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Title: Plans
Fandom: The World Ends With You
Characters/Pairings: Joshua, Hanekoma, discusses Neku and Shiki... and there can be Neku/Shiki if you look for it. It doesn't have to be there... but if you want it to exist, it's not not there. (Does that make any sense?)
Warnings: Spoilers for everything. Everything. The secret reports and all.
Author's Note: This was written for the TWEWY Secret Santa exchange for [ profile] ironside! I am horribly, horribly late in posting it, and I'm so, so sorry that I'm so late with it!! But, um, better late than never, y/y?  ^_^;; Anyway, here it is... and even though it's late, I hope you still enjoy it!  :D


Plans )
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Oh, mistakes and misunderstandings. You so funny. Basically, if you saw my last (now heavily friends-locked) entry... it's all resolved and okay now. Just so you know~

In other news... two things that I saw recently that were awesome.

The Nutcracker. I love living in New York, since that fact allows me to do things every so often like go to Lincoln Center and see the New York Ballet's The Nutcracker and... sldfjdljsdflkdjs it was so beautiful and the music is so iconic and sldjfsdlfjsd. It was wonderful. Especially how there are children in it. I am a bumbling, fumbling, idiot child who can't walk across a flat surface properly... and then the adults... well, there is a reason that the ballet is so famous. It was simply extraordinary. Although, if you look up a synopsis of the story of The Nutcracker... it is the trippiest story ever. I'm just sayin'.

Tangled. SLDKFJSLDKFJSDL THIS IS WHY I LOVE DISNEY. I wanna go see it again. And again. And again. It was so good. It was everything I love about Disney- the only difference is that it was computer animated, and not hand drawn. But. sldfkjsdlkjfs SO GOOD. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

I started re-reading the Harry Potter series yesterday. It has become my winter break project to re-read all of Harry Potter, read Othello, finish re-playing TWEWY, and re-play Ace Attorney: Investigations. So I started yesterday. I'm already halfway through Chamber of Secrets. I've so got this.

...Huh. I've been rambling on for a bit, haven't I? Aight. I'll shut up now.  :D

ETA: Lawl, I lied. I'm bored. So have a meme!


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Stole'd from [ profile] pyffamus_prime:

Comment here and I'll give four fandoms. You then have to write a new entry talking about your favourite character from each one!

The World Ends With You, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Axis Powers Hetalia and Fruits Basket )

I guess I just tend to like people who aren't quite as they seem. Which doesn't really seem too good for me, all in all.  XD

Also... since I finally have a webcam and I want to play with it...

Ask me a question! Any question! Or maybe give me a request- anything! Within reason, I'll do it/answer it. On camera. Because I can. Because I have it and want to play with it. So go crazy! And... if you've asked me a question on one of these before, but I never actually followed through and posted it because I've never posted a video of me to this before because I'm lazy, then go ahead and remind me of that, and I'm sorry.  XD

Icons time!

Aug. 5th, 2010 02:09 am
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So I'm completely redoing all of my icons. Finally. I mean, since I lost my paid account, I just haven't had the range or selectiont that I've needed...

And I realized that I am severely lacking in Joshua icons. I only have, like, six of them. And none of them are exactly the right one that I want. So I'm gonna go search for some.

I also need more happy icons.

And thus far, I have way more Ace Attorney icons than anything else... even Ouran. Which is strange. That may also have to be rectified... but I also need icons from other fandoms and hgnnsdfhgh.

It's so difficult trying to get the exact right assortment of icons. Although that may just be because it's two in the morning. Fun times!  XD

Also, I downloaded my Otakon pics onto my computer... so they'll be uploaded here soon~ ...By which I really mean onto DA and Facebook... and maybe a few of the best ones will go here. But only a few.  ^_^;;

Fff, finally finished with the redoing of all of my icons! I love how, once I've changed them all, all of my old icons change to my new default icon instead of saving as they were. My default icon is of Sebastian Michaelis though, so I don't think anyone can really complain all too much though.  XD

Right. Anyway, it's four in the morning now, so I'll stop and I'll actually, finally go to bed. Fun times!  XD
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What you see above there is a possible quote from a project my friend Wesley and I are working on. Which is pretty awesome. Sing it to "I Can Do That" from A Chorus Line. It'll be "Fullmusical Alchemist". And we're pretty excited for it.

