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I think the thing that I love so much about Doctor Who is the same thing I love so much about Star Trek. It's all futuristic sci-fi running about space and time and solving these universal problems and saving whole worlds and being extraordinary and taking on forces that seem like they're too big to ever defeat and you have to take the most extreme measures to beat them and you have to hurt yourself so you can avoid hurting others. Oh my goodness, sometimes you have to take losses. The kinds of losses that would crush most people.

But in spite of all of that, the show - both of them - is about hope. It's about hope, and it's about love, and it's about someone trying to do the right thing and perservering and winning in the end. It's about intelligence winning out over violence, it's about love winning out over hatred, and it's about the humanity of the characters... even the ones who technically aren't human.

They both assume that the human species hasn't entirely destroyed itself within the next 50 years. Global warming is a problem that we work through. Republicans and Democrats don't end up starting a civil war that turns nuclear and takes out the entire country, and then the world. North Korea doesn't start a nuclear war of it's own... in fact, for the most part, it assumes that we aren't destroyed by nuclear anythings.

They both believe in the power of humans to work together and prove how great we can be if we really try, not just how small.

They both assume the best of humans, not the worst.

And it's that kind of hope and love and belief in humanity that I want to live each day of my life with.  What kind of life is that, if you can't believe in those things?
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I've always loved NY, and I'm more than proud to be a New Yorker. Anyone who knows me knows this. But now, I love New York even more... and I'm even prouder to be a New Yorker.

In ending, I just leave you with this, ganked from [ profile] omgimsuchadork's post on the same subject~

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I'm still alive.

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So apparantly they're making a live action Ouran High School Host Club.

You know what? I'm pretty excited about this! The cast looks pretty good, I have faith in their ability to be the characters well, and assuming that the writing and directing works as well (which it should- Ouran is popular enough that they can get the best of both) it should be pretty amazing!

This is gonna be awesome. I so can't wait to see it!

Also. Also also also. Daito Shunsuke. I think I have a new favorite Japanese actor~ (He's the one who's supposed to be playing Kyouya. Does this really surprise anybody?  XD)
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She runs away for no reason, so he follows her anyway.
They make seperate turns at a fork in the street, and thus went in different directions.
They both ran straight through a parade.
He's the prince, but has no bodyguard or even anyone looking after him.
He completely ignores/forgets about his plans with Hermione.
At least one hour, maybe even two or three pass in a fifteen second chase sequence.
He finally finds her, and after staring at each other for a minute, she runs away... but this time, he can catch her hand and hold her there... even though she's physically his equal.
He hugs her, and she fights him. So he kisses her anyway.
Her wig just disappears. Literally, it simply vanishes so her hair can fall down.
No one even comes looking for her, even though she's the precious last heir of House Capulet.

The final sequence in episode 7 of Romeo X Juliet has so many problems to it.

But it's still one of the most romantic, sweetest, most beautiful scenes I've seen in fiction. Not just in anime, in fiction overall.

...I'll make a real post later. I know I haven't posted for nearly two weeks... but. This deserved saying. Because I love the anime of Romeo X Juliet so effing much.

That is all.  :D
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all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire."
"You are a daughter of kings. A shield maiden of Rohan. I do not think that will be your fate."
Hell, I would fall for Aragorn there too. Just sayin'. He could not have said anything more perfect to her right there.

So. Um. Guys suck and are made of such massive fail, especially when they insist on never opening up ever about anything. Oh, and ignoring everyone around them... like, refusing to even acknowledge their presence. Even when they're having an emotional crisis in the laundry room, and they're the only one there and there's no damn way they could have missed it but they just chose to stand there with their fucking headphones listening to music and ignoring me I mean what the hell is his problem.

...Um. Guys suck. And sometimes I feel like I picked the wrong guy to have a crush on.  DX

So... two of my friends left campus today, and I am going to miss them. A lot. I'll get to see them again over February break, but the missing them will still be there. A lot.

By the way, I'm just chilling here, in front of my computer, eating the New York pizza my friends brought me (even cold, it's better than the crap they serve here!) at about 1:30 in the morning. Fun times!

