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Stole'd from [ profile] pyffamus_prime:

Comment here and I'll give four fandoms. You then have to write a new entry talking about your favourite character from each one!

The World Ends With You, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Axis Powers Hetalia and Fruits Basket )

I guess I just tend to like people who aren't quite as they seem. Which doesn't really seem too good for me, all in all.  XD

Also... since I finally have a webcam and I want to play with it...

Ask me a question! Any question! Or maybe give me a request- anything! Within reason, I'll do it/answer it. On camera. Because I can. Because I have it and want to play with it. So go crazy! And... if you've asked me a question on one of these before, but I never actually followed through and posted it because I've never posted a video of me to this before because I'm lazy, then go ahead and remind me of that, and I'm sorry.  XD
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Fandom based NaNoWriMo icons!! Only 10 of them, and quickly put together, but... well, enjoy them~

Also, requests are welcome! Requests got me into Fruits Basket, which I ended up loving~ Except for the ending... Akito so doesn't deserve to have... him... but I'm just a jealous fangirl. So go ahead and request away, if you like my work!

Rules of Use:
-Credit/Comments are loved, but not necissary.
-No hotlinking, please.
-...Just don't claim them as your own, and really, you can do whatever you like with them~
Icons under the cut to save your flists )
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Alright everyone, this one's fairly self-explanatory- it's not all of them, but here's a bunch of my favorite pics from New York Anime Fest '09!! If you don't want to deal with all of these here, I have them all up on my Facebook, if you wanna see it~

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So! Don't really have time for much of a post right here and now, because I'm not at home... but I just wanted to stop in and say hi to all you lovely people!

Oh, and welcome to everyone I've friended from the [ profile] theoregontrail friending meme!! Wow, it's been a while since I did a friending meme, hasn't it... not the point! Anyway, enjoy your stay- hope you can keep up with the crazy! All I ask is that you comment here and say hi, and maybe something about you if you want, so I can get to know you all a little more~

Huh... I'm going all Tohru Honda on everyone, aren't I? Eh... I just started rewatching the episodes of the anime that I have, and I just bought the second DVD... wish they had commentary, but... that's probably on the bigger DVDs that I can't afford...  ;;

Anyway, hello to everyone, and uh... yeah. I dunno. Just... hi.

Oh, and by the way? I now have a... working Shiki Misaki cosplay. Not a good one... but a working one. I need some brown fabric for shoe covers though... and to finish her shirt... but yeah. Pics may or may not be going up soon, depending on how much my internet decides to hate me.  XD
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ganked from [ profile] dudeandlulugirl:

1) Post a list of up to 20-15 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc.
2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character from each item.

1) Heroes Adam- [ profile] numaiei  & [ profile] crystaldrake 
2) Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko- [ profile] crystaldrake 
3) Ouran High School Host Club Kyouya- [ profile] numaiei  & [ profile] dudeandlulugirl 
4) Star Trek: The Next Generation Data- [ profile] ayanako 
5) Protector of the Small quartet Neal- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl "Threats are the last resort of a man with no vocabulary." "Well, I have a vocabulary, and I have often wished I could tie your tounge in a knot. Several of them. I can describe them, if you like."
6) Lord of the Rings Legolas- [ profile] crystaldrake 
7) Fruits Basket Shigure- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl 
8) The World Ends With You Joshua- [ profile] numaiei 
9) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Maya- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl & [ profile] squareorange 
10) Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (yes, I'm counting them as seperate series) Hobo!Nick- [ profile] squareorange 
11) Star Trek: The Original Series Spock- [ profile] squareorange 
12) Axis Powers Hetalia Japan- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl 
13) The Circle of Magic quartet Tris- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl 
14) Friends
15) House Chase- [ profile] numaiei, [ profile] dudeandlulugirl  & [ profile] crystaldrake 

These... well, most of them should really be fairly easy to guess, actually...  XD
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So. Um. This post is going to be very Fruits Basket centric. Just... you know. Letting you know.

So I bought the first part of the anime on DVD... and, well, I know I've heard that they change a lot of it at the end and all but... I still say it's awesome!! Granted, I am only 6 episodes into it but... seriously, I love this fandom.

Oh oh, and Shiki got accepted into [ profile] furubaverse!! And the first person to respond to her intro post was a Shigure!! And... well, all in all, it makes me very happy and stuff. Yeah. It's just full of teh awesome.

And [ profile] shinigami_mimi, I can't wait to see you tomorrow!! Yays for cosplay shopping!! I really need a wig for Shiki too, so it's perfect!  XD

Mmkay, I'm off to [ profile] furubaverse now. And a friend's house. For just, you know, general awesomeness.


Mar. 16th, 2009 06:52 pm
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So. After having it for over a year, I finally unwrapped my Data doll. It's because I actually saw The Littlest Edward at Borders, and now I seriously want to get him. So, I've been thinking... of doing a Secret Life of Dolls of my own, [ profile] cleolinda  style. Not exactly original, I know, but... fun.  XD

And. Um. HOMEWORK, WHY MUST YOU EAT MY LIFE SO??? Even if it is my fault for putting you off until you're late... WHY?!??

And Funimation is a bitch and needs to loosen up. Especially when it comes to Fruits Basket. I only saw the first episode with the proper dub, and now I can't find the dubbed second episode, and that's NOT OKAY, especially after I heard the voice actors who played Shigure and Yuki. I mean, they have sexy voices. And Kyo's is pretty spot on too. And... grah!!! Fine!! I'll just go watch the subbed version... damn fandom and it's capturing me in it's awesomeness...

And I've started my tags again. I totally went through them and took out ones I don't think I'll ever use and all and... well, why the hell not?


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