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God, I'm such a whore.

...No, really. I'm gonna be a massive whore.

Although, I suppose the more "politically correct" way to say that is... I'm playing Bianca in the upcoming Hold Thy Peace at Brandeis University's production of Othello.

So. Like I said. I'm such a whore. And I'm so excited.  :D

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So, uh, I've been auditioning for various performances on campus, as I do. I am the actress-y type, after all.

And one of those things I tried out for was for a part, any part, in the fall production of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.



This isn't a guarantee that I'll get in- I may yet not make it. It just means that they want to see more from me. But... I GOT A CALLBACK!!

...It's also the first time I've ever been called back for an audition. So even if I end up not making it... I'll still have been called back.  :D
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So I've had the most insane past few days.


-I stay up until nearly 5 in the morning, trying to prepare for the next day.
-I sleep in super late, to get as much sleep as I possibly can.
-I spend the day running around trying to get my outfits together (they told us to bring multiple outfits to the movie shooting)
-I go to visit Wesley to get what we have of the script for Fullmusical Alchemist.
-I visit another friend briefly, because I can.
-5:30 pm, I begin check-in at the movie set for the shooting.
-6:15 pm or so, they take us all down to this ballroom to teach us this dance. (I can't really go into that much detail, but... yeah.)
-8:30 pm or so, they take us to set and we start doing the shot.


-1:30 am, we've barely had any break to speak of, and my feet hurt, and my mind has begun to turn to mush.
-2:30 am, the sentance "I think that stuff is orange rice... it looks like orange rice... it tastes like orange rice... yeah, I guess it's orange rice." makes sense.
-5:30 am, I finally get out of work.
-6:30 am, I go to sleep.
-6:45 pm, I wake up.
-I spend most of the rest of the evening chilling with Wesley before I go back home and go online.


-I'm up until about 3:45 am online, screwing around on Facebook and DA and talking to Jonesy, until my internet decides to be a royal bitch and just stop working. At the most inconveninet time, too. Because doesn't it always work that way?
-4:00am, I try to go to sleep. For an hour.
-5:00 am. That didn't work. I'm forced to "get up", and get ready in 15 minutes.
-...I'm getting slightly bored with all of this now, and it's not entirely interesting, so... suffice it to say that I then took a 6 hour flight to San Francisco, which is where I am now and will be until the 14th, a flight that I couldn't do anything on because yay motion sickness, and now it's 9:25 pm here, but it's 12:35 am by my biological clock... which is to say, Eastern Standard Time.

TL;DR I've been awake for about 30 hours now. It's my second all nighter in three days. This is my brain when that happens.

So I should probably just shut up now.  XD

Oh, also, this is all on my laptop. Alphonse. He's beautiful. And I have Skype on him, so if any of you guys have Skype, you should totally add me. I'm playerarthoniel over there, because someone already took the name arthoniel. I mean, really, what the hell.

...Right. I should go to sleep now-ish. I'll talk to you all later. Hopefully over Skype or something!

And Jonesy, if you're reading this, I said this over Facebook, but I am still so ridiculously sorry my internet crapped out the other day... *cries*


Aug. 4th, 2010 11:20 pm
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I have a job where I have to stay up late and sleep in so I can be ready for work tomorrow.

I love being an actress~

(It's nothing major or anything- I'm just an extra. I'll be part of a flash mob in Times Square. But it's still a job, and... and... and I'm getting paid. They are actually giving me money to do something that I would pay them to let me do! And... it'll be my first paycheck too. I'll be up until all hours of the night. They said to plan to be there at least 12 hours. And it's just an extra role, as part of the crowd in the background.

But... it's a real, technical, professional acting job. And it's mine.

It's times like these that I love the world~)
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Would it be worth it to make a seperate Facebook account for professional stuff? I already have a professional YouTube channel, but... would there be a point to making a professional Facebook? I certainly wouldn't want anyone in the professional acting world to see my regular Facebook... but would there be any point yet?

I'm leaning towards yes, but... thoughts, internet?
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First off, sorry for being so late, but happy belated birthday, [ profile] laenavesse!!! I hope it was awesome!!

Wow, I haven't been online in a while, have I? I'm massively behind on my flist... but I have a good excuse. A REALLY good excuse.


52,705 words=EPIC WIN. I is pleased. I is very pleased.

I also just submitted the first part of an audition for a voice acting role in a student film~ Here's hoping it goes well!!

Also- everyone who lives in the New York area!! Mokucon is this Saturday and VIC MIGNOGNIA IS GOING TO BE THERE. 8D You should be too.

Audacity is an amazing program, by the way. I'd just like to mention that. Now if only it would allow me to download LAME so I could convert my files into MP3 format...

I am officially a D.Gray-Man addict, by the way. Just sayin'. XD

Right. I'm going to start catching up on my flist now... but if there's anything major that happened to you in the last week, let me know about it!! It could be a few days before I catch up so... what did I miss, flist? (Hee, that rhymed... XD)
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As for the subject... I... I'm sorry. The best part is? It doesn't even refer to the Game. It just... it came up in RP ages ago, and I haven't had the chance to use it since...

Because my damn internet sucks. Well, that's not entirely true. First, a little over a week ago, my internet was amazing. Connecting perfectly to everything, and fast, and everything. And naturally, just when my internet's working... that's when someone decides to bring down both LJ and Facebook. And Twitter too, but I don't have one of them... but SLDKFJDSFLSDKJF. I believe you understand my sentiments on the matter.

And since then my internet has decided to be made of suck and fail. So I couldn't tell you all about life and stuff.

So... I'm going to be in a play! Well, a play reading, but it's professional (unpaid, but professional) and I have a real part and everything, so that's just awesome. It's on Monday, so uh... yeah. Yay plays!! Of course, since we only have two rehearsals, and these are on the two days before (today and tomorrow), we are literally trying to cram all of Hell Week into two days. Thank god there's no costumes or props or lighting or anything... but still. 5 hour rehearsals are a lot. So I'm currently exhausted.

But it's worth it.

Also, anyone who's in/around New York!! On the 23rd, there's going to be a street fair between 43rd and 44th on... I think Madison Ave., but don't quote me on that... but it's going to be a Japanese street fair, and me and a bunch of friends are cosplaying for it- you're welcome to join us if you like!! It should be awesome, so... yay!

...Right. I'm done now. Really.


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