Ooh, so I went to the thrift store in Waltham on Saturday. And I came back to school with a really super cute denim skirt, a little cello figurine/music box for my dad, and a really gorgeous prom/formal dress that looks amazing on me that's barely even damaged (it IS a thrift store, after all)... and I got it all for only $15. I love everything.  :D


...Right. I can clearly no longer brain. I think it's time for me to go now.
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So I just finished watching the Golden Globes. (...Three hours after they finished, because I had to pack. Oh, TiVo. I love you so.)

...I swear, one day, I will be there. It may take a few years, the completion of my education, and a while of artist's poverty, but... I will be there myself. One day. One day soon. Relatively speaking, at least.

Meanwhile, it is 2 AM, and I now lay me down to sleep... to wake up in 7 hours to go back to Brandeis. 10:30 AM bus, why? Anyway... I'm excited to go back to school and see my friends and everything... but damn, am I going to miss New York. It is where I live, and where I belong.

Lastly, today there was karaoke. And it was awesome. And I just wanted to put that out there. That it was awesome, and everyone who was there makes me so many levels of happy inside like I can't even begin to describe.  :D

The Golden Globes. Give it a few years... but I'll be there.
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What Else Can We Talk About Besides Mad Libs and Menstrual Blood?

...I already promised a friend that, when I first released an autobiography of my infinately interesting life, that would be the title. Because it's a quote from an actual conversation I've had, and it's so awesome, I couldn't not.

So... I'm kind of in the process of discovering Arithmancy. It's not... I mean, I don't really believe that the numbers dictate who you are, but... it is an interesting and fun way of thinking about parts of your existing personality that you hadn't really considered before. And then seeing where the numbers do match up. For instance, using my real name, I'm a 3. The name Arthoniel is also a 3. New York is a 3. One of the people I kind of have a crush on right now is a 3. Both of my parents are 2s. (If you couldn't already tell, you're more compatible with someone who shares your character number.) And it's kinda fun, just doing that, and seeing what does and doesn't match up~ I wanna try working on personality profiles and things next, just to see how accurate it can be. If you want me to do one for you too, just let me know, and give me the name you want me to work with- we can do it in a PM, should you prefer~

Lastly... I've noticed that a lot of my friends, particularly here on LJ, have been going through some tough times, recently. And I'm sorry... and if there's anything I can do to make you guys feel any better, just let me know, mmkay?

Also, if you're into voice actors like I am... check it out. It's kind of beautiful.  XD
And if you're not, but you ARE into musicals/Disney/things that are awesome... this is more the thing for you~
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I could've made an LJ post about how awesome I am that I read all seven Harry Potter books in roughly as many days.

I could've made an LJ post along the same vein about how I found so much Harry Potter-related stuff in my room from when I was younger, and how I realized that I was, in fact, a Good Kid. Because, without even realizing it, I was a total nerd back then too.

I could've made an LJ post about how super special mega foxy awesome hot Robert Downey Jr. is, and how there really is just no look he can't pull off. I might've then mentioned how I finally saw Tropic Thunder the other day, and fansqueed over blond, blue-eyed RDJ with an Australian accent.

I could've made an LJ post about how we're getting Snowpocalypse Part II up here in New York, and how I've never known it to snow so much in one winter. Or, if I have, it was a while ago, and I don't really remember it. While discussing that, I might've mentioned that I'm glad that the NYC snow plows are actually doing their job this time around... because the plows are constantly scraping the street beneath my window. But at least this time around people won't die because cars can't get places due to snow.

I could've made an LJ post about the tragedy in Arizona this weekend and how, when I first heard about it, I ran to the internet, trying to find out what's going on... and when I saw the details, before I the sadness, shock, and horror could set in, my first thought was "Oh thank god, it's not too many people. It's not like a place got bombed again." and how that thought then disturbed the crap out of me.

I could've made an LJ post that would've been similar to the previous one, but with a different tone as it discussed Jon Stewart's response to what happened in Arizona, and how he's really an incredible writer and speaker at times.