So Otakon was last weekend. Hggrnnn IT WAS SO AWESOME. I can't go into all of it, but...
-The pre-reg line on Thursday was so quick!! It meant I got to screw around as Liz for the rest of the evening without standing around on line.
-Voice actors are the most amazing people ever.
-They really do wander around the Dealer's Room and Artist's Alley when they're not at panels.
-They really are totally cool with fans (such as myself) coming up to them in said Dealer's Room/Artist's Alley and being all "skdfjd I LOVE YOU CAN I GIVE YOU A HUG AND TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU."
-I'm going to marry J. Michael Tatum and Todd Haberkorn one day now. They don't know it yet. But I will.
-sdflkdj VOICE ACTORS AFTER DARK. I am returning to Otakon next year, if only to go to this panel again. IT IS JUST THAT AWESOME.
-My Uzuki cosplay clearly isn't as done as I thought it was. But my America is still fun to run around in!
-Evacucon 2010, what the hell?
-At some con soon (possibly NYAF?) I will be... Colbertica. Yes. Stephen Colbert!America.
-People DO recognize me as Juliet! They do! They do!
-That "people" category includes J. Michael Tatum.
-It's more fun to do Juliet when you have other Romeo X Juliet cosplayers with you. Like a friend of mine cosplaying the Red Whirlwind.
-Dubbing panels are also made of win.
-OTAKON OVERALL IS MADE OF WIN. There is a reason it is the second biggest con in the U.S., and the biggest on the East Coast~

Pics from that will come... soon. As soon as I upload them.

Also, I've been looking up live action things (movies, TV shows) that Todd Haberkorn is in. Because I can. So he was in a short on his YouTube that I watched where he plays a hitman, and all Wesley and I could do as we watched it was gigglefit and make jokes about "LAVI, YOUR SHORT JOKES HAVE GONE TOO FAR!!" or "TONO, YOUR STUNTS HAVE GONE TOO FAR!!" or whatever. But he actually was really good in it. He really can act.

But then we saw that he was in something called "Tin Man". And I was all sldfkjdsl because I'd wanted to see the SyFy miniseries before, but I just... hadn't had the time, so now it was like I had to! So we watched the first hour and a half long episode.

It turns out that he's in some other project called Tin Man, which is 25 minutes long, and not what we spent an hour and a half watching. I still enjoyed the SyFy Tin Man, but... gah, such a fail.  XD

Nonetheless though, he's definately in some film called Fissure, so we Netflixed it, and will be watching it soon.

I have no idea what I'm typing anymore, so I'll shut up now. 'Night everyone!
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On the side of my screen, there's an ad for French's. I don't know what French's is, or what it does, or why one would buy it, but... HEEHEE FRANCE. Also, there are potatoes on that ad, and they look delicious.

-Began and finished Fullmetal Alchemist.
-Began and caught up to the dub of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and bought the DVDs of the first part. (Episodes 1-13)
-Finished Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, and watched the first two episodes of Kuroshitsuji II. (Damn, what the hell, Alois?? That's just... no. But UNF CLAUDE. Honestly, overall, not quite as much as Sebastian... but still, unf.)
-Began and finished Baccano. (And now I am totally going to cosplay either Ennis or Mira. I would need someone to be my Firo or Issac, respectively, but... yes.) ([ profile] starsandtildes, I hope you're reading this~)

-Pretty much finished my Uzuki cosplay. I just need to dye the gloves and I'll be done. (Jonesy, I hope you're reading this~)
-Set up my plans for Otakon.
-Flailed muchly over a certain VA that everyone knows I'm in love with.

