took at NYAF? DO YOU KNOW? Well, guess. Three, two, one, time's up. 204. That's right. Two hundred and four.

...Needless to say, I won't be posting them all up on here. I uploaded them to my Facebook, and I'll probably just upload my favorites here, and then give you a link to the album so you can see them all if you want.

But holy shit. 204. I didn't know I had it in me...
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Mmkay, not a full con report just yet since I'm going tomorrow too, but so far, NYAF '09 IS AWESOME. If you, you know, didn't get that from my title/subject/thing.

Also, remember how I said that I was sick earlier? Well... I'm pretty much over the sickness. My voice still sounds like crap- not being helped by all the shouting at the con- but... I feel fine. I actually swear, I defeated my sickness through sheer willpower. I got sick, and I swore to myself that I'd be better by NYAF, because I am not being sick for a con... and I got better! My voice sounds terrible, but I seriously got better though willpower. It's awesome.  XD

Also, there will be a whole shitload of pictures soon. Like, a lot. Not as many as I'd have liked from today because about halfway through the day, MY CAMERA RAN OUT OF BATTERY... but still a lot.  XD
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So, you know how I said I was sick yesterday? HAHA YEAH IT'S GOTTEN WORSE. Not debilitatingly worse or anything, just enough that I felt absolutely disgusting at school today. My sore throat is mostly gone *knock on wood* but now my nose is sniffly, and my sinuses are a little clogged... could be worse, but it could be better too, you know?

On the other hand... NEW YORK ANIME FEST TOMORROW!!!!  8D


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