I could've made an LJ post about the flooding in Brisbane, and how scary somelthing like that is, and how I hope everyone's okay.

I could've posted about any of those things. But I didn't. Why not?

Because THIS has taken over my brain. And it is amazing. If you are a guy, or have ever heard guys going off about how difficult it is to remove women's clothing, or are a girl, then it is worth a look. It won't take but 5 seconds of your time! And it'll make your day that much brighter~
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I could keep going in this vein, but I think I ought to stop here and now.  XD

...The best part? That's all off the top of my head. I could keep going without checking the actual lyrics, too. Because this (and all of The Lonely Island's stuff) is on my iPod.

A life? What's that?

ANYWAY. Um. I would have more of a substantial post, but... 2 AM. That's kind of now. And I'm waking up at 9 AM. So I'd better get to sleep.  ^_^;;
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...Be Prepared is playing on my Pandora channel. I hope it's not a sign or an omen.  XD

Anyway, happy new year, everyone!

I seem to be the only one who thinks so, but 2010 was a fabulous year, at least for me. I graduated high school, went to college, met some amazing people there (<3), started going to some new cons... had my first kiss... 2010 was really pretty good to me.

Here's looking at an even more amazing 2011!

I mean, I certainly look awesome enough for it. I got dressed up for the new year, even though I was just with my family, and... well, one thing that I will be doing is I will be bringing more dresses with me to school, so I can just wear them every so often. I am a beautiful woman- I should show myself off! In pretty dresses. But I got dressed up, and I look amazing. Clearly, the new year should be just as awesome as I look. Because that's totally how that works.  XD

Aight, I'm done now. But. I hope you all have the most amazing year. I have so much love for you all, and I hope you all feel it.  <3
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I'm sorry about this double post.

No, actually, I'm not really.

But anyway:


That is all.
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Oh, mistakes and misunderstandings. You so funny. Basically, if you saw my last (now heavily friends-locked) entry... it's all resolved and okay now. Just so you know~

In other news... two things that I saw recently that were awesome.

The Nutcracker. I love living in New York, since that fact allows me to do things every so often like go to Lincoln Center and see the New York Ballet's The Nutcracker and... sldfjdljsdflkdjs it was so beautiful and the music is so iconic and sldjfsdlfjsd. It was wonderful. Especially how there are children in it. I am a bumbling, fumbling, idiot child who can't walk across a flat surface properly... and then the adults... well, there is a reason that the ballet is so famous. It was simply extraordinary. Although, if you look up a synopsis of the story of The Nutcracker... it is the trippiest story ever. I'm just sayin'.

Tangled. SLDKFJSLDKFJSDL THIS IS WHY I LOVE DISNEY. I wanna go see it again. And again. And again. It was so good. It was everything I love about Disney- the only difference is that it was computer animated, and not hand drawn. But. sldfkjsdlkjfs SO GOOD. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

I started re-reading the Harry Potter series yesterday. It has become my winter break project to re-read all of Harry Potter, read Othello, finish re-playing TWEWY, and re-play Ace Attorney: Investigations. So I started yesterday. I'm already halfway through Chamber of Secrets. I've so got this.

...Huh. I've been rambling on for a bit, haven't I? Aight. I'll shut up now.  :D

ETA: Lawl, I lied. I'm bored. So have a meme!


Under a cut, to save your flists~ )


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Random musings since my brain is not in a place where I can write out full paragraphs and stuff.