I think I have had a productive... er... length of time.  XD
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"So, when's the election, John?"
"In a fortnight."
"...When's your election?"
"In a fortnight. A fortnight's time from now."
"......In English, John, when's your election?"
"...Two weeks."

^ WHAT I THINK OF EVERYTIME I OR SOMEONE AROUND ME MENTIONS A FORTNIGHT. (Refer back to the subject title of my previous entry.)

Also... I should probably be finished with my Uzuki cosplay tomorrow. Expect pictures!  :D


THIS PERSON. Her name is Air Vee. Well, that's her internet name, but... it's the one she goes by, so it is the one I will give. You want any art, cosplay... or many other kinds of commissions done? GO TO HER. She is really, really good, one of my best friends... and she's trying to raise enough money to go to Otakon, which is soon. Her work is fantastic, avaliable for a beautiful price, and it only takes a few commissions to let her get there, so she can go with me! Please guys, help a girl out~ All of her commissions info is over here!
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So tomorrow's my last day of high school ever. Feeling slightly nostalgic... but not as much as I thought I would be. That'll probably be very different tomorrow though.

On the The World Ends With You comm, they're doing a project to revamp the fandom, where a bunch of us join in and do some kind of fan project... so I'm really inspired to finally start my Uzuki cosplay now~ ...Except for the wig. That's expensive.  -_-;;

Speaking of- LAURA LAURA LAURA. What shoe size are you? Because if we're similar shoe sizes, then may I borrow your Tsubaki boots for my cosplay? They both have white boots, and I don't want to pay for them if I don't have to... so it'd be easier if I could borrow yours. But... yeah.  XD

I'm feeling hungry again, and I'm not at all sure how. I mean, I had three seperate meals in about a four hour time span today... but that was several hours ago. I'm gonna go eat my leftovers from that last meal now.

Before that though... so I finally started watching (the original) Fullmetal Alchemist. UNF ROY MUSTANG WHY SO AWESOME. That is all.  XD
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I should probably be starting my English homework.

...So naturally, I'm gonna do a meme instead. Stole'd from [ profile] neutraltwin~

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fTitle: Discussion
Author: Arthoniel, for [ profile] justgwenhwyfar 
Fandom: The World Ends With You
Characters/Pairings: Joshua, Hanekoma, Joshua/Hanekoma if you want to think about it that way
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: I am so, so sorry this is so late... I tried to do it in time for Christmas, and then... college applications happened. But yeah... I hope you like it, nonetheless~


Discussion )


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Alright everyone, this one's fairly self-explanatory- it's not all of them, but here's a bunch of my favorite pics from New York Anime Fest '09!! If you don't want to deal with all of these here, I have them all up on my Facebook, if you wanna see it~

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Mmkay guys, I have some SRS BIZNIZ to attend to here, so listen up!

1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] maotaku!!! I hope it's awesome~~  8D

2) Second of all, questions are still open on my last post if you want to ask me a question to answer in my first ever voice post~ Seriously, ask me anything! Even if it's embarassing and stuff- I have no shame, so it's all good~

3) ...I have themes from Pokemon Ranger: Shadow of Almia stuck in my head. Particularly the Team Dim Sun theme. And I don't know why. After a day full of Death Note and D.Gray-Man themes stuck in my head, I don't really know what to say...

4) Friday at New York Anime Fest- which cosplay should I wear? Shiki Misaki (much more feminine, which will be nice considering how I'm crossplaying the other two days, but I can't wear it to school, which I have to go to before the con- it IS a Friday, after all), or Haruhi Fujioka (much less feminine, but I can wear it to school without having to change in or out of anything)? 

