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So, as it turns out, I do remember how to like someone in real life. And that is all I will say on the matter.  :D

I'm getting into Firefly now. I knew it was only a matter of time after I saw how many people around me absolutely adore it, but... it's finally happening. And... sdlfjsldifjsdl OH MY GOD IT'S SO GOOD. Why did Fox cancel it? Oh, right, because they're a collective bitch. But... IT'S SO GOOD.  8D
...And now I totally agree with that XKCD comic, and would pay good money to go see the action film "River Tam Kills Everybody."  XD

Tomorrow I have to finish up a paper on magical thinking. That would be funny if I were kidding. I'm already not doing an extra credit assignment for Spanish because I tried to write it, but... ugh. I'm not... I'm getting sleep tonight. I just am.

OH OH OH I DIDN'T TELL YOU GUYS. I got a keyboard for Chanukka recently!! Like, a piano keyboard! She is beautiful and I love her and I'm still not sure what to name her, but... sldfkjsdlkj I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER SO MUCH. (Yes, my keyboard is a she.)

Hot tea is my savior. Especially as I think I'm getting sick. And sore throats are literally the bane of my existance. Anything else I can deal with. Sore throats... gah, I hate them. A lot.

Finally, I don't care how much I've raved about it before... but slkfjdslf THE ROMEO X JULIET SOUNDTRACK IS SO, SO GORGEOUS.  8D
...Just sayin'.
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Eee, it comes out today!!! Even if I won't get it until Thursday, maybe tomorrow because I ordered it off of Amazon, it's still awesome~

I think I'm coming down with a cold and I do not approve of this. Like, my slight hintings of a sore throat need to go away now. Because I hate sore throats more than any other sickness symptom- they're so bad, and it's not like you can do anything to relieve it. I mean, it's not like you can avoid the area like you can with a cut or something. You just have to drink hot tea and deal with it and hope it goes away soon and be helpless and I hate that.

I got some more work on the SOOPER SEEKRIT PRAHJECKT done today~ Soon you guys might even be able to know what it is! XD

The English version of You Raise Me Up from Romeo X Juliet is quite possibly one of the most romantic songs ever. Just putting it out there.

Oh, and I'm two days late in saying it, but happy Valentine's Day, you guys~ I hope yours were wonderful! I love you all so very, very much, and I felt like I should share that. Because, despite anyone's views on it, Valentine's Day is about love- romantic, platonic or otherwise. And I love you guys. So I felt it worked. Happy Valentine's Day~
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sldfkjsdj THE YANKEES GAME. It's totally insane... BUT WE'RE GONNA WIN IT!!


...Sorry. That was necissary though.  XD

Beyond that... I'm actually outlining my NaNoWriMo novel this year. I'm going to know where I'm going with it and everything- it's pretty intense.  XD

My cough needs to go away. Like, now. I've had it for literally weeks and... urg, I don't approve. Oh well... it could be worse. It could be the full-blown bronchitis I had a few weeks ago...

Which, incidentally, I'm presenting on tomorrow. In my Diagnosing Disease class, we all had to pick an infectious disease and present on it... and I'm doing bronchitis. Yays for irony!!  XD

I'm... finally learning the Hare Hare Yukai. Or rather, I'm trying to. I kind of fail at dance- at memorizing steps and what order they go in and everything. But I'm getting there- I don't fail nearly as badly at it as I could be. ...Even if it is only the short version... shut up!! I just suck at dance... but this is something I feel like I should know.

Lastly, because this deserves repeating...

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Mmkay, not a full con report just yet since I'm going tomorrow too, but so far, NYAF '09 IS AWESOME. If you, you know, didn't get that from my title/subject/thing.

Also, remember how I said that I was sick earlier? Well... I'm pretty much over the sickness. My voice still sounds like crap- not being helped by all the shouting at the con- but... I feel fine. I actually swear, I defeated my sickness through sheer willpower. I got sick, and I swore to myself that I'd be better by NYAF, because I am not being sick for a con... and I got better! My voice sounds terrible, but I seriously got better though willpower. It's awesome.  XD

Also, there will be a whole shitload of pictures soon. Like, a lot. Not as many as I'd have liked from today because about halfway through the day, MY CAMERA RAN OUT OF BATTERY... but still a lot.  XD
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So, you know how I said I was sick yesterday? HAHA YEAH IT'S GOTTEN WORSE. Not debilitatingly worse or anything, just enough that I felt absolutely disgusting at school today. My sore throat is mostly gone *knock on wood* but now my nose is sniffly, and my sinuses are a little clogged... could be worse, but it could be better too, you know?

On the other hand... NEW YORK ANIME FEST TOMORROW!!!!  8D


Sep. 23rd, 2009 07:24 pm
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Sore throats are the single most annoying thing in the world to me.

Even more than my brother. Even more than homework. Even more than getting interruped as I speak. (My biggest pet peeve right there, not even kidding- you do that too often, and I will get pissed.)

It's because I can't do anything about them. I'm in pain, and I can't really eat or drink, and it's pissing me the hell off, and I'm UTTERLY HELPLESS. I hate being helpless.

It also means I can't really speak or sing, so the voice post/video meme is going to have to be delayed a day. (That's also partially because I can't find my microphone... but that's beside the point.)

On the other hand, GMSN is so amazing... and it's really nice to know that even though I'm still pretty new, my Maya and I are already loved there. I was talking with the Phoenix there, and she (the mun's female) said...


So basically, my life kind of rocks. Even though I'm in pain. Which is the opposite of rocking... but I dunno, I'll have some tea or something. I'll see.
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Gotham Kids 'n' Comedy Workshop: 2 days!! XD
Yankees vs. Indians playoff game: 2 days!! LET'S GO YANKEES LET'S GO!!! *clap clap clap*
No School Because of Columbus Day: 3 days!!!
Heroes: 3 days!!
House: 4 days!!
30 Rock: 6 days!!
Avatar The Last Airbender, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 4: A week... :)

Yes, I have had the brilliant idea to, are you ready for this?, put non-TV related things on my countdowns!! *"El gasp! I have been discovered!"*

And I feel like a total idiot, but I actually don't know the title to next week's episode of Avatar... someone help me? *hides under a rock in shame*

And I'm so happy I'm finally over my cold, so I could go catch another one screaming and fangirling over Avatar!!

Okay, I have a zillion fandoms to do, but I'm going to hold off on one of them until I finish it... there's 30 Rock which was yesterday, Avatar, and the fourth book in the Uglies Trilogy- Extras. Clearly, I'm waiting until I finish Extras. But to everyone out there, the whole series is absolutely fantastic, and if you get the chance, and you haven't already, you have to read it.  XD

Now, onto the fangirlery!!

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30 Rock: TOMORROWSQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar the Last Airbender, Book 3 Fire, Chapter 3 The Painted Lady: 2 DAYSTHANKGODISONEEDIT...
Heroes: 5 days
House: 6 days

So non-TV spoilery stuff first:

Not entirely over my cold yet, I still have a sore throat and everything... honestly today I was just well enough to go to school, so I completely crashed in last period American History. I nearly fell asleep and everything...

Also, my icons are up over at [profile] avatar_fans!! Here's the link for all you lovely people:

I am such a Narcissus... and I know I probably spelt his name wrong.

Lastly, I was thinking of making a fanmix, but I don't have a particular focus yet... suggestions? It would probably be an Avatar fanmix, because Avatar screenshots are usually easier to photoshop for the cover, but I don't know. Any ideas are welcome, and will be credited!!  XD

And now... what you've all been waiting for... Heroes and House spoilers reactions!!!


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