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What Else Can We Talk About Besides Mad Libs and Menstrual Blood?

...I already promised a friend that, when I first released an autobiography of my infinately interesting life, that would be the title. Because it's a quote from an actual conversation I've had, and it's so awesome, I couldn't not.

So... I'm kind of in the process of discovering Arithmancy. It's not... I mean, I don't really believe that the numbers dictate who you are, but... it is an interesting and fun way of thinking about parts of your existing personality that you hadn't really considered before. And then seeing where the numbers do match up. For instance, using my real name, I'm a 3. The name Arthoniel is also a 3. New York is a 3. One of the people I kind of have a crush on right now is a 3. Both of my parents are 2s. (If you couldn't already tell, you're more compatible with someone who shares your character number.) And it's kinda fun, just doing that, and seeing what does and doesn't match up~ I wanna try working on personality profiles and things next, just to see how accurate it can be. If you want me to do one for you too, just let me know, and give me the name you want me to work with- we can do it in a PM, should you prefer~

Lastly... I've noticed that a lot of my friends, particularly here on LJ, have been going through some tough times, recently. And I'm sorry... and if there's anything I can do to make you guys feel any better, just let me know, mmkay?

Also, if you're into voice actors like I am... check it out. It's kind of beautiful.  XD
And if you're not, but you ARE into musicals/Disney/things that are awesome... this is more the thing for you~
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Wait, what?

What do you mean, "tomorrow's Wednesday?"

What do you mean, "tomorrow's the day I have that benefit concert for Haiti and Chile that I'm totally not prepared for?"

What do you mean, "I need to learn "We Are The World" better, because if I screw it up by accidentally singing the lyrics to the SNL parody of it ("We Are The World 3: Raising Awareness of the We Are The World 2 Disaster") everyone else will kill me, and that's what I've been doing so far?"

What do you mean, "I still don't even have my own solo song down 100% perfectly?"

What do you mean, "it's already 11:17 at night, and I still have SO much more to do today?"

Oh. Right. Tomorrow's Wednesday, the day of a benefit concert for Haiti and Chile that I'm going to be in that I'm not sure I'm 100% prepared for yet. That's what you mean. I see. Well then. This should be interesting.
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-My apologies, but the pun has to be made... Wicked is wicked good. XD Yeah, I'm sorry. But it truly is amazing. I can't think of anything I would rather have done on the eve of my A.P. U.S. History exam.

-A.P. U.S. History exam was today by the way. Easy. Granted, I've been taking the one year course spread out over three years, but... easy.

-Saw Star Trek again today, just to see it with a proper theater audience, and to say I'd seen it on opening day. Still awesome. STILL GO SEE IT.

-Zachary Quinto is far too gorgeous for his own good. I'm even seeing him as SYLAR in a different light... a very, very good one. And all I can say is, in both of his major roles, albiet for different reasons, he loves me for my mind. XD
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Quick, bullet point post, because I don't have time for much else...

-Duck yellow is the Borg. Just trust me. It is.


-AP US History on Friday. Finally. Maybe now I'll actually have some free time without my teacher overloading me with work... and I'm not too worried about the test.


-Physics is insanely boring. Not because of the subject- because of the teacher. When a teacher loses even me for every class, that's just sad. Because I always pay attention in class.


-I don't know how I'm supposed to write a proper essay with details and examples and all in the five-paragraph format in twenty five minutes.

-The College Board is insane.


-I need to finish those "20 Things I Learned from Phoenix Wright" icons... and start the epic Phoenix Wright/Star Trek crossover fic. Because it needs to happen.


...Yeah, that's pretty much it. For now.  XD
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So, you know what makes you feel stupid? So, you're doing your U.S. History homework, and you have to ID several terms, one of them being "Insurrection" because you're reviewing the Civil War. So, in order to break the monotony of the seriously boring homework assignment, you say "An awesome Star Trek movie, as well as the term Lincoln used to refer to the South's secession.", fully intending to remove the first part before you print out your assignment and give it to your teacher.

And then you forget to do that and you hand it in.

And then you realize later on that night, when it's too late.

And then you're me.

So that's my life, how's yours?

On the bright side, I may be seeing Wicked again soon. And that makes everything worthwhile.  XD


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