6) J. MICHAEL TATUM IS IN D.GRAY-MAN WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS. Seriously guys, when MY FAVORITE VA EVER is in something, this is exactly the kind of thing YOU NEED TO TELL ME. And it's not on his IMDb page, so it's not like I would have known from there. (Yes, I've checked it. Several times.) Also- Todd Haberkorn, Travis Willingham, and Luci Christian, all of whom are AWESOME. And the rest of the Ouran cast also has parts here and there in it, because it is indeed FUNimation, and they always use the same VAs over and over again... but dude. I mean, I already knew that Todd Haberkorn played Allen, but... what does it say when I recognized J. Michael Tatum's voice before I saw his name in the credits, after about only two lines?  XD

7) If you realized that there was no 5, you win the internets.

Edit: 8) There's an 8 now too!! And a...

9) So about 4... a bunch of people have told me to do Shiki. And the EXACT SAME NUMBER OF PEOPLE have told me to do Haruhi. Which is incredibly confusing... but here's an idea, tell me what you think of it- I go to school and the con on Friday as Haruhi, then on Saturday I wear my America in the morning, then change into my Shiki after the Axis Powers Hetalia photoshoot, leave my cosplay with a friend who has her own Artist's Alley table at NYAF, and wander around NYAF Saturday afternoon as Shiki. Mmm? Whaddya think?
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How come almost all of the characters I currently/used to RP are either dead or are very closely connected with the dead? I mean, I have/had Maya, AU Maya Edgeworth, Eden, Shiki... and now I'm RPing Maya on the MSN Ace Attorney RP. Was that the brightest move I could have made, signing up for that? No. No it was not. Will I do it and love it anyway? Absolutely.

...Fandom is taking over my life in ways I never would have believed. People can't say "hold it" when they want me to wait for them anymore without me giggling, and asking them to present evidence if they've even heard of Ace Attorney. One of the answers in the crossword in todays New York Times crossword puzzle was "Eureka". I can't even flip on the light anymore without wondering "if I flip the switch, will it turn Light on?" and I'm always so happy when the answer is yes... I think I need more of a life. But this one is so fun!!  XD

So, on a much more serious note, my great aunt's in the hospital. I mean, you would think that when a 94 year old woman is leaning on the open car door of a taxi while her 50-something year old relative is getting her walker out of the trunk (something that the cabbies are supposed to help with, by the way, which this guy was not), you would notice a) one of the doors on your cab is open, and b) A 94 YEAR OLD WOMAN IS LEANING ON IT, and you WOULDN'T START JUST DRIVING OFF AFTER YOUR TRUNK WAS CLOSED. Leaving my great aunt to fall to the ground, breaking her wrist so she has to stay in the hospital. For days, and at least one full one of those is without proper pain medication. Geez... I don't even know.

Hotmail is also being fucked up as I try to sign up for an account there, but I don't have the heart to complain about that too...

So instead I'll just end with how awesome it is that I have a friend coming in tomorrow from New Jersey so we can finally chill for the first time since AnimeNEXT, and we'll probably go see Avenue Q, assuming we can get the tickets. Which should be AMAZING, especially considering how we both already know the soundtrack~
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So! Two Fridays ago, here in the awesome New York City, several fellow geeks and cosplayers (read: fellow crazy people) got together, and we all went out on the town together.

These are our stories.

...Yes, I did intend for that to be all Law and Order like.  XD

Pics under the cut to save your flists!! )

And... for other TWEWY cosplayers in/around NYC- is anyone interested in doing a meetup?? I really want to bring a TWEWY group to Times Square, so... whaddya say?? I may (read: probably will) advertise this on as well, but... yeah- what do you think?  :D
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So. You know my APs and SATs? The tests I spent April and most of May obsessing over? Well... apparantly I got my scores back on the APs WEEKS ago, and nobody bothered to tell me. (I got my SAT score back ages ago, but... I never ended up posting about it...)

But you know what? That's okay. You know why? Because these are my scores:

AP US History: 4
AP English Language and Composition: 5

OUT OF FIVE. Yeah, I'm pretty happy. And especially considering how I got a 4 on my World History AP last year... life kinda rocks.

Oh, and by the way? My SAT score... out of 2400: 2040. In one try. I'm pretty pleased.