-I love my high school. I love going back to visit. Especially since so many of my friends there are younger than me, and thus, still there. But I'm glad it's over, and that I'm in college now.
-My Disney Pandora channel is giving me less and less actual Disney. First it was all the songs from Disney movies that I liked... and then it became covers of those songs by other people, which wasn't ideal, but wasn't bad... and then it was Glee which I couldn't dislike, but wasn't quite what I was going for... but now, getting an actual Disney song is significantly rarer. And that's not cool. I'm considering deleting the channel and just starting over with it again. Because... I have not had a Disney song for the past, like, seven songs. (I'm listening to it now, if that wasn't already obvious.)
-Someone truly awesome made marshmallows, and gave me a bit of them. They were amazing and Earl Grey flavored and I loved them. The only thing about them that makes me at all sad is that they are gone now, and I no longer have any. But they were still really super cool.  :D
-I recently got an idea for a new stand-up sketch that I think could be really good if I can just refine it some. And by some, I mean a lot. But it's a really good idea, and I really wanna work on it.
-I absolutely adore my HTP friends. Some of us went out to see Julie Taymor's film adaptation of The Tempest, and it was very much made of happy. It's the trippiest Shakespeare that I've ever seen. But oh my god, so good. And then I saw it with some of my favorite people ever, and it just was very much happy tiemz, and I love all of you. (Yay being vague with names and identities on the internet!)  <3
-In fact, in general, I have been getting a lot of love recently. An almost disproportionate amount of love, but... I'm feeling very happy in general with life right about now. I love my friends, especially now that I have friends who respect me and show me their affection, I love the holiday season which helps bring all of this out in all of us, and I love all of you. All of you. You all help make me this kind of happy, and it's just wonderful and... I don't really have words for it in my slightly brain-dead state, but... I'm very happy, and it's you guys who bring me to this level of awesome.  :)
-Whoa. I guess I can do paragraphs a little more than I thought I could.
-Walking will be happening a lot tomorrow as I walk from my house all the way down to the fashion district and back to get holiday presents... and I don't want to pay train fare. But it's good for me! It's good exercise! ...Besides, it also means that if I don't spend all of the money I've allotted for holiday presents, that is ample excuse for me to let myself go to Jamba Juice with the rest of my money and get their limited edition Berried 'n Chocolate flavor smoothie, which is just so good and I love it.
-Equals Three is awesome. It's a web show on YouTube, and... yeah, just YouTube search Equals Three and watch it. It's really funny. And should you care, I can post links to my favorite episodes from it. I mean, I have literally cried from laughing because of it. ...Also, the guy who does it lives in New York, just down the block from a friend of mine, so you just know that it's awesome.
-I've finally seen all of Firefly. slkdfjdslkjfsd IT'S SO GOOD. I really wanna get the DVDs now too... but yes. It's just such a good series. And Nathan Fillion is a beautiful, A+ human being.

...I've gotten to the point where I'm just rambling about the first thing that comes to mind. Also, Go The Distance just came up on my Pandora channel, so I'll stop now.

But yes. TL;DR... I love you all, you guys. You make me very happy. All of you.  <3

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Still Gleeking out over Glee. Also still haven't seen more than the first four episodes. But I thought it was relevant to mention, as it is my subject header.

I am so productive tonight!! I finished my NaNoWriMo and won the contest, I did work on my Spanish oral exam (although I need to study more and make notecards and stuff... but that'll probably happen more in the morning than now) and I sent out the Fullmusical Alchemist callbacks. I am so awesome.

Tomorrow will involve work on me finally really editing the FMuA script, and working on my Juliet app for Paradisa. Oh, and Chanukka.

As the holidays begin tomorrow, by the way... happy holidays, everyone!!  8D
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So you know what's awesome?

Literally at the eleventh hour (with exactly fifteen minutes to spare), winning NaNoWriMo.

Like I just did.

That's what's awesome.
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In my new (and final) UWS essay, I literally begin the essay with a Spider-Man quote. I then continue on to talk about Star Trek. Finally, I write the essay itself about Stephen Colbert and how awesome he is. This is actually kinda cool.

Macaroni and cheese is surprisingly comfortable to sleep on.

Chocolate covered cookie dough bites are delicious.

I can't wait to spend the holiday season in New York~
...That being said, I wish it were warm. I miss warm. I want warm.

I don't have my first class tomorrow. So instead, I can sleep in. Ish. Still gotta get up at 10 to work on my paper/NaNoWriMo. But I can sleep in. Ish.

I got a friend hooked on Least I Could Do, and am now proud of myself.

