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all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire."
"You are a daughter of kings. A shield maiden of Rohan. I do not think that will be your fate."
Hell, I would fall for Aragorn there too. Just sayin'. He could not have said anything more perfect to her right there.

So. Um. Guys suck and are made of such massive fail, especially when they insist on never opening up ever about anything. Oh, and ignoring everyone around them... like, refusing to even acknowledge their presence. Even when they're having an emotional crisis in the laundry room, and they're the only one there and there's no damn way they could have missed it but they just chose to stand there with their fucking headphones listening to music and ignoring me I mean what the hell is his problem.

...Um. Guys suck. And sometimes I feel like I picked the wrong guy to have a crush on.  DX

So... two of my friends left campus today, and I am going to miss them. A lot. I'll get to see them again over February break, but the missing them will still be there. A lot.

By the way, I'm just chilling here, in front of my computer, eating the New York pizza my friends brought me (even cold, it's better than the crap they serve here!) at about 1:30 in the morning. Fun times!

Ooh, so I went to the thrift store in Waltham on Saturday. And I came back to school with a really super cute denim skirt, a little cello figurine/music box for my dad, and a really gorgeous prom/formal dress that looks amazing on me that's barely even damaged (it IS a thrift store, after all)... and I got it all for only $15. I love everything.  :D


...Right. I can clearly no longer brain. I think it's time for me to go now.
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Why the hell did I work so hard in school, try so hard to do well in all of my classes, if my grades can't even get me into the colleges I'm applying to? Why did I waste so much time on that crap?

Amherst- No
Brandeis- Wait listed
Wesleyan- No
Trinity- Haven't heard back from yet
Northwestern- No
SUNY Binghamton- Haven't heard back from yet
SUNY Albany- Yes
SUNY Purchase (Acting conservatory)- No
CUNY Macaulay Honors (at Hunter College)- No

I just don't understand why I wasted so much time, so much of my life, if I can't even get this.

I have a nearly straight-A average, I got two fours and a five (all out of five) on the APs I took, with score choice (and nearly all of the colleges I applied to use score choice) on the SATs I have a composite score of 2120, with one of the parts of that being a perfect 800... and I worked so hard to get all that. Why did I even bother?


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