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I finally updated all of my music on Alphonse (my computer) and put the new iTunes on Alexander (my iPod). It's weird... I found that I have all of this music I didn't even know I had! Songs like Stairway to Heaven are on my computer... and I have no memory of buying or downloading them. I mean, I'm not complaining! They were probably just on some giftmix that a friend gave me and I forgot about... but nonetheless.

Also, I forgot to mention... I'm employed! On Friday of AnimeNEXT I got a call from AMC Theatres at 68th street, I went in for an interview on Monday... and this coming Monday, I start training to be part of the Film Crew at my favorite movie theatre! I'm pretty excited. I'll actually have money!  8D

I finally got to go fabric shopping yesterday, so I've been sewing a ton yesterday and today, to the point where I would say that the main part of my Ginny Weasley cosplay is done by this point~ I'm pretty pleased... it's gonna look pretty good, too!

I had other stuff I wanted to post about, but I forgot it. Back to more sewing, I suppose!
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All I will say is, as a Hetalia fan, soon I will be able to use the phrase "THE SHIT HATH HITTETH THE FAN... ETH." And, as much as I love my fandom, I will defend FUNimation to the death~

In other news... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!! Congrats on turning 234! And happy Independance Day to all other Americans on my flist~

I'm going to be in Hartford, Connecticut next weekend. But I can't go to ConnectiCon. I find this ridiculously ironic. But I'll still be at Otakon! Bought my ticket last night~ Now I just need to get my bus tickets, and find out how much I'll owe my friend for the room she's letting me stay in with her...  :D

So I had a dream last night where I was dating Jackson Rathbone. And it was... strange. But stranger still was that it wasn't entirely unpleasant. I am confuse.

P.S. I (read: my dad) ordered my new laptop today. It'll be here, at the latest, on the 22nd. And it's awesome.  *_*

ETA: P.P.S. Also... I dunno if I mentioned this already, but... I'm watching Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time now. (Starting with the original series.) And it's AWESOME. And UNF ROY MUSTANG. And episodes 6, 13, and 37 are pretty much the best things ever. And I'm totally cosplaying Riza Hawkeye now.  :D

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Whoever said that a teenager's life is a rollercoaster of emotions was wrong. It's a huge rollercoaster of emotions. No, it's beyond that, but we haven't invented anything more tipsy and turvy and curvy and wierd than that. Maybe I'm just PMSing, but still...
In just one hour, I have felt that my life ought to be a sitcom, I've been very happy, very annoyed, very wierd, very in love, and very much missing Center School. So basically I'm just confused.

And I know it's taken me forever to get to this, but I got my report card back, and my grades were good so THE TIMER WAS TAKEN OFF MY COMPUTER!!!!! Well, not entirely, I can only be on from 8 in the morning to 11 at night, and it's only for the summer that we're trying this out, so if I'm on here all the time then the timer will be put back on, but still it's off and I'm free! I'm almost like every other person my age in terms of privilages!
And I missed camp today because I had to go to school. I know, fun. I'm actually kind of pissed off that I missed a whole day of camp to not hear my teachers giving out awards that I didn't get. And with my luck, auditions are tomorrow, so I didn't know they were coming up. However, I'll still try. I can sing the part that I think our director is going to want us to do pretty well, and I think I can read the parts well. It's just the dance: I don't get dance to begin with, and the dance our choreographer taught us yesterday was particularly annoying to learn. Especially in 90+ degree weather without an air conditioner. I really got spoiled last year, with the AC in our studio and not having a junior group, so we were the only group doing our show. I will simply have to rough it this year... and bring lots of water.

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I suppose that's kind of self-explanatory... my computer has been dying for ages, why should now be any different?
Despite my computeral difficulties, I had fun today. I had my Birthday/Graduation/Thank-Goodness-We-Made-It-Through-Freshman-Year-Alive Party yesterday and today (it was a sleepover) and it was very fun. All my guests managed to... feel some sort of strong emotion, although the way they got there will go with me to my grave. But beyond that, it was still fun and I took pictures and everything, although most of them were this morning, because I don't really like taking pictures during events... I feel it sometimes takes away from the moment... but I still managed to take a disposable camera full of them. They will be going on the internet sometime within the week.
And camp starts tomorrow! I'm so excited! I bought a million snacks for the bus and all because if I've learned nothing else during my previous 3 years at Usdan, it's that you always want snacks. I went to Duene Reade though, and for some reason they couldn't take Mom's $5 rewards thing with my club card, so I ended up spending an extra $5. Fun. But snacks are worth it anyway, so I'll live...


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