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FINALLY UPLOADED ALL OF MY OTAKON PICS TO FACEBOOK. Here, have a link~ It's friends locked on Facebook though, just fyi. And... if you guys want, I can upload a few of the best and my favorite pics here to LJ too. Not that many- I don't want to break LJ. But... a few~

Also... sent in the Paradisa app for Shiki, Jonesy. AFTER ALL, I SWORE ON SHAKESPEARE. I just had to get it done. I had to. Once again, I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.
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God, I'm so bored. WTF is this shit.

Sylvia (my old computer) is making it ridiculously difficult to upload my Otakon pics. I would transfer them over to Alphonse (my new computer) but... even THAT takes too long (when I finally do transfer files over from Sylvia to Alphonse, it'll literally take two days) and the files are too big to put on a USB drive and transfer over manually. Well, not too big, but there are too many of them...

Whatever. What I'm trying to say here is... WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG FOR ME TO UPLOAD MY OTAKON PICS? Oh, right. Because my old computer sucks. I'm so glad I have Alphonse now.

I should be working on Fullmusical Alchemist. But I have no idea what to do with the Lab 5 arc. I mean, I kind of do, but... ugh, it's so long and annoying. Even if I'm making it leagues shorter... nonetheless, I don't like it. And I'd cut it out entirely, but it's just way too important.  :/


...She's still not going. I swear, she's stuck her head in the oven.  =|

......Oh right, I have my Paradisa app to work on. I did promise, after all. That's something to do. I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE THIS, JONESY.

Icons time!

Aug. 5th, 2010 02:09 am
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So I'm completely redoing all of my icons. Finally. I mean, since I lost my paid account, I just haven't had the range or selectiont that I've needed...

And I realized that I am severely lacking in Joshua icons. I only have, like, six of them. And none of them are exactly the right one that I want. So I'm gonna go search for some.

I also need more happy icons.

And thus far, I have way more Ace Attorney icons than anything else... even Ouran. Which is strange. That may also have to be rectified... but I also need icons from other fandoms and hgnnsdfhgh.

It's so difficult trying to get the exact right assortment of icons. Although that may just be because it's two in the morning. Fun times!  XD

Also, I downloaded my Otakon pics onto my computer... so they'll be uploaded here soon~ ...By which I really mean onto DA and Facebook... and maybe a few of the best ones will go here. But only a few.  ^_^;;

Fff, finally finished with the redoing of all of my icons! I love how, once I've changed them all, all of my old icons change to my new default icon instead of saving as they were. My default icon is of Sebastian Michaelis though, so I don't think anyone can really complain all too much though.  XD

Right. Anyway, it's four in the morning now, so I'll stop and I'll actually, finally go to bed. Fun times!  XD
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I'm gonna spend tomorrow running around like a madwoman. Gotta get State ID (since I don't have a driver's liscense), go to the drug store, finish sewing/painting for my Lenalee touch-ups...

And possibly also going to the TKTS booth and getting tickets to a show. Since it IS a special occassion.

But all the running around is worth it, even if it IS on tomorrow.

Because it's for Otakon. And I am so massively excited for that like you have no idea.

Even if I can't make, like, half of my photoshoots due to certain panels with certain voice actors going on at the same time. To the point where I literally have to make a schedule for it. It's still worth it.  XD

Fifty-one minutes until I'm a major now.  XD
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I've realized recently... I like having psychic readings done for me. Stuff like tarot cards, reading my palms, etc. I mean, I'm not sure I believe that they can really divine my future (I don't think the future is a set thing, after all. I believe in our free will, and our futures are constantly changing and in flux, based on the decisions that we make... but that's something for another discussio) but... I do enjoy having them done. They're kind of... relaxing, in a way. And I feel like they make you think about aspects of your personality that you haven't already thought of before. I should get into that kind of stuff more. Or, rather, have a friend get into it and then do readings for me.  XD (In case you're wondering... [ profile] _superherogirl_, when you did that personality and soul card reading for me months ago, I saved that... so I was re-reading it just now, and thinking about it, which is what brought this on~)

Durararararararararararararararara is really pretty good. Kind of annoys me that the guy in there with the long, black hair and the glasses who... really, just the guy who's a Kyouya Ootori-lookalike except... not rich... anyway, that guy is a kidnapping bastard. It's really too bad. Because he is pretty. *sighs* Oh well. I do enjoy how the series has references to anything ever all over the place, so that's pretty nice~ I only just started the series though- I've only watched up to episode 7- so... no spoilers, please!

