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Hey, everyone.

So, uh, I friended a bunch of people from LJ on here. It took me my sweet time to do it, but... I don't know. Real life and sentimentality keep getting in the way of things.

Anywho, if you remember me and want to friend me back, that'd be cool. I think I'll be linking my LJ and this, so I can effectively still be on both sites and whatnot.

...It's nice to see you guys on the internet again, incidentally. I've missed you.

I'm not entirely sure what else to say. It's been several months since I was active in a personal journal anywhere other than Tumblr... I haven't talked to most of you in that time. But... hello, again. Remember me?
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As for the subject... I... I'm sorry. The best part is? It doesn't even refer to the Game. It just... it came up in RP ages ago, and I haven't had the chance to use it since...

Because my damn internet sucks. Well, that's not entirely true. First, a little over a week ago, my internet was amazing. Connecting perfectly to everything, and fast, and everything. And naturally, just when my internet's working... that's when someone decides to bring down both LJ and Facebook. And Twitter too, but I don't have one of them... but SLDKFJDSFLSDKJF. I believe you understand my sentiments on the matter.

And since then my internet has decided to be made of suck and fail. So I couldn't tell you all about life and stuff.

So... I'm going to be in a play! Well, a play reading, but it's professional (unpaid, but professional) and I have a real part and everything, so that's just awesome. It's on Monday, so uh... yeah. Yay plays!! Of course, since we only have two rehearsals, and these are on the two days before (today and tomorrow), we are literally trying to cram all of Hell Week into two days. Thank god there's no costumes or props or lighting or anything... but still. 5 hour rehearsals are a lot. So I'm currently exhausted.

But it's worth it.

Also, anyone who's in/around New York!! On the 23rd, there's going to be a street fair between 43rd and 44th on... I think Madison Ave., but don't quote me on that... but it's going to be a Japanese street fair, and me and a bunch of friends are cosplaying for it- you're welcome to join us if you like!! It should be awesome, so... yay!

...Right. I'm done now. Really.


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