I always find myself liking guys who are inaccessable. And the best part is? When a guy who is even remotely acceptable likes me, it scares the living crap out of me. Even if I kinda had a thing for him a little bit a little while back, that's almost entirely gone now, but... it could just be me going crazy from lack of sleep because LOL NANOWRIMO, but... what the hell. Just, what the hell. In conclusion: Guys are confusing, and BLAH RELATIONSHIP ISSUES WHY DO THEY EXIST WHEN THEY'RE NOT EVEN A THING?? (...It's 2:30 in the morning, shut up about my awful writing skills because IT'S 2:30 IN THE MORNING.) In my other conclusion: I only ever like guys who don't/can't like me back, and it sucks. Clearly, I are masochist. Hear me roar.

I actually used the phrase "See... Adam was secretly a ninja" in my novel. No, I'm not kidding. THAT IS HOW BAD MY STORY IS. God, I hate my NaNo this year. That being said... I'm at 43,380 words. I may yet actually do this. It will be one of the most extraordinary things that has ever happened to me if I can manage to pull this off.  XD

Right. My UWS paper. I got this. I should at least finish the intro and an outline...  ;;

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SO I FINALLY STARTED GLEE. (Took me long enough, right?) HOLY CRAP. This is a show that is tailor made for me, and I love it. Like, words cannot even begin to express the level of adoration I have for it. IT'S SO GOOD. I've only seen the first few episodes, but... it's so good. Kurt is definately my favorite thus far. Granted, I'm only four episodes in, but... sldfkjsdlkjfdsl I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

...I don't know if I'm hormonal or what, but the rest of this is just personal emo shit that I'm just gonna let out here. Please, feel free to ignore it in favor of spazzing over the utter amazingness that is Glee.

Emo Family Bullcrap )

Emo Friends Bullcrap )
Emo Relationships Bullcrap )
...Wow. That was one hell of an emo bitchingpost... but I do feel better after letting it all out.

Yeah. Writing isn't happening tonight either. It's just not. I'll have to write like all hell tomorrow though. Two days. 15k words. Think I can do it?  :D

And feel free to ignore everything else in this post for squeeing over Glee, too. Just don't spoil me for anything, plzkthx~

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I could've written here about how my NaNoWriMo is pretty much a lost cause at this point, as I'm still only at 35k, I thoroughly dislike my story, and I have a life to deal with. But that's not going to happen.

I could've written here about how awesome my day in the City was today by virtue of it just being a day in the City and how happy my New York makes me. But that's not going to happen.

I could've written here about how ridiculously sweet my brother can be with just... everything. And I will get to that later. But that's not going to happen.

In fact, none of those things could even come close to happening right now. Because today, I was finally shown a clip of Darren Criss on Glee. And guys, I think I'm in love. I mean, he's just... he's so good and lsdkjfdsdlk. Seriously, watch this video and tell me you're not falling for him yourself. He's just. Omigod he's so awesome.

For those of you who don't recognize him, by the way, here's a hint as to who you may recognize him as instead: He was Harry in A Very Potter Musical.  :D

And now... hell, I don't even really watch Glee (yet) but... oh my god. He's just. He's just so good.

Right. I'll stop going off about him now. But. sldkjfsldk HE'S SO GOOD AND LSKJDFKSD. I LOVE HIM.
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So today is/was Thanksgiving for us Amurikuns.

I am in literal pain over eating a bit too much. That being said, it has been pretty alright.

I got multiple "happy Thanksgiving"s today too via text message/Facebook. Like, actually towards me, not just a general status. And... I don't care if it was a mass text or whatever, but they all made me feel so ridiculously special like I don't even.


I would go through a long, corny list of what I'm thankful for, but I believe that we should all appreciate what we have all the time, not just on a few specific days, so... yeah. Also, because I'm already tired, and I still have to work on my NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo approximate word count: a little over 30k. That means I wrote about 4,000 words last night when I couldn't sleep. I therefore went to sleep at around 4:30 in the morning, but. 4,000 WORDS. I think that says enough.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, and I am excited. Just sayin'.

...Yeah, even I don't know what I'm talking about anymore. I'm finding it difficult to not lapse into a turkey-induced coma... so I'll go now.

I love you all, by the way. Just so you know.


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