</ bragging>

I only hate being a girl 1/4 of the year. I'm in 1/12 of that 1/4 now. If you're a girl, you understand me when I say that I hate my Aunt Flo. If you're a guy... you may not want to think that one through if you don't know what I mean.

On a happier note, COSPLAY PICNIC TOMORROW!! And I'll bring my Maya!! (Again.)

By the way, I promised you guys pictures of my Shiki cosplay, didn't I? This is just a preview because I don't want to push my internet, but here's a few pics of me in my Shiki~

Under a cut to save your flists. They're not huge, and there aren't many (yet) but... just in case. I want to be nice~ )

Well, I hope you like those!! Because there are more on the way... soon. As well as the pics that will come up tomorrow!! T'will be awesome.  :D
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So, guess who just spent nearly an hour doing 100 questions for U.S. History? YEP YOU GUESSED RIGHT IT'S ME. God... I cannot wait until May 8, mostly for Star Trek, but also because that's when the U.S. History AP exam is, and my workload will lighten up DRAMATICALLY.

Beyond that... remember that Data muse I was thinking about making earlier? Er... I'm making him right after I log out of this account. Also... I may be putting Maya Edgeworth on hold. I mean, even I'm accepting that [ profile] pwdressingroom isn't really going to relive it's former glory again... but I don't really want to put an AU into a panfandom game... don't know about regular Maya though. On one hand, I kinda want to put her into [ profile] 8_dressing, on the other... I don't need even more RP in my life right now. Well, no. I do, but I don't have time for it.  XD

By the way... I've been thinking of making a post of all my RP muses. And cosplays. Just to, you know, have it.

And uh... YES!! Working on my Shiki cosplay!! It's... actually coming along pretty well!! I pretty much suck at making the hoodie part of it, but beyond that... it's not bad! Still need to cut and dye my wig... which I'm really not looking forward to. I've found a few tutorials for dyeing online (none for cutting a wig though... if anyone knows of a good one, help??) so it's not so much "HOW DO I DO IT??" it's more... I just feel uncomfortable permanently altering something like a wig, knowing how much I paid for it, and knowing that if I screw up... I can't exactly take it back. Gah.

Butbutbut- I'm also planning an Italy cosplay!! And it should be fun. Just to go into the food court at the Javits Center, have the people there ask what I want, and I respond "PASTAAAAAAAAA!!!!" And then they look at me and say "This place is full of freaks this weekend. What kind?"

Wow, this post was actually much longer than I expected... but I'm done now. Really. You can return to your previously scheduled programming.  XD
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ganked from [ profile] dudeandlulugirl:

1) Post a list of up to 20-15 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc.
2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character from each item.

1) Heroes Adam- [ profile] numaiei  & [ profile] crystaldrake 
2) Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko- [ profile] crystaldrake 
3) Ouran High School Host Club Kyouya- [ profile] numaiei  & [ profile] dudeandlulugirl 
4) Star Trek: The Next Generation Data- [ profile] ayanako 
5) Protector of the Small quartet Neal- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl "Threats are the last resort of a man with no vocabulary." "Well, I have a vocabulary, and I have often wished I could tie your tounge in a knot. Several of them. I can describe them, if you like."
6) Lord of the Rings Legolas- [ profile] crystaldrake 
7) Fruits Basket Shigure- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl 
8) The World Ends With You Joshua- [ profile] numaiei 
9) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Maya- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl & [ profile] squareorange 
10) Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (yes, I'm counting them as seperate series) Hobo!Nick- [ profile] squareorange 
11) Star Trek: The Original Series Spock- [ profile] squareorange 
12) Axis Powers Hetalia Japan- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl 
13) The Circle of Magic quartet Tris- [ profile] dudeandlulugirl 
14) Friends
15) House Chase- [ profile] numaiei, [ profile] dudeandlulugirl  & [ profile] crystaldrake 

These... well, most of them should really be fairly easy to guess, actually...  XD


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