I have no idea if Black Butler II is a prequel, sequel, or AU to Black Butler. I really just can't tell. But it has pretty guys running around doing awesome things, so I can't really care.

I could really go for some verification that I'm desirable right about now. Not that I don't think I'm pretty, but it would be nice if someone who wasn't one of the creepers in the New York cosplay community really wanted me. In lieu of that, I would like a chocolate milkshake. And, naturally, I can have neither. Isn't that the way it always goes?  ^_^;;
^ I think what I'm trying to say here is that... I would like to have a real crush on someone. Someone who isn't, you know, twice my age... and is actually a real prescence in my life.  :/

Cosplays I am adding to my list of people to cosplay:
Miria Harvent- Baccano! (This is under the condition that I can find an Issac... but I may make the costume anyway, just because I can.
Giselle- Enchanted. I mean, it'd be so perfect for me. I even live in New York... and almost all of the sets you see there are real places in New York City! Plus, I sing. So it'll be my (first?) Disney princess cosplay!  XD

Oh, and I got my new laptop yesterday. (Well, two days ago by this point.)
I can't connect it to the internet just yet since I don't have any virus protection on it (we're not supposed to get any since Brandeis will give it to us) but once I can connect it to the internet, it will be awesome. So on that note, I would like everyone's AIMs and Skypes.
Did I tell you, by the way? I got a Skype~ I can't really go on it on Sylvia (this computer), but I should have a working enough internet on my new lappy to do so!
Which, by the way, still doesn't have a name. I knew what I wanted to name it when we first ordered it... but then I forgot.  DX I'll come up with something though.
Also, pictures of it will probably come soon as well~


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On the side of my screen, there's an ad for French's. I don't know what French's is, or what it does, or why one would buy it, but... HEEHEE FRANCE. Also, there are potatoes on that ad, and they look delicious.

-Began and finished Fullmetal Alchemist.
-Began and caught up to the dub of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and bought the DVDs of the first part. (Episodes 1-13)
-Finished Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, and watched the first two episodes of Kuroshitsuji II. (Damn, what the hell, Alois?? That's just... no. But UNF CLAUDE. Honestly, overall, not quite as much as Sebastian... but still, unf.)
-Began and finished Baccano. (And now I am totally going to cosplay either Ennis or Mira. I would need someone to be my Firo or Issac, respectively, but... yes.) ([ profile] starsandtildes, I hope you're reading this~)

-Pretty much finished my Uzuki cosplay. I just need to dye the gloves and I'll be done. (Jonesy, I hope you're reading this~)
-Set up my plans for Otakon.
-Flailed muchly over a certain VA that everyone knows I'm in love with.

I think I have had a productive... er... length of time.  XD
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Wow... I had so much stuff to post about, and then... I forgot most of it...  ^_^;;

So, guess what I'll be doing the weekend of Otakon?? I'll be visiting a college I'm only marginally interested in while staying in a hotel room with my parents so I'll be staying up all night... unable to fall asleep because my dad snores so loudly. That is not how I wanted to stay up all night that weekend...

But there. Why rant? Instead I'll talk about how awesome [info]theoregontrail is. I mean, I am such a 90's kid in that I remember and love The Oregon Trail videogames, and absolutely adored Computers in elementary school just because I got to play it then. I even became a Monitor for after school Computers so I could play it more. ...And then my brother went and scratched up my copy of Oregon Trail II, making it significantly harder to play, but... it's still awesome!!

I think I need to stop hanging around so much. I got an account there and all, and... I can't stop going on!! I think I have a problem...  ^_^;;

Sarah Palin resigned the governorship of Alaska. All I want to know is... when she leaves the governor's mansion, will she still be able to see Russia from her house? I'M SORRY. IT WAS TOO EASY.

And. Um. There's going to be a new Secret Life of Dolls up soon!! I've just been... lazy recently.

Gah. You know the moment I log off or something, I'm going to remember 20 or so things I wanted to post about. So for now, I'll just stop... and hopefully I'll remember them and post about them later...  XD


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